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known that the Cardinal of Lorrain afisting at the Council

of Trent, publickly declared that the Faculty of Divinity at Paris, the Univerlie ties of the Kingdom, and in a word, all France was perfuaded, that

the Pope, far from being Infallible, ought to submic to the Decisions of Councils, and it does not appear that this Af fertion, made him incurr any Reproach from the Court of Rome.

Yer has the World with amazement feen, that the Pope lookt upon this Declaration as an injury done to his - Authority, infomuch, that the King having nominated to the Episcopacy, fome of those that assisted at that Af fembly; and who are as well recommendable for their Piety and Virtue, as for their Knows ledge and Learning; Bulls were refused them, on prerence that they do not make Profession of a found Doctrine.

If thiş foundation is folid, we are like to have no more Bishops for the future: Since all the Eccleliafticks of the Kingdom, and particulars ly those that in the Universities take the necefri fary Degrees to attain to Prelacies, with an invincible steddiness maintain the Propofitions which the Pope complains of our 1 Tho'chis refusal has not the least glimmer ring of Reason, yet does it nevertheless, raise a very great Scandal, and produce Disorders, beyond expression. And indeed, the Pope's Obstinacy is the Cause, that thirty five Cathies dral Churches remain destitute of Pastors, and this in a time when a vast number of newly

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Converted Persons stand in need of Instruction, for their being fortified and confirmed in the Orthodox Belief, and when the Prefence of the Bishops is very necessary in their Diocesses.

Who could ever imagine that the Pope, who is proposed to us as an Image of Holiness and Virtue, should remain fo wedded to his Opinions, and so jealous of the shadow of an Imagi. pary Authority, that he should leave the third part

of the Churches of France Vacant because We will not own him to be Infallible!

Those that inspire these thoughts into the Pope, can they fancy they shall make us change our Opinions? And are they so blind, as not to know that those Unhappy times are past; when a gross ignorance joined to a Faininess in the Government, and false Prepossessions, rendred the Pope's Decrees so very dreadful, however unjust they might be ; and that those Disputes and Quarrels, far from augmenting their Power, do only serve to cause enquiry to be made into the Origine of their Usurpations, and les fen the Veneration of the People rather than encrease it? 6.

And to give some colour to fo fcandalous an Innovation, he refers to that famous Bull, stild in Cena Domini, because it is read at Rome every Thursday of the Holy Week. True it is, that if this Decree, whereby the Popes Deelare themselves - Soveraign Monarchs of the World, be legitimate; the Majesty Royal will then depend on their humour, all our Liberties


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will be abolish'd, the Secular Judges will no longer have the Power to try the Possession of Beneficies, nor the Civil and Criminal Causes of Ecclefiaftical Persons; and we shall quickly fee our felves brought under the yoke of the Inquisition. I

Thus, however unjust and abusive this new Decree may be, it is much less dangerous by the frivolous Menaces it contains, than by its being built upon a Title altogether void and vicious; and that in this Conjuncture, it looks as if Rome would at present follow the steps of

Julius the 2d. renew his. Animosity and Rage against France, without making reflection how odious his Memory is in the Christian Com. mon-wealth.

When Pope Gregory the 4th meaning to render himself Arbitrator of the Dispute that rofe between Lewis the Debonnair and his Children, threatned the Bishops of France to Excommunicate them if they did not close with his Designs: Those Prelates being surpri. zed at a Procedure fo contrary to the Canons, couragiously answer'd, That they would not obey the Pope's Will; and that if he come with 4 design to Excommunicate them, he should himself return Excommunicated : Si Excommunicaturus veniret, Excommunicatus abiret; as if they meang to say, That he, who without lawful Caule, and through humane Motives; undertakes to suspend one of the Members of Jesus Christ from the Communion of the Church,does seperate himself from it by such an unjust attempt.


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L'ét ús further urge, that the ill use which the Popes have in fo many Occasions made of the Authority with which they are entrusted in giving it no other Bounds than those of their own will, has been the source of almost all the incurable Mischiefs, with which the Church is afflicted, and the most specious Pretences of the Hereticks and Schismaticks that the last Age produc'd, fo as the Divines assembled by Pope Paul the Third's Orders did sincerely own; and besides at present, the bare Idea of the Infallibility,and indire& Power which the Complaisance of the Italian Doctor does Attribute to the See of Rome, upon the Temporality of Princes, is one of the greateft Obstacles that oppose the Conversion, not only of individual Persons, but of whole Provinces; and Peoples minds cannot be too thoroughly convinc'd that these new Opinions do not make part of the Doctrine of the Universal Church &a.

If he had been an Envoy from the Emperóur of the Turks, from the King of Persia; or some other Infidel Prince, he would not have been so rigorously us’d. Is it that the Pope means to have nomore Commerce with France ? Is he persuaded that his Power reaches no farther than the Diocess of Rome, and his Partri: ardhship than the Neighbouring Provinces, stiled Suburbicarial? Does he intend to renounce the Quality of Head of the Church, and Common Father of the Faithful? 6*6.6

And in this occasion the Thunders of the Variouin have nothing formidable; they are


Tranfitory Fires, that exhale into smoak, and which do neither hurt nor prejudice, save to those who darred them.

And thoʻthis Bull be neither publish'd nor executed in the Kingdom, it is not the less a bufive. We do not doubt, but that a more mo. derate Pope, reflecting upon the disorders which such an Innovation is capable of produ, cing, would imitate the Example of Clement the Fifth, who, by a folemn Decree, did for ever abolish the memory of what his Prede, cessor Boniface the Eight had unjustly unders taken against King Philip the Fair ; And this Retractation, which proves that the Popes are not Infallible, since the one destroys what the other had built, among others, revokes the Bull, Vnam Sanétam ; wherein Boniface, whose proud Conduct was blamed by the whole Church, declares that the Sword of Soreraigns is subjected to the Popes Spiritual Faulchion, dico

It then we put in an Appeal to the future Council againit the Censures contain'd in the Bull, and against the Interdict that is a Consequence and accessary of it; it is because that not only the Decisions of Popes, but their very Person, when they fail in their Duty in tlie Government of the Church, is to submit të the Correction and Reformation of the Gene ral Council, in what regards as well Faith as Discipline. An indisputable Truth whence We shall never depart, whatever endeavours the Partizans of the Court of Rome may ule.



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