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Christatus, pictisque ad Thaida Psittacus alis,

Missus ab Eoo munus amante venit. Avcillis mandat primam formare loquelam,

Archididascaliæ dat sibi Thais opus.
Psittace, ait Thais, fiogitque sonantia molle

Basia, quæ docilis molle refingit Avis.
Jam captat, jam dimidiat Tyrunculus; & jam

Integrat auditos articulatque conos.
Psittace mi pulcher pulchelle, Hera dicit alumno;,

Psittace ini pulcher, reddit alumnus Heræ. Jamque canit, ridet, deciesque ægrotat in hora,

Et vocat ancillas nomine quainque suo. Multaque scurratur mendax, & multa jocatur,

Et lepido populum detmet augurio. Nunc tremulumilladet Fratrern, qui suspicit, & Pol!

Carvalis, quisquis te docct, inquit, Homo est; Argute nunc stridet anùs argntolus instar;

Respicit, & nebulo es, qui quis es, inquis Anus. Quando fuit melior Tyro, meliorve Magistra!

Quando duo ingeniis tam coiere pares ! Ardua discenti nulla est, res nulla docenti

Ardua; cum doceat Fæmina, discat Aris.



In painted plumes superbly drest,
A native of the gorgeous east,

By many a billow tost;
Poll gains at length the British shore,
Part of the captain's precious store,
A present to his toast.

Belinda's maids are soon preferred
To teach him now and then a word,

As Poil can master it;
But 'tis her own important charge
To qualify him more at large,
And make him quite a wit.

1II. Sweet Poll! his doating mistress cries, Sweet Poll! the mimic bird replies,

And calls aloud for sack. She next instructs him in the kiss; 'Tis now a little one, like Miss;

And now a hearty smack.


At first he aims at what he hears;
And, listening close with both his ears,

Just catches at the sound;

But soon articulates aloud,
Much to the amusement of the crowd,

And stuns the neighbours round.

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A querulous old woman's voice
His humorous talent next employs,

He scolds and gives the lie.
And now he sings, and now is sick,
Here Sally, Susan, come, come quick,

Poor Poll is like to die!

Belinda and her bird ! 'tis rare
To meet with such a well matched pair,

The language and the tone,
Each character in every part
Sustained with so much grace and art,
And both in unison.

When children first begin to spell,
And stammer out a syllable,

We think them tedious creatures.s.
But difficulties soon abate,
When birds are to be taught to prate,

And women are the teachers.

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John GILPIN was a citizen

Of credit and renown,
A train-band captain eke was he

Of famous London town.

John Gilpin's spouse said to her dear,

Though wedded we have been
These twice ten tedious years, yet we.

No holiday have seen.

Tomorrow is our wedding day,

And we will then repair
Unto the Bell at Edmonton

All in a chaise and pair.

My sister, and my sister's child,

Myself and children three,
Will fill the chaise;. so you must ride

On horseback after we.

He soon replied, I do admire

Of womankind but one,
And you are she, my dearest dear,

Therefore it shall be done.

I am a linen-draper bold,

As all the world doth know, And my good friend the calender

Will lend bis horse to go.

Quoth Mrs. Gilpin, That's well said;

And for that wine is dear,
We will be furnished with our own,

Which is both bright and clear..

John Gilpin kissed his loving wife;

O'erjoyed was he to find
That though on pleasure she was bent,

She had a frugal mind..

The morning came, the chaise was brought,

But yet was not allowed
To drive up to the door, lest all

Should say that she was proud.

So three doors off the chaise was stayed,

Where they did all get in;
Six precious souls, and all agog
To dash through thick and thin.

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