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the word of God. If any unbecoming expressions have been unwarily adopted, such as might be omitted without weakening the matter, he hopes that this acknowledgment of its having been unintentional, will be received as a sufficient apology.

He is happy to avail himself of this opportunity publicly to express his deep sense of the kindness of his valuable and truly esteemed friend, Henry Drummond, Esq., (the High Sheriff,) in compliance with whose desire these Sermons are submitted to the Public.

Albury Rectory, Dec. 30, 1826.



ACTS xxiv. 25.

"And as he reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come, Felix trembled."

In the year sixty, or thereabouts, there occurred in the city of Jerusalem a very serious riot, which proceeded to so great a degree of violence, that it became necessary to call in the military to quell it. It was occasioned by a dissention between two sects of the Jews, relative to some strange doctrines which had been brought forward by a certain preacher of their own, called Paul. Claudius Lysias was the chief captain of the Roman soldiers at that time quartered in Jerusalem. When he reached the scene of the tumult, that party of the rioters who were opposed to the preacher, had so far gained the mastery, that they had seized upon Paul, dragged him out of the temple, and were

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