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THE 'ANTIQUITIES OF ISRAEL' was primarily intended by its Author to be an Appendix to the Second Volume of the • History of Israel.' Some of its assumptions will, therefore, hardly be understood by the reader who takes it up without previous acquaintance with the HISTORY. This applies especially to the titles of the Old Testament sources on which EWALD draws, and the dates which he assigns to their composition. Those, however, who do not care to study the entire History, will find, in Volume I. pp. 61–197, a section fully explaining what is meant by the Book of Origins, the Book of Covenants, and the several Narrators of the Primitive History.

But the present work is far more than a mere appendix. It is an independent treatise on the contents of the Pentateuch, having, as its main object, to reduce the heterogeneous and bewildering mass of laws to an orderly system, —a unity which can be grasped by the understanding and retained by the memory, and which shall exhibit the facts in their living connection with the history of the nation. The reputation which the book has long enjoyed on the Continent is chiefly due to its acknowledged success in attaining this object.

In presenting this work to an English public, the translator's first duty is gratefully to acknowledge the assistance


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