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dient Souls, according to the best Light and Knowledge receiv'd from Him, of whatsoever Nation or different Profeffion.

That all the Members of CHRIST's Church are Baptized by Him with the HOLY GHOST and Fire, thereby, giving them a new Heart, and putting 4 new Spirit within them, by which they are bora again and become new Creatures.

That thele haye Communion and Fellowthip together in the Eating the Flesh of the Son of MAN, and Drinking His Blood. by Faith, in receiving and

partaking of the Bread of GOD, that comes down from Heaven, and Wine of the Kingdom from the immediate Hand of CHRIST, the Minister of the Sanctuary and true Tabernacle, which the LORD hath pitched, and not Man ; these fup, with: JESUS, and He suppeth with them,

That GOD hath appointed a Day, in the which He will Judge the World in Righteousness by JESUS CHRIST, and that then all in the Graves ihall hear His Voice, and come forth, they that have

done Good, to the Resurrection of Life, and they that have done Evil, to the Resurrection of Damnaţion; then this Corruptible fhall put on Incorruption, this Mortal shall put on Immortality; the Body is sown a Natural Body, shall be raised a Spiri

That there is an Eternal Reft prepared for the People of GOD, the glorious Kingdom, and Inheritance of Heaven, the Joys of which infinitely surpass all the Pleasure of this World; but as for them that Live and Die Unholy and Impenitent, the Wicked and all them that forget GOD, they shall be turned into Hell, where is Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth with Torment, and that for ever

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That the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, are of Divine Authority, because Holy Men of GOD wrote them as they were moveđ by the HOLY GHOST; wherefore they are profitahle for Doctrine, for Reproof and Instruction in Righteoufness, to the end the. Man of GOL may be throughly furnished unto all good Works, able to make wise to Salvation, through Faith in JESUS CHRIST, and that they are therefore the only external Rule of Faith and Manners.

'Tis meet (adds be). Men should have right Sentiments concerning these great Truths of CHRISTIANITY; Nevertheless, I must own, that the Life and Substance of the Religion of the Holy Y ESU S is the Internal Knowledge of the Operations of the Holy GHOST in our Souls bringing us to a faving and sensible

Knowledge of the Son of GOD, and true Obedience and Adoration to Him, whereby we come to die to our selves, our own Affections and Wills, and to live to Him that Died for us and rose again; to have our Affections set on things that are above. In a Word, to do the Will of our Heavenly FATHER. For true CHRISTIANITY is not a Bundle of bare Nations and dry Formalīties, but is most Virtuous, Powerful and Eficacious, Mortifying the corrupt Desires and Affections of our fallen Nature; and making us new Creatures, to live to GOD in Holiness and Righteousness, and to enjoy in this World the Gracious Conforts and Influences of His moft blessed Presence in Worship and Devotion; that at the laft we come to the Füllness of Enjosment and Glory of the Kingdom, and World, that is without End.

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Section 1

Fthe Apostles Creed, and want of Chaa

rity where, and where the Religion

1 of Proteftints is to be found.

P. 9.

Sect. II. of the fufficiency of the Divine Light, the

Priviliges of the Christian World, and that the
{ Quakers are no Deifts.
• Sect. III. Of the Primary Rule and Guide of the Holy
231 Spirits and the Secondary, the Holy Scriptures,

which we prefer to, and above all oiber Writings

So whatever, and of Infallibility,

- Sect. IV: Of immediate. Revelation, what we own,

and what we disclaim, and of Miracles p. 38.

Seat. V. Of the Divine' Light, why & Diversity of a

Phrafe without Contradiction, and that it is neither
...onr Soul, Reason; hor our natural Conscience. p.


Sect. VI. Of Regeneration, and Spiritual Worpip. p.68.

Sect. VII. Of the Benefit of Christ's Death and Sufa
ferings, bis Resurrection, Ascension and Coming to
Judgment, &c.

1:, p81.

Sçct. VIII, of the Rifurrection of the Body, without

Pin determining of what the Almighty will form it;

which is matter of Curiosity, and 910 matter of

opririi si p. 93

Sect, IX. Of Baptism and the Suppera borb the outward

and inward, the Elementary and Spiritual. p. 107.

Sector of Pragerea and Family Devotion, the
of Bilbo Ulher, concerning

Worshippers in

the 1emple, and tbofe in the outward

Court: p. 123.

Sect. XI. Of Heaven and Hell, and the Eternity of Re-

wards, and Punishments in the World to come. p. 128.

Sect, XÍI. His Recapitulatory. Conclusion, and lla-
ming our Singularits. i Speeche, Garb, and Behavi-

izin big port33
An Ample Confeffion of our Faith, idis
STOLOM bus inimui Siit viol,O OLD

si watu lintah, wa viji studi 4DVER-

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8 moft .:2 If any Stumble at these Words in the Title, not

Hough the foregoing Reply, acording to the
Date of the Prejace, was wrt three Months

before the Decease of the Quérift ; yet was the Printing thereof defer'd fome Tije, i'till our Friends from the Queen's County (to whole Confideràtion in particular those Queries were proposed) came to Town; of whom, upon Enquiry, whether

of them had seen and confider'd Them; I received Answer, few had either seen or read them fince the Author owned them. Whereupon with all convenient Speed I put it to Press, and a confidere able Part was Gnished before his Death: Howbeit, had not his Works been Printed 'till after his Death, juft Vindication of our abused Principles, either im proper or unneceffary.

li A L SO $cluding tbe Works of $. Byl, yet alive. They only indicate that uncommon Tranfa&ion, that his | Works were Printed before his Death, but vindicate the Ştile of the Defendant in time to come, who pro posed feveral' Things to the Confideration of the Querift, which he must now refer and direa to fuch of his Brethrer who are one with him, and approve of this Epilogue to his Works, especially those of the

Subfcribinge Partyz' not knowing 'till after the Wri- ting of this, whether side the Queria espoused: - Daftly, If any of the foregoing Remarks féem un -p/cafánt, I would reltrict them only to fuch of 'em, whofė Rigid Principles, tend to Persecution, one Markof Anti-Cbrif; wherever lit appears, and intend by then no Offence to the Judicious and Moderate, amongi any, whom I truly Love and Eteem.



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