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Ex Bullario Laertii Cherubini.

Romæ 1638.

TOM. III. p. 183


Conftitutio Pauli V.63. TheSixty thirdConsti

tution of Paul V. Xcommunicatio & HE ExcommunicaAnathematizatio


tion and Anathequorumcunq; Hæreti- matization of all Herecorum, eorumq; fau- ticks whatsoever, and torum ac Schismatico- their favourers, and rum,vel Ecclefiafticam Schismaticks, or of those Libertatem lædenti- who violate the Ecclefiaum, aut quoquo modo ftical Liberty, or any ways

. difpofitis in hac Bulla, infringe the Contents of de more in die Cænæ this Bull, which is wont. Domini publicare soli- to be published on Maunta contravenientium. day-Thursday.

Quoad omnia quali As for almost all the Capitula hujus Bullæ Chapters of this. Bull, (ultra Extravagan. 3. (besides the 3d ExtrávaPauliII.& Extravagan. gant of Paul II. and the 5. Sixti IV. in tit. de stb Extravagant of SixPænitentia & Remissi- tus IV. in the Title of


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onibus habes supra Penance and Remissions) Constitut. 1 Vrbani V. you have them before orfol. 215. Constitut. 25. dained in the first ConstiJulii II.f. 482. Consti- tution of Urban V. f. tut. 10. Pauli III. f. 215. in the 25th Conft.of 522.necnon Constitut. Julius II. f. 482. in the 81. Gregorii XIII. f. 10th Conft

. of Paul III. 348. 1. 2. Aliorum au- f. 522. and in the 8154. tem Bullas ejusmodi Conft. of Gregori XIII. Cæna Domini nuncu- f 348.lib.2. Other Bulls pantes volens præter- if this nature, called Bulls misi, his duntaxat con- in Cænæ Domini, I tentus, ex quibus pro have purposely omitted, temporum conditione being content with these; Romanos Pontifices a: from which it may appear liquid immutasse cog- that the Popes have made nofcatur. Non tamen some Variation in them, posthabui proxime in- according tothe Exigency dicandas, uti apprime of the Times. Yet I would necessarias, & super not omit those which folhujus Bullæ capitibus low, as being especially specialiter editas. necessary, and particular

lypublisbed upon the leveral Chapters of this Bull

. Extat ergo in hoc There is extant there. Opere specialis edita fore in this Collection, a sanctio Nicolai III. cir- particular Edict of Nica primum hujus colas III. about the ist Bullæ in ejus Conft. 2. Section of this Bull in his sup. fol. 143. & circa Ø 2d Constitution, Sup. 2. extat Conft. 5. Pii fol. 143. concerning II. f. 290 l. 1. Circa Sect. 2. there is extant $ 4. extat Conft.

7. Pii Conjt. 5. of Pius II. f.

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V. f. 137. l. 2. Circa § 290, !. I. concerning 7. extat Conft. 3. Ni. 4. there is extant, Conft. colai V. f. 283. 1. 1. 7. of Pius V. f. 137. Circa ý 10 extatCanon 1. 2. concerning 9.7. is Callisti.l. in c. 23. cauf. extant, Conft. 3. of Ni24. 9. 3. Circa 9 11. colas V. f. 283. l. I. respectu Cardinalium concerning Ø 10. is exextat Const. 16. Leonis tant a Canon of CaliX. f.420.1. 1 & alia Itus. in c. 23. Conft. 93. Pii V. f. 222. li 24. qu. 3. Concerning 2. Circa $ 12. extat $11. in respect of the Const. II. Alexandri Cardinals is VI.f.352. Circa 6 14. Conft. 16. of Leo X. f. extat. Const. 2. Mar- 420. l. 1. and Const. tini V. f. 239. & alia 93. of Pius V. f. 222. 17

Innocentii VIII. f. 1. 2. Concerning Ø 12. 343. ac altera 30. Le- is extant Conf. 11. of onis IX.f.440 necnon Alexander VI. f. 352. alia 39.

Clementis VII. Concerning 9 14. is exf. 505. l. 1. & altera tant Const. 2. of Mar19. Gregorii XIII. f. tin V. f. 293. and Const. 290. l. 2 Circa 15. 17. of Innocent VIII. multi sunt Canones in f. 343. and Const. 30. Corpore furis, & extat of Leo X. f. 440. and Conit. 10. Martini V. Const. 39. of Clement f. 247. Circa $ 19. VII. f. 505. 1. 1. and extat Const.

Urbani Const. 19. of Gregory VI. f. 222. Et Circa XIII. f. 290. l. 2. con$ 20 extat Const. 8. cerning 9 15. are many Joannes XXII. f. 174. Canons in the Body of & alia 3. Clementis Vi. the Law, and Const. 10. f. 212. alia 13. Leonis of Martin V. f. 247,



X. f. 314. & altera 11 Concerning $ 19. is .exPauli IV. f.595

tant Conft. 3.0f Urban VI. f. 222. Concerning $ 20. is extant Const. 8. of John XXII. f. 174. and Conft. 3. of Clement VI. f. 212. and Conft. 13. of Leo X. f. 314. and Const. 11. of

Paul IV. f. 595. Alia hujusmodi Ex- Another like Excom. communicatio in die munication usually pubCænæ Domini Pro- lished on Maun-day mulgari solita eft in S. Thursday, is extant in D. N. Vrbani VIII. the 62d Constitution of Const. 62: Pastoralis our Holy Lord Urban infr. Tom. 4.

VIII. inf. Tom. 4. Paulus Episcopus, Ser- Paul Bishop,Servant of vus Servorum Dei,

- the Servants of God, ad perpetuam rei me- in perpetual memoriam.

mory of the thing now Decreed.



Astoralis Romani HE Pastoral vigi-
Pontificis vigilan.

lance and care of tia & follicitudo, cum the Bishop of Rome, biin omni Reipublicæ ing by the Duty of his Christianæpace&tran. Office continually employ, quillitate procuranda ed in procuring by all pro

fui muneris officio means the peace and tranaffidue versatur, tum quillity of Christendom potissimum in Catho. is more especially eminent



licæ fidei fine qua im- in retaining and preferpossibile est placere ving the unity and inteDeo, unitate atq; in- grity of Catholick Faith; tegritate retinenda, without which it is im. maxime elucet:Nimi- possible to please God? rum ut fideles Christi That so the faithful of non sint parvuli flu- Christ may not be as &tuantes, neq; circum- Children wavering, nor feranter omni vento be carried about with doctrina in nequitia every wind of Doctrine hominum ad circum- by the cunning craft of ventionem erroris, fed men, whereby ihey lay in omnes occurránt' in u- wait to deceive; but that nitate fidei & agnitio- all may meet in the unity nis Filii Dei in virum of the Faith, and the perfectum, neq; fe in knowledge of the Son of hujus vitæ focietate & Godunto a perfect man communione lædant, That in the communion aut inter fe alter alteri and society of this life they offensionem præbeant, may not injure nor offend sed potius in vinculo one another ; but rather charitatis conjuncti, being joined together with tanquam unius corpo. the bond of Charity, as ris membra fub Chri- members of one body unsto capite, ejufq; in ter- der Christ the Head, and ris

Vicario Romano Pon- his Vicar upon Earth the tifice Beatissimi Petri Bisbop of Rome, St. Successore,a quo totius Peter's Succeffor, from Ecclesia unitas dima- whom the unity of the nat, augeantur in ædi

' whole Church doth flor, ficatione,atq;ita divina may be increased in edi: gratia adjutrice sic pre. fication, and by the aflilentis vitæ quiere gau. stance of the Divine


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