Manual for Creating Atheists

Pitchstone Publishing (US&CA), 2014 M07 1 - 280 páginas
For thousands of years, the faithful have honed proselytizing strategies and talked people into believing the truth of one holy book or another. Indeed, the faithful often view converting others as an obligation of their faith—and are trained from an early age to spread their unique brand of religion. The result is a world broken in large part by unquestioned faith. As an urgently needed counter to this tried-and-true tradition of religious evangelism, A Manual for Creating Atheists offers the first-ever guide not for talking people into faith—but for talking them out of it. Peter Boghossian draws on the tools he has developed and used for more than 20 years as a philosopher and educator to teach how to engage the faithful in conversations that will help them value reason and rationality, cast doubt on their religious beliefs, mistrust their faith, abandon superstition and irrationality, and ultimately embrace reason.

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Review: A Manual for Creating Atheists

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The book delivers everything it promises and more. The big bonus is a chapter on faith and the academy in which the author brilliantly describes "Contemporary Academic Leftism: how criticizing bad thinking became immoral."

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Foreword by Michael Shermer
Doxastic Closure Belief and Epistemology
Interventions and Strategies
Enter Socrates
After the Fall
AntiApologetics 101
Faith and the Academy
Containment Protocols
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Peter Boghossian is a full-time faculty member in the philosophy department at Portland State University.

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