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In the former Text concerning the Mass this French Translation adds to the Words of their own Vulgar Latin as well as of the Original : But in this lást, the Vulgar Lätin as well as the Frencb substract from the Original, and both render this Text the same way.

But, to do Justice to all, the Port Royal Bible delivers this Text from the gross Interpretation put upon it, by means of a false Translation, to favour the worshipping of Wood.

In the other French Translation I mentioned before, made for the Use of the new Converts, this Expression 1 Cor. iii. 15. of soinė that

as if palling through the Fire, is boldly Rendred, the fire of Purgatory, as the Words of the Text, without any different Character, as is used with us when a Word is put in to make Engliflat of an Hebrew or Greek Idiom. But in this Louvain Translation the Text is let stand, jo as by fire, only Purgatoire is put on the Margin in this Edition made since the Objections against the other Translation, in which the Addition of Purgatory to this Text is particularly taken notice of.

I could give your Lordship more of the Core ruptions of Texts in the French Translations. I have now only named three, one for the Sacrifice of the Mafs, another for the Ados ration of the Cross and of Images, and one for Purgatory.

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L. The

L. Tlie Church is not answerable for these Translations, however approved and recommended by Doctors, Universities, &c.

(17:) G. But the People are deceived by thein. The People believe as they are taught. There is small Security to them in the Abftruse Disputes concerning Infallibility, how far it extends, and where it is placed, and in the Disputes betwixt Popes and Councils about it. These are Questions of which I suppose your Lordship will easily grant the Common People are no Judges. They know nothing of the matter. How should they, when the Learned Men are divided among themselves concerning thein ? So that this Infallibility, if it could be found and fixed, would be of little use to the Generality of the People, una less their Curates and their Fatbers and Mothers who instruct them, were likewife all of them Infallible, for as I said, they believe as they are taught, and examine no further.

Nay, they are forbid to exanine, for that implies a Doubt, and they are not to doubt of the Religion they are taught, but to receive, without any Doubt, what has been told them by their Curates, Fatbers, Mothers, or Nurses, and what is current in the Country where they live. This is all the Infallibility of which they are capable. : And this is the way of all the Earth. It is thus that the Generality of Mankind, whether Heathens, fows, Mabomefans, or Christians, receive their Religion. And



without examining into what we have been taught, no Man could change his Religion. None could ever have become a Christian, elpecially no fere, who had the Authority of his Church against Christ, to which Church he alledges Promises of Perpetuity and Infaltibility.

(18.) L. The Bishop of Meaux has cleared this in his Conference with Mr. Cloud. Where the Bishop afferts the Necessity of a Living Infallible Judge always in being to direct Men. And says, that when Christ was come, He was that Living Judge, and so the Authority of the Jewish Church was superseded.

G. This is Gratis di&tum and begging the Question of the few, as I have said already, who upon the Authority of his Church, denies our Christ to have been the Messiah. I will not repeat, only ask these few Questions further. 1. Who was this Living Judge before the Flood ? For the Bishop says there must be always such an one in being. 2. Was Abraham, who was known only to a few Neighbours, and wrought no miracles to con vince others, was he, í say, given as such a Guide or Judge to the whole Earth? And Cbrist was not so great a Traveller as Abrabam. 3. Where was this Living Judge when Christ was Dead? And if there was none for three Days, it might be so for three, or three hundred Years, or for good and all, because



the Argument fails for the Nécessity of fuch Judge always in being. You will nor say the Church can fail for three Days. The Pro, mises of God can never fail, no not for a Moment.

L. Christ founded His Church before He died, and left his Apostles for Guides, chiefly Peter the Prince and Principle of Unity to them all.

G. And yet of the Apostles, one betrayed Him, another forswore Hini (and that was Peter) all forfook Hiin.

L. That was human Frailty, and Personal: But they retained the true Faith, they were in no Error as to that.

G. The greatest that could be, For as yet. they knew not tbe Scripture, that He must wife again from the Dead. John xx. 9. And if Cbrisi be not Raised, your Faitb is vain : ye are yet in your Sins, i Cor. xv. 17. And the Reaa fon given for choosing Mattbias into the room of Judas was, That he might be a witnefs with the other Apostles of the Refurre&tion of Christ. Ads i. 22. And what Faith could they have in Him whom they had quite given over, and never expected to see him

more? They trusted tbut it bad been He who should have redeemed Israel, Lúke xxiv. 21. But when He was. Dead, all their Hopes were gone, they expected no Redemption from Him. This was far from a Christian Faith, and could there be a Cbristian Church without this Faith?

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To avoid all this, and secure the Promise of Indefe&tibility, to the Church, fome of your Authors of greatest Name have said, that the Church was then preserved in the Virgin Mary. And thence infer that the Catholick Church may be preserved in one. Woman, as it was then, and that so it may be again, in the times of Anti-christ, and the great Defe&tion is foretold will be before the second Coming of Christ, when Faith (ball not be found upon the Earth, that is very hardly, when it

may fined to one Laick, a Woman, ora

2. 2. Queft. In Baptized Infant, as others of

your : Art. 1o. Dub.i. Doctors allow.

L. This is giving up the Church quite, as a Society, with Government, Discipline, &c. and I hardly believe any of our approved Authors have said so much, and not been cenfured for it.

G. They are no lefs Men than Alensis, the Author of the Glofs. upon the Decretals, Lyra, Occan, Alliaco, Panormitan, Turrecremata, Peter de Monte, St. Antoninus, Cusanus, Clemangic. Jacobatius, J. Fr. Picus, &c. And to fave Re: petition, your Lord'hip will find their Books and Words quoted, in this small Treatise in my Hand intituled, The incur able Scepticisin of the Church of Rome, printed here 1688. p. 22. &c. I name this little Tract, because it is short, and will give your Lordship no grear trouble, and proceeds upon the fame Argument I have undertaken with your Lord'hip, instead of the particular points in



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