Bacteria in Daily Life

Longmans, Green, and Company, 1903 - 216 páginas

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Página 147 - Tu-who, a merry note, While greasy Joan doth keel the pot. When all aloud the wind doth blow And coughing drowns the parson's saw And birds sit brooding in the snow And Marian's nose looks red and...
Página 4 - Whenever and wherever there is decomposition of organic matter, whether it be the case of an herb or an oak, of a worm or a whale, the work is exclusively done by infinitely small organisms. They are the important, almost the only, agents of universal hygiene; they clear away more quickly than the dogs of Constantinople or the wild beasts of the desert the remains of all that has had life; they protect the living...
Página 138 - No doubt the largest part of the tuberculosis which man obtains through his food is by means of milk containing tuberculous matter.
Página 129 - Compared with sewage, for instance, a fluid which is popularly and rightly supposed to teem with germ life, it will almost always be observed that milk when it is consumed is richer in bacteria by far than the sewage of our large cities.
Página 138 - Ordinary processes of cooking applied to meat which has got contaminated on its surface are probably sufficient to destroy the harmful quality. They would not avail to render wholesome any piece of meat that contained tuberculous matter in its deeper parts. In regard to milk we are aware of the preference by English people for drinking cow's milk raw — a practice attended by danger on account of possible contamination by pathogenic organisms. The. boiling of milk, even for a moment, would probably...
Página 94 - Elbe for their water-supply, but whereas in the case of Hamburg the intake is situated above the city, the supply for Altona is abstracted below Hamburg after it has received the sewage of a population of close upon 800,000 persons. The Hamburg water was, therefore, to start with, relatively pure when compared with that destined for the use of Altona. But what was the fate of these two towns as regards cholera? Situated side by side, absolutely contiguous, in fact, with nothing in their surroundings...
Página 101 - The death-rate from this cause has generally fallen as the per cent, of the population supplied with public water has risen, for the reason that the majority of the deaths from typhoid fever have occurred among communities and portions of communities not supplied with public water.
Página 124 - ... for dairy purposes should be absolutely beyond suspicion of contamination. Professor Russell has shown by actual experiment that, even where the vessels are in good condition and fairly well cleaned, the milk has a very different bacterial population when collected in them and in vessels stabilised by steam.
Página 97 - ISM while when efficiently pursued it forms a most important barrier to the dissemination of disease germs, the slightest imperfection in its manipulation is a constant menace during any epidemic.

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