The Hidden King James Bible: What the Translators Didn't Want You to Know

iUniverse, 2003 M02 1 - 144 páginas
Sex, violence, cruelty, and a fair and just God who punishes others for what someone else has done are some of the subjects covered in The Hidden King James Bible: What The Translators didn't Want You to Know. From the Creation performed by the seven 'Elohim in the first book of Genesis, to The Revelation, the only book of the KJV Bible directly created by God and untouched by man, this book exposes the translating secrets used by the King James Translators to hide ancient Hebrew belief systems from the Christian world.

Textual differences, duplications, as well as moral codes of the day provide an entertaining and enlightening insight as to the value systems of these ancient peoples and their motivations. The Hidden King James Bible will certainly provide an eye-opening experience and insight, not only into the Ancient Hebrews, but as to how our present Day Christian belief systems have been molded and guided in secret ways without our knowing.

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