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PERILS OF THE SEA. Damages to ship and cargo by vermin. Separable controversy. 18 C. C. A. 18 C. C. A. 231; 19 C. C. A. 473.

86; 35 C. C. A. 155. Damages to ship and cargo through ya- Actions against federal receivers. 26 rious causes. 19 C. C. A. 465.


REPEAL OF STATUTES. In common-law actions in federal Repeal of statutes by implication. 38 courts, 5 U. C. A. 594.

0. C. A. 136. Averments of citizenship to show ju- | REVIEW, BILL OF.

risdiction in federal courts. 10 C. C. Necessity of leave to file after decisions A. 261.

on appeal. 4 C. C. A. 72. In patent infringement suits. 19 C. C. A. 595.


Assumption of risk incident to employPOST OFFICE,

ment. 38 C. C. A. 314.
Nonmailable matter. 30 C. C. A. 79.

As regulated by state laws. 1 C. C. A. Of patent. 25 C. C. A. 280.

515; 5 C. C. A. 594; 9 C. C. A. 548. SALVAGE. PREJUDICE.

Awards in federal courts. 30 C. C. A. As ground for removal of causes. 8C

280. C. A. 95.


As ground for removal of cause. 18 C. PROBATE. Jurisdiction of federal courts. 36 C.

C. A, 86; 35 C. C. A. 155. C. A. 276.


C. A. 608.
Liability of purchaser holding equitable SHAREHOLDERS.

title to state taxation. 4 C. C. A. In national banks. 15 C. C. A. 130. 196.

SHIPPING. Not subject to state taxation. 4 C. C.

Quick dispatch. 14 C. C. A. 657; 21 A. 196.

C. C. A. 312. Decisions of land department-Their

Implied warranty of seaworthiness. 15 conclusiveness and effect. 22 C. C.

C. C. A. 388. A. 38; 28 C. C. A. 344.

Damages to ships and cargoes by verPUBLIC FUNDS.


18 C. C. A. 231; 19 C. C. A. Right of taxpayer to enjoin misuse of 473. public funds and property. 38 C. C. Admiralty jurisdiction over contracts. A. 458.

18 C. C. A. 347; 27 C. C. A, 530,

Loss by perils of the sea. 19 C. C. A. PUBLIC POLICY.

465. As affecting contracts. 9 C. C. A. 666.

General average. 20 C. C. A. 357. Contracts for lobby services. 29 C.

Demurrage. 21 C. C. A. 337.
C. A. 446.
As affecting monopolistic contracts. 34 SIGNALS.
C. C. A. 486.

At railroad crossings. 29 C. C. A. 90. QUIETING TITLE.

SLEEPING-CAR COMPANIES. Necessity of possession in suits to quiet

Their duties and liabilities towards title. 39 C. O. A. 522.

their passengers.

10 C. C. A. 335;

34 C. C. A. 386. RAILROADS. (See "Carriers.") When land grants taxable. 46. C. A. STATE COURTS. 196.

Proceedings enjoined by federal courts. Duty to give warning signals at cross

16 C. C. A. 90; 27 C. C. A. 575, ing. 29 C. C. A. 90.

Jurisiliction of state courts to enforce Duty of railroad companies to furnish

maritime liens under state laws. 21 safe appliances. 37 C. C. A. 8.

C. C. A. 21.

Conclusiveness of judgments between RECEIVERS.

federal and state courts. 21 C. C. Citizenship as affecting the jurisdiction A. 178.

of the federal courts. 10 C. C. A. 233. Conflict of jurisdiction with federal Actions by and against. 26 C. C. A. courts. 22 C. C. A. 356.

49. Nature of certificates. 26 C. C. A. | STATES. 350.

Federal jurisdiction in suit against

state. 13 C. C. A. 105. REMOVAL OF CAUSES. As restricted by state laws. 1 C. C. A.

Estoppel against. 16 C. C. A. 353. 515.

STATUTES. For prejudice or local influence. 8 C. Construction of statutes. 11 C. C. A. C. A, 95.


TITLE INSURANCE. 19 C. C. A. 278. Constitutional and statutory limitations

TORTS. of municipal indebtedness. 36 C. C. A. 6.

Liabilities of carriers for negligence

and torts of servants. 10 C. C. A. Statutory exemptions of building and loan associations from operation of

466; 27 C. C. A, 651. usury laws. 36 C. C. A. 343.

Of wife-Liability of husband. 12 C. Repeal of statutes by implication. 38

C. A. 196. 0. C. A. 136.

Of public officers. 14 C. C. A. 534. Power of legislature to pass curative

As affecting demurrage. 21 C. C. A. statutes. 39 C. O. A. 180.


