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redeem the pledge which I then gave, by offering to my indulgent Reader's the Conclusion of a Work in which their patience has had no small trial — not without the hope, in many cases the certainty, that they have been rewarded by useful information.

On the imperfection arising from the want of regular arrangement, I shall only observe, that such a Book could not very easily have been otherwise produced. It is not a regular History-it is not a Romantic Tale — nor a Work of Fancywhich a Writer might amuse himself by refining, till he frittered away his own ideas. It is a Mine of literary materials, whence future Biographers and Historians will readily and unsparingly collect what may suit their several purposes. Should my Representatives, at any future period, be inclined to publish a new Edition (a task which I shall never myself think of attempting), the whole is now before them ; and my corrected copy will facilitate their labour. A regular arrangernent (and certainly some compression) might then be properly adopted.

Of smaller errors, several have arisen from the articles themselves (the Letters particularly) not having been originally written for the Press. These I have carefully endeavoured to point out and amend; and, in general, have availed myself of every hint that has been suggested, either by the various Periodical Criticks, or by a host of intelligent Correspondents, of whom the greater part have been duly noticed in former Prefaces.

Here, Here, however, I must repeat the respectable names of James BINDLEY, Ese. ; the Hon. Mr. Justice HARDINGE; George ALLAN, Esq. M. P.; the Rev. WILLIAM Beloe ; James Brown, Esa. ; Mr. A. CHALMERS; the Rev. Ralph CHURTON, B. D. Archdeacon of St. David's; James DowLAND, Ese.; and of the late Rev. EDWARD JONES (see p. 760): And am proud to add some of the brightest Ornaments of Literature, by whose personal friendship I have very long been honoured — the truly benevolent Dr. Thomas Burgess, Lord Bishop of St. David's; the enlightened and profoundly-learned Dr. SAMUEL Parr; the kind-hearted and energetic Dr. RenneLL, Dean of Winchester, and Master of the Temple; the Rev. Joseph Holden Port, B. D. Archdeacon of London; the Rev. Robert Nares, B. D. Archdeacon of Stafford ; and the Rev. WILLIAM Tooke, F. R. S.

I am happy also to acknowledge the valuable contributions of Mr. John Bell, of Newcastle; JOSEPH BRADNEY, Esq.; John BURDON, Esq.; the Rev. Weeden BUTLER, Junior; the Rev. Thomas CROMPTON; the Rev. CHARLES DUNSTER; David JENNINGS, Esq. ; the Rev. AULAY MACAULAY ; the Rev. Thomas M-CULLOCH; EDWARD Roberts, Esq.; the Rev. John FLEMING ST. JOHN; the Rev. Peter SANDIFORD; the Rev. Dr. GEORGE STRAHAN; ThoMas Street, Esq.; Robert Surtees, Esq.; and Mr. A. J. Valpy.


To Mr. James BASIRE (whose modest worth,
even in his boyish days, secured my hearty esteem)
I am indebted for a Portrait of his Father; whose
animated features I felicitate myself in thus having
first been the medium of introducing to the Publick.

I have now fulfilled my engagement; but do not

feel myself precluded from offering to the Publick
(should health and leisure permit) another Work,
arising out of, and immediately connected with, the
“ Literary Anecdotes ;" but so far distinct, that no
Purchaser of the one will be under the obligation,
unless with his full and free consent, to possess the
other. For such a publication, I have already abun-
dant resources, of a nature far superior to any produc-
tion of my own; and part of it is actually in the press.
Highbury Place, August 8, 1815.


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· Rights of Boys and Girls”.

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William Murray Earl of Mansfield



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