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Personas Ecclefiafticas, banising, or apprehendillas processando, ban- ing them, or pronouncing niendo, feu fententias or executing any sentences contra illas proferendo against them, without the vel exequendo fine fpe- special, particular and exciali, specifica & expref- press Licence of this Holy fa hujus Sanctæ Sedis Apostolical See ; also those Apostolicae Licentia

j who extend fucb Licences quique ejusmodi licen- to Persons or Cafes not ex. tiam ad Personas & ca- pressed, or any other way fus non expressos exten- injuftly abuse them ; aldunt, vel alias illa per. tho the Offender foould peram abutuntur, eti- be Counsellors, Senators, amfi talia committen. Presidents, Chancellors, tes fuerint Confiliarii, Vice-Chancellors, or intiSepatores, Præfidentes, tled by any other name. Cancellarii, Vicecancellarii, aut quovis alio nomine nuncupati.

9. 20. Item, Excom- § 20. Farther, We municamus et anathe- excommunicate and anamatizamus omnes illos, thematize all those, who qui per se seu alios, di- by themselves, or by others, recte vel indirecte, sub directly or indirectly, unquocunq; titulo seu co- der any Title or Colour Tore invadere, deftrue- whatsoever fall presume to re, occupare et decinere invade, destroy, seize, and præsumpserint, in to- detain in whole oriin part, tum vel in partem Al- the City of Rome, the mam Urbem, Regnum Kingdom of Sicily, the Sicilia, Insulas Sardinie Isands of 'Sardinia and er Corfica, Terras circa Corsica, the Territories Pharam, Patrimonium about Paro, St. Peter's


B. Petri in Tuscia, Du- Patrimony in Tuscany, catum Spoletanum, Co- the Dakedom of Spoleto, mitatum Venaysinum, the County of Venoso, Sabinenfem, Marchie, and Sabinum, MarAnconitana, Maffe, Tre- ca di Ancona, Mafbaria, Romándiola, Cam- sa, Trebaria, Ropania, & Maritimas mandiola, Campania, Provincias, illarumque and the Maritime ProTerras & loca, ac Ter- vinces, and their Terrin, ras specialis commissio- tories and Places, and the nis Arnulforum, Civita. Lands held in special como tesq; noftras Bononiam, mision by the Arnulfi, Cæsenam, Ariminum, Be- and our Cities of Bono . neventum, Perufium, A- nia, Cæfena, Arimi, venionem,

Civitatem num, Beneventum, Pea Caftelli, Tuderium, Fer- rusium, Avignon, Citrarium, Comaclum, & ta di Castello, To: alias Civitates, Terras, di, Ferrara, Coma & loca, vel jura ad clo, and other ciipsam Romanam Eccle- ties, Lands and Places fiam pertinentia, diete- and Rights belongings que "Romana Ecclesiæ the Church of Rome, and mediate vel immediate subjected mediately or imfubjecta, necnon supre, mediately to the faid mam jurisdictionem in Church of Rome; alfa illis, Nobis & eidem those who presume by die Romana Ecclesiæ com- vers means to ufurp, die petentem, de facto u. St urb, detain, and vex surpare, perturbare, the fupreme Jurisdiction retinere & vexare variis to the said Dominions bez modis præfumunt, nec longing to Us and the non adhærentes, fauto- Church of Rome; also res, et defensores ÇQ- their Adherents, Favour,



Q, 3


in ex

rüm, feu illis auxilium ers and Defenders, or con Glium, vel favorem those who any way give quomodolibet præstan- affiftance, counsel or fa

od vour to them. 6. 21. Volentes præ- 6 21 Willing that our fentes noftros Proces- present processes, and all fus, ac omnia et quæ and every thing contained cunq; his literis conten- in these Letters, continue ca, quousque alii hujus- in force, and be put modi processus a Nobis ecution; till other Procefaut Romano Pontifice ses of this kind be made. pro tempore existence and published by Vs and fiant aut publicentur, the Pope of Rome for the durare, suosq; effectus time being. omnino sortiri. Ø 22. 22. Cæterum a

