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(Phrafe of the Jews was, to Guard against any Approaches towards the Breach of it. Or in the Apostle's Words, to (a) Abstain from all · Appearance of Evil. And remember that we venture our Souls upon these Distinctions. Which then are in the Safest Way, we who follow the Direct Ruleof God's Commandments as they are plainly laid down to us in Holy Scripture, without (b). Turning to the Right Hand or to the Left, without either Adding to them, or Diminishing from them, as we are commanded : Or you who Distinguish the plainest Precepts, and make them speak Metaphysicks?. 1. By which the Worship of the Devil

may be Justified, for Plain that when he offer'd to our Saviour all the Kingdoms of the World, he meant not that he was the Supreme God and Sovereign Disposer of them, but only as having Received this Power from the Sovereign Dispofer, for he said, (c) That is Delivered unto me, and to whomsoever I will, I give it. And it is as Plain by the Answer our Saviour gave him, Thou shalt Worship the Lord thy God, and Him on29 Jalt thou serve. That all sort of Religious Worship was forbidden to be given to Any but to God only, And S. Augustine makes all to be Devils who Require or Accept it : Latria and Dulia signifie both the same thing, that is Service, and here all Religious Service is Reserved to God only. The Distinction of the Schools is vain, and meant only to Elude the Commands of God, and Introduce all Superstition.


(a) · Tliefl. v. 12. (b) Deut. iv. 2. v. 32. (c) Luk. jy. 6. 8,


' are other unworthy Cases put in the Rubrick of the Mafs, which flow from hence, as if a Dog or a Mouse should eat the Sacra: ment-If the Priest should Vomit it up again, in which Case, he is to Lick it up Reverently, unless it be Nauseous, (that was well put in) and then it is to be Disposed of fo and fo. And again, if a Fly fhould Drop into the Cup, how the Fly was to be Dealt with And one Reafon given for taking the Cup from the Laity was, That the Laity (at that time I suppose) wore Long Beards, and left the Blood of Christ should Drop upon them, or Stick to their Whiskers! All these are the genuine Effects of Superstition, occasioned by the Notion of Trans-Jubstantiation.

And here, My Lord, let me observe, That the Natural Effect of Superstition is Atheism or Deism. As one Extreme runs into another, like East to West. For Men of Senfe must find out the Deceit that is in Superstition, and then placing all Religion on the same foot (as in your Communion upon the Authority of your Church) they must think the whole to be a Deceit, or in the Modish Word, Priest-Craft, and the Contrivance of those who Gain by it. Whence it is, that the Holy Scriptures and the Legends have the fame Foundation in the Church of Rome, that is, her Authority; therefore the Common People believe them both alike, and the Men of Sense believe neither. And this does so lead towards the General Defection foretold, that in a great Mea

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fure it is it ; for it destroys the Foundation of Religion, and turns it all to Superstition. And when the Infidelity which that begets shall come to be Publickly owned, then where shall Faith be found upon the Earth? It is now acted in the Opus Operatum. And instead of the Two Sacraments which Christ las. Appointed as a Means of Grace, the whole Face of your Relia gion is covered with ten Thousand of your own Invention. The Unlimited Power taken in your Church of Confecrating every thing into a Means of Grace, your Worship of Saints (many of them Legendary) their Reliques and Images, of Croffes, and of the Host, make up tlie Bulk of your Religion and Devotions.

(38.) But not only the Host, or Body of Christ supposed to be Corporally in the Sacrament, but the Cross of Christ, or any Effigies of that Cross; and the Images of Christ, are Worshipped in your Church with the Supreme Diyine Adoration of Latria. As is told us by a Great St. of your Church, whom you call the Angelical Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas, who says that (a) Crux Christi est Adoranda Adoratione Latrie. And again, Crucis Efigies in aliqua alia Materia - Latria adoranda est. And in the Roman Pontifical it is ordered, that in the Procession of the Emperor and a Legáte of the Pope, the Legate's Cross Mall be carried on


(1) far. 3 Qu. 2 Art. 4. in Cor, Conclufio.

the Right Hand of the Emperor's Sword, because (a) Latria is due to the Cross.

And in the Adoration of the Cross upon Good-Friday" (which is the Principal part of the Office for that Day) the Cross being Veiled, is Discovered to the People by Degrees, first one Arm of the Cross, then another, and at last the whole Cross is Unveiled: And at each time the Priest says, Ecce lignum Crucis, Behold the Wood of the Cross: And the People answer, Adoremus, Let us Worlaip: And then the Priests: first, and afterwards the People, come upon their Knees and pay their Adoration to the Cross. And remember that it is the Adoration of Latria which they give to it.

Now for Images, the fame Aquinas before Mentioned tells us the Worship we pay them is (b), Religionis Cultus, a Religious Worship, and that it is not à different Latria which is given to Christ and to His Images, but says, C) That when Worship is paid to the Images of Christ, the Reason of the Latria is not Different, nor the Vertue of Religion.

If then ther be but one Latria, and the fame that is paid to Christ and to His Images, it will Jultify what James Naclantus, Bishop of Clugium Writes in his Exposition of the


I 4

(a) Quiz debetur ei(Cruci) Latria. (b) 2da 2da. Quæ 81. Art. 3. Refp. ad 3. (c) Quod Imaginibus Chrifti exhibetur Cultus, non divertificacur racio Lacriæ, nec Virtus Religie


Epistle to the Romans, chap. 1. (a) That the Faithful ought not only to Worship befare ain Image (as some perhaps out of Caution speak) but to Worship the Image it self, without any Şcruple at all; and with the same Sort of Worīhip as the Proto-type or whom it Repre, sents; and if that is to be Worshipped with Latria, so its Image with Latria, if with Dulia, or Hyperdulia, so the Image is to be Worshipped with the same Worship..

39. Ther is another strange Latria paid to the Preputium of Christ, or the Foreskin was cut off at His Circumcision. Your Doctors are at great Pains to know what is become of it. They might as well ask what is become of the Parings of His Nails! Whither will Superstition run? They had it at Antwerp, but 'the Hereticks took it away. From thence it travelled by many Miracles to the Church of Saint John Lateran at Rome, and how it was thence Translated to the Church of Cornelius and Cyprian at Calcata, about Twenty Miles from Rome, I have read the Account at large in a Book in Folio, Intitled, De Basilica e Pariarchio Lateranensi

, ad A


(a) Ergo non folum fatendum eft, fideles in Ecclesia adorare coram Imagine (ut Nonnulli ad Ciutelam forte loquuntur) led & Adorare Imaginem, fine quo volueris fcrupulo, quin eo ilim Verereantur

& Protosypon ejus; propter quod si IUud babet adorari la. tria, 6* la Latria, fi Dulia, vel Hyperdulia, sila pariter ejuf modi Cuitu adoranda est. Venetiis,

Cultu, quo

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