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dignitatis, qui prætex- nity 'they be who under ences frivolam quan- pretence of a certain fri. dam appellationem a volous appeal from the gravamine vel futura injustice or future execuexecutione literarum tion of the Apoftolick Apoftolicarum etiam in Letters, even in form of forma Brevis, tam gra- a Brieve, respecting as tiam quam justitiam well indulgence as justice, concernentium, nec. as also from the injustice, non citationum, inhi- and future exécution of bitionum, sequestratio. Citations, Inhibitions num, monitoriorum, Sequestrations, Monitoprocessuum, executo- ries, Processes, Executorialium ; & aliorum rials and other Degrees, Decretorum, a Nobis issuing out, or which shall & Sede prædi&ta feu at any time ijsue out from Legatis, Nunciis, Præ- Us and the aforesaid See, fidentibus, Palatii no- or our Legates, Nuncios; ftri & Camera Aposto: or Presidents, from the licæ Auditoribus, Com- Auditors of our Palace miffariis, aliifque Ju- and Apostólick Chamber, dicibus & delegatis from our Commissaries, Apostolicis emanato, and other

Apostolick rum, & quæ pro tem- Judges' and Delegates : pore emanaverint, aut as also those, who any alias ad Curias Sæcu. other way's' have recourse lares & Laicam pote- to Secular Courts and the ftatem recurrent, & ab Lay Power; and who ea instante etiam Fisci cause such Appeals to be Procuratore & Advo- admitted by the Secular cato, appellationes hu- Courta" even although jufmodi adınitti, ac the Procurator and Ado lices, citationes, in- vocate of the Exchequer



hibitiones, sequestra , svould require it; or whe monitoria, & alia præ- cause the aforesaid Letdicta, capi & retineri ters, Citations, Inbibitifaciunt. Quive illa ons, Sequestrations, Mosimplicitur, vel sine eo- nitories, &c. to be seized rum beneplacito & con- or retained or those fenfu vel examine ex- who hinder or forbid the ecutione, demandari, Jaid Letters to be put in aut ne Tabelliones & execution, either simply Notarii super hojusmo- or without their good di literarum & proces- will consent or examinafuum executione, in- tion; or who hinder or ftrumenta vel acta con- forbid Scriveners or Noficere, aut confecta taries from making or particujus interest, delivering when made to tradere debeant, impe- the Parties concerned any diunt vel prohibent, aç Instruments or Acts conetiam partes seu eorum cerning the Execution of agente, consanguine- these Letters and Pracefos, affines, familiares, ses; or who apprehend, notarios, executores & strike, wound, imprison, sub-executores litera- detain; drive out of Cirum, citationum, mo- ties, Places and Kingnitoriorum, & aliorum doms, despoil of ihiir prædictorum capiunt, Goods, terrify, vex, and percutiunt, vulnerant, threaten either by them carcerant, detinent, ex selves, or by others, pubCivitatibus, Locis, & lickly or privately, the Regnis ejiciunt, bonis Parties or their Agents, spoliant, perterrefaci. Kindred on both sides, unt, concutiunt & their Friends, Notaries comminantur per se. the Executor's or Sub . vel per alium feu alios, executors, of the said


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publice . vel occulte ; Letters, Citations, Moquive alias quibuscun- nitories, &c. or who any que personis in genere other way presume directly vel in specie, ne pro or indirectly to forbid, orquibufvis eorum nego- dain and command, any tiis prosequendis feu Persons in general'or in gratiis vel literis im- particular, to betake them. petrandis ad Romanam selves, or have recourse to Curiam accedant, aut the See of Rome to proferecursum habeant, feu cute their Affairs of any gratias ipfas vel literas kind, or to obtain Indula dicta Sede impetrent gences or Letters, or who feu impetratis utantur, forbid them to obtain the directe vel indirecte faid Indulgences,or to make prohibere, ftatuere seu use of them when obtained mandare, vel eas apud of the said See; or who prefe aut notarios seu Ta- sume to retain the said Inmodolibet retinere præ- hands, or in the hands of a belliones, in their own sumunt.

Notary or a Scrivener or

way. § 14. Item excom- Ø 14. Further, We municamus & anathe- Excommunicate and A. matizamus omnes & nathematize all and fingu. fingulos, qui per fe vellar,': '

who by themselves alios auctoritate pro- or by others, by their own pria ac de facto, qua- Authority and de facto, rumcunq; exemptio- under pretence of any num vel aliarum gra- exemptions, or any other tiarum & literarum Apoftolicki Indulgences - Apostolicarum prætex- and Letters, take away

tu, beneficiales, & di- the cognizance of Benefices cimarum, ác alias and Tithes and other



causas spirituales ac Spiritual Caujes, or an spiritualibus annexas, mexed to spirituals from ab Auditoribus & Our Auditors and Com. Commissariis noftris, missaries, and other Ecaliisq; Judicibus Ec- clefiaftical. Judges; and clesiasticis avocant; il- hinder the proceeding and larumve cursum & au- audience of them, and the dientiam; ac personas, Persons, Chapters, Con, capitula, Conventus, vents, Colleges, desiring Collegia, causas ipsas to': profecute the said prosequi volentes im. Causes; or who intrude pediunt ac se de illa- themselves

, as judges in rum cognitione tan- the Cognizance of them; quam Judices interpo- or mbo by order,

Quive partes any other way compel the actrices, quæ illas com- Plaintiffs to withdraw, mitti fecerunt, & faci- or cause to be withdrawn, unt ad revocandum & their Citations, cr Inhirevocari faciendum ci bitions, or tationes vel inhibitio- Letters decreed in the nes aut alias literas Spiritual Court; and the in eis decretas, & ad Defendants against whom faciendum vel consen- such Inhibitions were tiendum contra issued out, to procure, or quos tales inhibitiones consent to be absolved emanarunt a censuris from the Censures of et pænis in illis conten- Punishments contained in tis absolvi, per ftatu- them; or who any ways tum vel alias com pel- hinder the execution of lunt; vel executionem Apostolick Letters, Exliterarum Apoftolica- ecutorials, Processes and rum feu executoriali- Decrees aforesaid, or give um, processuum ac their allowance, councel,


any other

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decretorum prædi&o- or assent to it, even unrum quomodolibet im- der pretence of hindring pediunt, vel suum ad violence, or any other id favorem, consilium pretexts whatsoever, or aut assensum præftans, even until they fall etiam prætextu vid. Petition us, or cause us to lenriæ prohibendæ, vel be Petitioned for our better aliarum prætenfionum, information, as is comteu etiam, donec ipsi monly pretended, unless ad nos informandos, they prosecute such peiiut dicunt, fupplica- tions before us and the verint aut fupplicari Apoftolick. See in lawful fecerint; nifi fupplica- form; even although tiones hujusmodi coram those who commit such Nobis & sede Apo- things should be Presidents ftolica legitime prose- of Chanceries

, Councils, quantur, etiamsi talia or Parliaments, Chancelcommittentes fuerint, lors, Vice Chancellors, Presidentes Cancella- ordinary or extraordinary riarum, Consiliorum, Councellors of any secular Parlamentorum, Can- Princes (whether they be cellarii, Vicecancella- Emperors, Kings, Dukes, rii, Consiliarii, ordina- or any other dignity) or rii vell extraordinarii Archbishops, Bishops, Ab. quorumcunq; Princi- bots, Commendataries or pum Sæcularium ; eti Vicars. amsi Imperiali, Regali, Ducali, vel alia quacunq; præfulgeant dig. nitate; aut Archiepifcopi, Episcopi, Abbates Commendatarii feu Vicarii fuerint.

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