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All these Reafons, and a world of others which we omit, oblige us to require that is would please the Court to admit Us as appealing against the Abuse of the Bull, dated in the Month of May last, and of the Ordinance given in pursuance thereof: And upon our Appeal, to declare the said Bull'and Ordinance void and abusive; making Prohibition to all Persons, of vending them in the Kingdom, on pain of being proceeded against according to the severity of the Law; enjoyning all those that have Copies of them, to bring them to the Regifter of the Court, in order to their being sup. pressed : As likewise, to order that the Act of Appeal, made by the Attorney General to the future Council, be Registred in the Regifter of the Court: That the King shall be moft humbly befought to employ his Authoz rity for the maintaining of the Franchises, and the Immunity of the Quarter of his Ambafsadours at Rone, in the whole Extent that they have hitherto had : Moreover that His Majesty may be humbly desired to order the holding of Provincial Councils, nay and of a National Council, if need be,or tlie Assembly of the Nobles of his Realm; and after having heard their advice to choose the means he shall reckon moft fitting, for the hindring tlie Dif orders which the vacancy of fo inany Arch-bi? shopricks and Bishopricks in the Kingdom do produce, and prevent the Increase and Progress of so dangerous an Evil. We further require that the King be also moft humbly befought


to forbid his Subjects to have any Commerce in the mean while with Rome, and of sending any Money thither, and in this to interpose his Authority as far as he shall judge convenis ent, and that it be ordered by the Courtthat the Arrest that shall intervene upon our present Conclusions, shall be affix't in the publick Places, and every where as shall be needful in the wonted manner.

The King's Council being withdrawn, a Copy being perus’d, Printed at Rome of a Bull concerning the Franchises of the Quarters of the said Town, and of the following Ordinance of December 26. laft, together with the A&t of Appeal put into the future Council by the King's Attorney General the 28th of this Month, and the Conclusions by him taken in writing, the Matter being brought under Debate,

The Attorney General's appealing from the abuse of the said Bull, and of the following Ordinance on the 26th of November last, the Court admitted of the said Appeal, and de. clares the said Bull and Ordinance as null and abusive; Prohibits all Persons whatsoever to vend them in the Kingdom, on pain of being, proceeded against according to the severity of the Law ; enjoining those that have Copies of them to bring them to the Register of the Court, there to be fuppressed ; orders that the Act of Appeal put in by the King's Attorney General to the future Council, shall be regi, stred in the Register of the Court, and that the King shall be most humbly desired to em.

ploy ploy his Authority for the maintaining the Franchises and Immunities of the Quarter of his Ambassadors in the Court of Rome, in the whole extent they have hitherto had, to order the holding of Provincial Councils, or even of a National Council, or an Assembly of the Nobles of His Kingdom, fo to advise about the most suitable Means for the Remedying the Disorders which the long Vacancy of leveral Archbishopricks and Bishopricks, has.therein introduced, and to prevent the progress and encrease of them, and in the mean while to farbid his Subjects in such manner as the said Lord the King shall judge convenient to have any Commerce, or remit any Money into the Court of Rome. And this present Arrest to be affix'd in the public and usual Places of this Town, and every where as shall be needful. Done in Parliament on the 23d. of Jan., 1688, Sign'd

Jacques Act of the Appeal put in by the Attorney General to

the Council upon the Subject of the Pope's Bull por concerning the Franchises in the City of Rome, s and of the following Ordonance on the 26th. of December laft. Efore the underwritten Apostolical Nota

ry was present in his own Person, Mefire Achilles de Harlay, Councellor of the King in his Council of State, and his Majesties Arcorney General, who in the Presence, and by the Ad


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vice and Council of Mesfire Denis Talon and of Mesfire Francois Criteau de la Moignon also, Counfellors of the King in his Council of State, and his Advocates General in his Court of Parliament, has declared that having some time fince feen Copies of a Bull given on the i 2th. of May last past, by our Holy Father Pope Innocent the nth, concerning the Franchises which certain Persons are in possession of enjoying in the City of Rome, he could not have imaginedthat his Holinesscould haveconceived the design of comprehending the Ambassadors which the King was willing to send to him, in the general Menaces of Excommunication which he judg’d convenient to insert therein, contrary to the Use observed by other Popes in the Bulls made by them; he had hoped that if the Remembrance of the Sovereign Power which the Kings, his Majesty's Predeceffors exercised in Rome of their Liberalities to the Holy See, and of the Protection they gave to several Popes, could not induce this Pope to cause to be rendred to the King in the Persons of his Ministers, Honours and Testimonies of Acknowledgment proportionable to his Bounties, at least his Holiness a's visible Head of the Church, would not be insensihle to the Prodi. gies which the King had perform'd before his Ēyes for the re-uniting in the Bofom of this good Mother so vast a number of Children that were gone astray from her, that he would be affected with the Piety of this Prince, and the powerful Protection he continually gives



to Prelates, tho’he was not with his Victories and Power, and that he would not enter into dispute with him about Rights that had not suffered any Invasion, even for several years under his Popedom.

!1:.:(051 But being informed that his Holiness had given order to the Cardinalchat is his Vicar in Rome, to declare the Church of St. Lewis of the said City, and the Ecclefiaftics that officiate in it, interdicted for having admitted to the participation of the holy Mysteries and Sacraments on the Night wherein is celebrated the Solempity of our Lords Nativity ; Monsieur le Marquis de Lavardin the Kings Ambassador extraordinary to his Holiness, and that i was supposed by the Ordonance delivered upon this Subje&t, that he was notoriously! Excommunícated for pretended Contraventions to this Bull, the said Attorney Generali did not think that he could without being wanting to his Duty, remain any longer in the Silence he had hitherto kept.

;) Now if the Matter which has given an oc

naman casion to so great an Excéis, did concern the Ecclefiaftical Jurisdiction which belongs to the Pope, he would eafily shew the Errors that have been committed by proceeding against a Person that has not been particularly specified in that Bull, to whom the State of Matters has not been signified since his being at Rome, who might be ignorant of them in France, where it was not publisht, that the Pope could not condemn him as an Ambassador tho'bis Character



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