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licana perpetua Reli- of the Popes of Rome gione custodita Decre- themselves, and the whole ta de Autoritate Con- Church, and kept with ciliorum Generalium, perpetual Veneration by quæ Seff. 4.& 5. con- the Gallican Church, tinentur; nec, probari sbou'd likewise Remain of a Gallicana Ecclesia, qui Force and Vnfhaken. Decretorum,

Nor are they Approv'd quafi Dubiæ sint Auto- bythe

. Gallican Chureli, ritatis, ac minus ap- who wou'd Infringe the probata, robur infrin- Strength of these Decrees, gant; aut ad folum as if they were of Doubtfub Schismatis tempusCon- Authority or less Authen.cilii dieta detorque- ticki, or who wou'd Wreft

the Words of the Council

only to the time of Schism. III. Hinc Apostolicæ III. Hence the use of Potestatis usum Mo- the Apostolical Power derandum per Cano- is to be Moderated by the nes, Spiritu Dei Con- Canons, Framed by the ditos & totius Mundi Spirit of God, and ConReverentia consecratos secrated by the Veneration Valere etiam Regulas, of the Whole World. And Mores & Instituta a likewise the Rules, CuRegno & Ecclesia Gal- stoms, and Institutions licana recepta, Patrum- which have been Receiv'd que terminos manere by the Kingdom and GalInconcussus; atque id lican Church are to be pertinere ad Amplitu. in Force, and the Bounds dinem Apoftolicæ fedis, of our Fathers to Remain ur. Statoa & Consue. Unshaken; And that this tudines tanta fedis, & is for the Eminence of


Ecclesiarum Consensi- the Apostolical See, that one firmatæ propriam the Statutes and Ufage of stabilitatem obtineant. fo Great a See, and Erta.

blish'd by the Consent of the Churches, fbou'd ob

tain their proper Stability. 1. IV. In Fidei quoque

" IV.The Pope likewise Questionibus præcipu- bas' the Chief Part in as summi

Pontificis Questions concerning the esse Partes, ejusque De- Faith, and bis Decrees creta ad omnes & sin- have Refpect to All And gulas Ecclefias perti- Singular Churches : But nere, nec tamen Irre- Nevertheless his Judgformabile effe Judici- . ment is not Irreformable, um, nisi Ecclefiæ Con- except tke Consent of the sensus accesserit. Church go along with it.

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In a DIALOGUE between a Roman

Catholick, and a Member of the Church of England.

Printed for George Straban, at the Golden Ball,

against the Royal Exchange, 1718.

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