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L. That is for not adhering to the Head and Universal Monarch of the Church.

G. No, my Lord, it is that Pretence in the Church of Rome has been the greac Caufe of these Divisions. It has procured Peace in the Cburcb, just as setting up an Universal Monarchy would in the World, that is, fill it with inore Confusion and Bloodshed than ever was in it, or could otherwise possibly be. For which reason God has appointed no Universal Monarch in the Cburch more than in the State. For as Gregory the Great faid to John Bishop of Constantinople (who, upon the Seat of the Empire being Tranflated thither, set up for an Universal Supremacy in the Church) If the Cburch should come to Depend upon One, it must suddenly fall. And St. Cyprian said, That therefore Chrisl made the College of Bishops numerous, that is one should fall or turn Heretical, the reft might interpose for the faving of the Flock: For he says, there is but one Flock, and one Episcopat, of which every Bishop has the whole in Partnership with the reft. Episcopatus Unus eft, cujus à Singulis in Solidum pars tenetur. This was the frame of the Church in his Days, and before from the Apoftles, this was the very State of the Apostles themselves, who thus shared of the Apostolat, the whole of which was given to each, in Partnership, or in Common with the rest.

L. This then is your Notion of the Church that as all Nations upon the Earth are One Kingdom to God, so all Christian Churches are One Cburch to Christ

, without any Universal MoB 2


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narch in either Cafe. And that as the Unity of the World consists in what we call the Law of Nations, which is common to all; fo the Unity of the Church consists in the common Christianity wherein all agree. \ If so, then every one who Believeth in Chrift is a Cbriftian. di G. Yes surely, as every one that Believeth in Mahomet is a Mabometan.

L. Then there is no need to be of any Church, if you Believe in Christ that is enough.

G. No; we must obey His Commandments too, which oblige us to live Peaceably and Quietly as Members of that Body or Church whereto we appertain, with Christian Love and Fellowship with all others, and not to make Schisms and Divisions by breaking Communion, where nothing Sinful is required as a Condition of it. And

when such Disorderly Persons are cast out of the Church, or cut themselves off by a Causeless Separation, though they are no longer of the Church, yet they cease not to be Christians; (that is a Nostrum of the Church of Rome) and they must Answer for their Schisin as for other Sins, all of which are Damnable in their own Nature, without Repentance : And yet Allowances are made for Invincible Ignorance occasioned by the Prejudices of Education, &c. but not for Obstinacy. No Society of Men would bear such Perverse Members among them.

Now a Church is a Society professing such a Religion, be it True or False. Thus there is a Church of the Jews, of Heathens, of Chris




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ftians, and Mahometans. And I would ask your Lordship which is any of these Churches, for Instance, which is the Church of the Maboine

L. It is the Turks, Moors, Perfians, the Great Mogul, &c.

G. Yet there is no Chief Priest over all these, but every Church as Nation is' Independant of each other. And thus among the several Nations and Churches of the Heathens. The fetus were but one Nation, and a finall one, therefore they had as one King, fo one High Priest There was something like this in that part

of the Christian Church which was within the Roman Empire. But to extend the Supremacy of the Bishop of Rome beyond the Limits of the Emperor of Rome, even to all the Christian Churches in the World, is a Fancy never came into the Heads of any other Mortals, and is not necessary to Denominate many Churches profefsing the fame Religion to be one Church, as of the Heathens and Mahometans all of which are called the Heatben'or the Mahometan Church or Churches; without any common Head over them all. And there is not one word in Scripture appointing such an Universal Head in the Christian Church, or altering this common Sentiinent of Mankind, as to the meaning of the word Church, or taking it in any other Sense than commonly understood by all the World. And thus in our way of speaking, when we say the Fathers of the Church, or the Primitive Church, we mean not any particular Church,



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but the whole Body or Church of Christians,
though divided into many Nations or Churches,

L. But all in Subordination to the Church
of Rome.

G. What? Before there was a Church of
Rome! For there were Christian Churches be-
fore, as I have told you. And after there was
a Church at Rome, the Bishops and Fathers of
those Times knew nothing of it's Supremacy,
far less of it's Infallibility, nor ever Appealed to
it in their Disputes with Hereticks, which had
been the shortest and the surest way, and im-
possible to have been forgot, had it been
known, and received as the Current Faith, or
but Opinion of the Church. But on the con
trary, other Churches have contended with,
that of Romne, and Asserted their own Liber-
ties and Independency upon her, when her,
Encroachments began to arise and disturb the
Peace and Unity of the Church, which I shall
shew you prefently; But this is only to let.
you see, That the Unity of the Church was
then understood, not as being United under any
one Supreine Bilbop orChurch; but in the Concord
and good Agreement of the several Churches
among themselves, and in the Unity of the
Common Faith. Which Unity is
Described by their all having One Eph. iv, 3, 4, 5.
Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, and
One Spirit, from which they are called one
Body: The Unity of the Spirit is their Unity
with Gad, and the Bond of Peace is the Unity
of the Churches with caçlı other, as Members


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of the fame Body. And this is a much stricter and closer Union than that of the Secular World. All Cburcbes agree in that Summary of our Faith called the

Apoftles Creed. And the Church of Rome her self must think this fufficient for Salvation, becaufe she requires no being admitted into the Church. But the Twelve new Articles of Faith which the Council of Trent has added to the Twelve of the Apostles, which we call Pope Pius his Creed, and is required to be Protested by Converts, has made mady Contests and Divisions in the Church; and I have not yet met with any Roman Catbolick so hardy as to say, that the Belief of all these is necessary to Salvation, only that we should not deny or oppose them, such as: Purgatory, the Invocation of Saints, &c.

(4) L. The Church pretends, not to make nem. Articles of Faith, but only to explain the old ones. And fuch are what you call the mere Articles of Trent. · G. What Article in the Apostles Creed does Tranfubftantiation explain ? For there is nothing at all of the Sacraments in that Creed.

L. Are not the Sacraments then part of our, Faith 2.

G. They are the Signs and Seals of our Faith as Circumcifion was called, Rom, iv. It. but not the Faith it felf, and therefore are not put into that Suinmary of our Faith.

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