§ 22. In fine, none may præditis sententiis nul- be absolved from the de jus per alium quam per foresaid Censures by any oóica

in mortis articulo Rome, unless he be at the conftiturus, nec etiam point of death, nor even tunic, nifi de stando Ec- then, unless he giveth caue clefise mandatis et fatis- tion to stand to the comfaciendo cautione præ- mands of the Church, and fita, absolvi poflit, e- give satisfaction. In all tiam prætextu quarum- other cases none shall be ab, vis facultatum er indul folved, not even under torum quibuscunque pretence of any Faculties personis Ecclefiafticis, or Indulgences granted secularibus, et quorum- and renewed by Vs and viš "Ordinum, etiam the said Sce, and the. DeMendicantium et Mid crees of any Council, by litariuin, regularibus, Wordsą Letters, or any


etiam Epifcopali vel a- other Writing, in general lia majori

majori dignitate or in particular, to any præditis, ipsisque ordi- Persons Ecclefiaftical, Sea nibus & eorum Mona- cular, and Regular of a fteriis, Conventibus, & ny Orders, even of the Domibus, ac Capitulis, Mendicant and Military Collegiis, Confraterni- Orders, or to any Persons tatibus, Congregatio- invested with Episcopal, nibus, Hospitalibus, er or any greater Dignity, locis piis, necnon Lai- and to Orders themselves cis, etiamfi Imperiali, and their Monafteries, Regali, et alia, mun- Convents, Houses and dana excellentia fulgen- Chapters, Colleges tibus, per Noser di&am Corfraternities, CongreSedem ac cujufvis Con- gations, Hospitals, and cilii decreta, verbo, lite- Pious Places, as also to ris, aut alia quacunque Laymen, although they Scriptura in genere et fould be Emperors , in specie concefforum et Kings, or eminent in any innovatorum, ac conce. Other secular Dignity. dendorum er innovandorum.

Ø 23. Quod fi forte a. $ 23. If by chance as liqui contra tenorem ny shall again the tenor präsentium talibus ex- of these Presents

, de facommunicatione et a- éto, presume to bestow the nathemate laqueatis, benefit of Absolution upon vel illorum alicui abso- any such involved in exlutionis beneficium im. communication, and pendere de facto prx- nathema, sumpserint, eos excom- them; 'we inclade them municationis fententia in the Sentence of innodamus, gravius Excommunication,

and contra


any of

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contra eos fpiritualiter Shall afterwaads proceed et temporaliter, prout more severely against them expedire noverimus pro- both by spiritual and temceffuri,

poral Punishments, as we

Joall think most conveni$ 24. Declarantes ac. §. 24. Declaring and protestantes quamcun- protesting that no Absoluque absolutionem, eti, tion, althosolemnly made am folennitur per Nos by Vs, Mall comprebend, faciendam, prædictos or any other way avail the excommunicatos sub aforesaid excommunicapræsentibus compre, ted Persons comprehended hensos, nisi prius a præ, under these present Let missis cum vero propo- ters; unless they desist sito similia ulterius non from the premisses with a committendi, deftite firm purpose of never comrint, ac quoad eos, qui mitting the like thing; nor contra ecclefiafticam li those, who, as was before bertatem, ut præmitti: said, have made Statutes tur, ftatuta fecerint, nic against the Ecclesiastical fi prius ftatuta, ordina- Liberty; unless they firf tiones, constitutiones, publickly revoke these Stapragmaticas, et decreta tutes, Orders, Constituti. hujufmodi publice re- ons, Pragmaticks and vocaverint, et ex Ar- Decrees, and cause them to chivis feu Capitulari- he blotted and expunged bus, locis aut libris, in out of the Archieves, Rolls, quibus annorata reperi. and Registers wherein they untur, deleri et caffari, are preserved, and farther ac Nos de revocatione cerity Vs of this revocaa hujusmodi certiores fe- tion; moreover, that by cerint, eos non compre- any such Absolution, or



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