The Chainbearer: Or, The Littlepage Manuscripts

Richard Bentley, 1845 - 469 páginas
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Página 158 - They love their land, because it is their own, And scorn to give aught other reason why ; Would shake hands with a king upon his throne, And think it kindness to his majesty; A stubborn race, fearing and flattering none.
Página 242 - But yesterday, the word of Caesar might Have stood against the world: now lies he there, And none so poor to do him reverence.
Página 158 - ... the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children, even to the third and fourth generation.
Página 191 - twas wild. But thou, O Hope, with eyes so fair, What was thy delighted measure ? Still it whisper'd promis'd pleasure, And bade the lovely scenes at distance hail ! Still would her touch the strain prolong; And from the rocks, the woods, the vale, She...
Página 179 - The American axe! It has made more real and lasting conquests than the sword of any warlike people that ever lived ; but, they have been conquests that have left civilization in their train, instead of havoc and desolation. More than a million of square miles of territory...
Página 235 - Peculiar both ! Our soil's strong growth, And our bold natives' hardy mind ; Sure heaven bespoke Our hearts and oak, To give a master to mankind.
Página iii - Tis said, and I believe the tale, Thy humblest reed could more prevail, Had more of strength, diviner rage, Than all which charms this laggard age ; E'en all at once together found, Cecilia's mingled world of sound — O bid our vain endeavours cease.; Revive the just designs of Greece : Return in all thy simple state!
Página 273 - Bear a lily in thy hand ; Gates of brass cannot withstand One touch of that magic wand. Bear through sorrow, wrong, and ruth, In thy heart the dew of youth, On thy lips the smile of truth.
Página 315 - His descendants, notwithstanding, remain with us; and, while they have succeeded to very little in the way of property, they are the legitimate heritors of their ancestor's vulgarity of mind and manners — of his tricks, his dissimulations, and his frauds.
Página 160 - In honour of the' approaching dead Around your awful terrors pour. Yes, pour around On this pale ground, Through all this deep surrounding gloom, The sober thought, The tear untaught, Those meetest mourners at a tomb.

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