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municamus & anathe- excommunicate and anamatizamus omncs illos, thematize all those, who qui ad Saracenos, Turcas, carry or transmit ito & alios Chriftiani no- the Saracens, Turks, minis hoftes, & inimi- and other Enemies and cos, vel Hæreticos per Foes of the Christian noftras vel hujus Saa- Religion, or to those who atæ Sedis

sententias are exprefly, and by name exprefse vel nominatim declared Hereticks by the declaratos deferunt feu Sentence of us, or of this transmittunt

Equos, Holy See, Horses, Arms, Arma, Ferrum, filum Iron, Wire of Ircu, Tin, Ferri, Stannum, Cha- Steel, and all kind of Melybem, omniaque Me- tats, and Warlike Instru. tallorum genera atque ments, Timber, Hemp, Bellica Instrumenta, Ropes made as well of Lignamina, Canapem, Hemp as of any other matFunes, tam ex ipso ter, & that matter whatjeCanape quam alia qua- ever it be, and other things cunque materia,

& of this pature, which they ipfam materiam, alia- make use of to the prejuque hujufmodi, quibus dics of Christians and Che Christianos & Catholi- tholicks : As also those who cos impugaant ; nec non by themselves or others illos qui per fe vel per give intelligence of matalios de rebus. ftatum rers relating to the State Chriftianæ Reipublicæ of Christendom to the concernentibus, in Chris Turks and Enemies of ftianorum perniciem & the Christian Religion to damnum ipfos Turcas the hurt and prejudice of & Chriftianæ Religio- Christians, or to Hereais inimicos, necnon ticks to the Prejudice of


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Hæreticos, in damnum the Catholick Religion, Catholicæ Religionis, or who any ways afford to certiores faciunt, illif: them counsel, assistance que ad id auxilium, or favour; notwithstanconfilium, vel favorem ding any Privileges hiquomodolibet præ- therto granted by Us and ftant. Non obstantibus the aforesaid See to any quibufcunq; Privilegi- Persons, Princes or Comis, quibusvis Personis, mon-wealths; wherein exPrincipibus, Rebuspu- press mention is not made blicis per nos & Se- of this prohibition. dem prædictam hactenus conceffis, de hujusmodi prohibitione expressam mentionem non facientibus.

9. 8. Item, Excom- §. 8. Further, We municamus & anathe- . excommunicate and anamatizamus omnes im- thematize all bindering or pedientes seu invaden- invading those, who bring tes eos, qui victualia feu Provisions, or any other alia ad usum Romana things necessary, for the Curiæ necessaria ad- use of the Court of Rome; ducunt, ac etiam eos as also those who forbid, qui ne ad Romanum hinder or obstruét the Curiam adducantur bringing or condu&ting of vel afferantur prohi- them to the Court of bent, impediunt seu Rome; or who abet the perturbant, feu hæc doers of these things either facientes defendunt per by themselves, or by 0se vel per alios, cujus, ther's ; of whatsoever cunque fuerint ordinis, order pre-eminence, corpræminenti, condicio: dition or conditio- dition or quality they be,


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nis & ftatus, etiamfi even, although they be Pontificali feu Regali Bishops or Kings, oppi aut alia quavis. Ecclefi- invested with any

osher astica vel mundana præ- Ecclefiaftical or Secülar fulgeant dignitate: Dignity.

§. 9. Item Excom- Ø 9. Farther, We municamus et anathe- excommunicate and anamatizamus omnes illos, thematize all those, who qui ad fedem Apoftoli- kill

, maim, Spoil, appreo cam venientes, & re- hend or detain by themcedentes ab eådent, sua felves, or by others, those vel aliorum opera in- who come to the Apostolick terficiunt, mutilant", See, or return from it ; fpoliant, capiunt, de- as also all those who having tinent; necnon illos om- no-ordinary jurisdičtion, nes qui jurisdictionem nor any deligated by Vs ordinariam vel dele- og our fudges, rafhly gatam a nobis vel no challenging it to thema Itris Judicibus non ha- felves, presume to commit bentes , illam fibi te- any like Actions against mere vendicantes limi- those who reside at the lia contra morantes in Court of Rome. I paid eadem Curia audent, perpetrare. $. 10. Item Excom.

s. 10. Furtber, We münicamus & anathe- cxcommunicate and anar matizamus omnes in- thematize all who kill, terficientes, mutilan- maim, wound, dettin, tes, vulnerantês, detis apprebendo or rob Tranentes, capientes seu vellers to Rome ; " 0% deprædantes Romipe- Pilgrims for the sake of

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9. 11. Further, W.

tas feu Perigrinos ad Devotion of Pilgrimage Urbem caufa Devotionis going to that Cily, flay accedentes, et in ea ing in it, or returning morantes, vel ab ipsa from it; and those who recedentes, et in his give" aid, counsel or fadantes auxilium, confi: vour in these tases. lium, vel favorem.

ro Ci 11, Įtem, Excom, muniçamus et anathe- excommunicate and ana matizamus omnes in thematize all who flat, terficientes, , vulneran- wounda maim, frike, tes, mutilantes, pero apprehend, imprison, de çurientes, capientes ,, tain, or in hostile manner

. carcerantes, detinentes, pursue the Cardinals, of yel hoftilicer infequen- the Holy Church of tes $. R. E. Cardi Rome, and Patriarchs, pales, ac Patriarchas, Archbiskops, Biskops Archiepiscopos, Episco- Legats, or. Nuncios of pos.Sedisq; Apoftoli- the Apostolick See; or cæ Legatos vel nuncips, those who drive them out aut eos a suis Diæcesie of their Territories, Dia bus, Territoriis, Terris ocesses, Lands or Domin feu Dominiis ejicientes, nions à gr those who

ea mandantes command or allow these vel rata habentes, seu things to be done, or give præftantes in eis auxi, aid, counsel and favour 10 lium, confilium, vel far them. Vorem.

$ 12. Item, Excom. municamus et anathe excommunicate, and, anan matizamus omnes illos, ikemating all those, who qui per se vel per alios, by themselves or by others



12. Further, We

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personas Ecclesiasticas pay or any ways Atrike quascunque, vel secu- or despoil any Ecclesiastic lares ad Romanam Curia cal or Secular Persons am super eorum causis having recourse to the et negotiis recurrentes, Court of Rome for their ac illa in eadem Curia Çaufes and Affairs, and profequentes aut pro. profecuting and managing curantes negotiorumque them in the said Court, on geftores, advocatos, even the Auditors or Judgprocuratores et agentes, es deputed for the hearing seu etiam Auditores and managing of the faid vel Judices super dictis. Causes and Affairs, upon caufis vel negotiis dea occasion of these Causes and putatos, occasione cau- Affairs, as also those who sarum vel negotiorum by themselves or by others hujusmodi occidunt seu directly or indirectly prequoquo modo percuti- sume to act or procure unt, bonis fpoliant; seu the said Crimes, or to qui per fe vel per alios, give aid, counsel or fadirecte vel indirecte vour to thom, of whatdelicta hujusmodi com. foever preheminence or mittere exequi vel pro dignity they be. curare, aut in eifdem auxilium, confilium vel favorem præftare non verentur, cujuscunque præeminentiæ et dignitatis fuerint,

9:13. Item Excom- Ø 13. Further. We municamus et anathe- excommunicate and anamatizamus omnes tam thematize all those as well Ecclefiafticos quam Se- Ecclefiafticks as: Secuculares, cujuscunque bars, of whatsoever dig


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