Maritime liens for torts. 34 C. C. A. STREET RAILROADS.

565. Care required of motormen. 40 C. C. Liability of corporation for torts. 39 A. 361.


TRADE-MARKS AND TRADELiability to creditors of corporation. NAMES. 23 C. C. A. 315; 33 C. C. A. 23. Contracts relating to use. 14 C. C. A.


Assignment of right to use a person's As a defense to a suit for life insur

name. 17 C. C. A. 579. ance.

16 C. C. A, 623; 28 C. C. A. Right to use one's own naine. 17 C. C. 284.

A. 579; 27 C. C. A. 357. SUNDAY.

Use of corporate and firm names. 17 As dies non juridicus. 12 C. C. A.

C. C. A. 579; 27 C. C. A. 357. 462.

Use of geographical names. 17 C. C.

A. 657; 35 C. C. A. 242. SUPREME COURT.

Unfair competition. 20 C. C. A. 163; Certiorari to circuit court of appeals. 30 C. C. A. 376. 1 C. C. A. 5.

Laches as a defense in suits for inJurisdiction. 1 C. C. A. 9, 11,

fringement. 22 C. C. A. 211; 36 .C.


What names subject to exclusive use as Interpretation of commercial and trade

trade-names. 27 C. C. A. 357. terms. 18 C. C. A. 515.

Misleading or false labels. 29 C. C.


Abandonment. 33 C. C. A. 294. Of railroad land grants. 4 C. C. A. 196.

TRESPASSER. Of equitable title to public lands. 4 C. Rights of trespasser on train. 31 C. C. A. 14.

C. A. 76. Lands of the United States not subject

TRIAL, to state taxation. 4 C. C. A. 196.

Right to jury in federal court. 5 C. C. Die process of law. 8 C. C. A. 398. Notice of equalization. 8 C. C. A.

A. 603; 26 C. C. A. 528.

Instructing jury and receiving verdict 100.

on Sunday. 12 C. C. A. 462. Forfeiture for nonpayment. 8 0. C. A. 401.

Trial by jury in criminal prosecutions.

39 C. O. A, 275. Regulation and taxation of interstate

commerce by state. 8 C. C. A. 492; TRUSTEES. 24 C. C. A. 21.

Citizenship as affecting the jurisdiction Limitations of taxing power from mu- of the federal courts. 10 C. C. A.

tual independence of federal and 252; 27 C. C. A. 300. state governments. 23 C. C. A. 515. Of foreign corporations. 24 c. C. A. TRUSTS.

Assets of corporation when trust fund Tax deed as color of title. 24 C. C. A. for creditors. 23 C. C. A. 315. 402.

UNITED STATES. Of intangible property of nonresidents.

Estoppe! against. 16 C. C. A. 353. . 31 C. C. A. 467.

Assignment of claims and government TELEGRAPH COMPANIES.

contracts. 22 C. C. A. 650. Measure of damages in actions against.

USURY. 11 C. C. A. 556. Damages for mental suffering from de

Statutory exemptions of building and

loan associations from operation of lay in delivering telegram. 11 C. C. A. 571; 15 C. C. A. 250; 28 C. C.

usury laws. 36 C. O. A. 313. A. 62.

VENDOR AND PURCHASER. Delay in transmission of message.

Marketable title. 40 C. C. A. 592. C. C. A. 177.

WAIVER. THREATENING POSTAL CARDS. Of prepayment of insurance premiums.

Nonmailable matter. 30 C. C. A, 94. 13 C. C. A. 292.



Of maritime liens. 17 C. C. A. 102. Liability of husband for torts of. 12 C. Of conditions of insurance. 27 C. C. C. A. 196.

A. 46. Of defense by acceptance of premiums. WITNESS. 33 C. C. A. 369.

Com etency in federal courts Follow

ing state practice. 5 C. C. A. 594; WAREHOUSEMEN.

21 C. C. A. 278. Liability of carriers as. 20 C. C. A.

Method of summoning. 5 C. C. A. 594. 529.

Comments of counsel in argument on WATERS AND WATER COURSES. failure to produce. 13 C. C. A. 589. Pollution of water courses. 37 C. O. A. 538.


Form and service of process. 5 C. C. WIFE.

A. 594. Death of husband by wrongful act- Issue and service on Sunday. 12 C. C. Damages. 1 C. C. A. 33.

A, 462.


Page Change of Beneficiary in Policy or Certificate.

4 Libel and Slander-Mitigation...

168 Concurrent Negligence of Master and Fellow Servant.... 236 Care Required of Motormen and Drivers as to Persons on or near Track

361 Continuance of Passenger Relation....

437 Purchase of Co-Partner's Interest in Firm..

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