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120 Threats.

with the inhabitants of Ca121 Threats against the forward. naan forbidden to the Jews.

Page 300141 Making covenants and inter122 The righteous not forward. marriages with transgres123 Stubbornnes, the stiff-neck- sors of this commandment

ed in their own ways, and punished. Page 316 ways of their own sight and 142 Strange gods to be put away. eyes.

143, Transgressors of this com124 The wicked are revolters.

mandment among the peo

Page 301 ple of Israel, & the enticers 125 Rebellion against God forbid- thereto, to be put to death. den.

Page 302144 Threatenings against strange 126 Enemies, adversaries of the

gods. Lord.

145 Strange gods are vanity. 127 Deliverance from enmity a

Puge 317 gainst God.

146 Enquiring concerning future 128 God's threatenings against events of those who by nathe wicked. Page 303

ture are no gods forbidden. 129 Threats against the wicked of

Page 318 evils, as the consequences of wickedness, under the Second Commandment. providential government of 147 Images, the use of them forGod.

Page 305 bidden. 130 God's threatenings against 148 God's judgments on sinners.

Page 308 breakers of this command131 Sinners threatened with var- ment.

Page 318 ious evils under the provi-149 Images no representation of

dence of God. Page 309 God. 132 Transgressors, threatenings | 150 Images were commanded to

against them. Page 310 be broken. 133 Iniquity forbidden.

151 Images were broken. Pa.320 134 God's threatening against the 152 Instances of images used by

workers thereof. Page 311 apostates as outward symbols 135 Iniquity, the punishment in worship offered to the

thereof threatened under the true God.
providential government of 153 Worship to images refused
God, with instances thereof though commanded by

Page 313


154 Threats against idols and First Commandment.


155 Promises, warnings, and ex136 Idolatry, or the worship of hortations against idolatory. strange gol's forbidden.

Page 321 137 Threatenings against idolaters 156 God's judgments upon idol. 138 Judgments inflicted upon


Page 322 idolaters. Page 314||157 Magicians. 139 God's judgments upon parti-| 158 Inchanters.

cular trangressors of this 159 Soothsayers.

160 Observers of times. 140 Covenants and intermarriages'161 Witches.

162 Wizards, worshipping an- which are equal to an oath gels, &c.

Page 323 among Christians. Page 327 163 Diviners.

192 Ancient forms of swearing. 164 Diviners are deceivers, and 193 Blasphemy forbidden. false prophets.

194 Occasions of it to be avoided. 165 Threats against diviners. 195 From whence it proceeds. 166 Familiar spirits, threats a- 196 Instances of blasphemers

gainst those that consult punished. Page 328 them.

Page 324197 Blasphemy against the Holy

Third Commandment. 198 Persons unjustly accused of

167 Profaning the name of God. 199 Of vows.
168 Swearing falsely. Page 324200 Vows to do duty
169 Swearing by the creatures. 201 Sinful vows.

Page 329 170 Swearing by false gods. 171 Swearing in common conver- Fourth Commandment.

sation. 172 Swearing to commit sin. 202 Of the Sabbath. Page 329 173 Rash unnecessary swearing.|| 203 The Sabbath, a day of rest 174 God only is to be sworn by. from servile work. 175 An oath, the nature and duty 204 Duties of the Sabbath, worthereof.

Page 325 shipping God, reading and 176 Oaths to be strictly kept. hearing his word. 177 Things to be sworn to are||205 Works of charity and mercy truth and duty.

to be done on the Sabbath. 178 Articles of peace ratified by

Page 330 oath.

206 Promises to them that keep 179 Breach of such oaths punish- the Sabbath. ed.

207 The care of God's people to 180 Private compacts ratified by sanctify the Sabbath them. oaths.

Page 3261

selves, and to prevent the 181 Oaths sworn to kings.

profaning of it by others. 182 The oath of a single person

Page 331 decides controversy. 208 Threatenings against Sab183 The duty and lawfulness of bath-breakers. Page 332

swearing, examples. 209 Sabbath privilges withdrawn. 184 God swears to Abraham. 210 The change of the Sabbath 185 To give the land of Canaan.

from the seventh to the first 186 To fulfil his covenant.--TO day of the week. Page 333

continue the seed of David. 187 To the continuance of|| CHAP. XVI. Duties toward Christ's priesthood.

Mankind, 188 To fulfil his threatenings a- Sect.

gainst the unbelieving and|| I Love toward mankind. Pa.333 disobedient.

2 How love toward mankind is 189 Jesus Christ answers upon


Page 334 oath.

3 Prayers and thanks to God for 190 An angel swears.

Christian love as being his 191 Assererations or sincerity! gift.

Page 335 d


4 The influence and effects of 31 Despising others.

love upon the temper and be-32 Strise forbidden to the gorlly. haviour of Christians, &c.

Page 3:5 5 Charity with other graces en 53 Fightings, quarrels. joineci.

Page 335 34 Divisions forbidden. 6 Approved'examples of charity 35 Offences forbidden. Page 346 and other graces.

136 Tlireats against offender's. 7 Hatred toward mankind,threat- 37 Doing good to others. Pa. 347

enings against it. Page 336 38 Doing evil. & Duty of the righteous toward 39 Doing wrong.

those that hate them. 40 Doing mischief the character 9 Prayers and complaints to God of the wicked. Puge 348

against the hatred of the wick-141 Of being harmless.

42 Blameless.
10 Promises to those that are un- 43 Promises to the merciful.
justly hated and threatenings

Page 349 against those that hate them. 44 Unmerciful, threats.

Page 337| 45 Compassion and pity. Pa. 3:0 :11 Envy forbidden to the righte- 46 Cruelty of the wickec.

47 Forgiveness. Puge 351 12 The wicked, their enry hurtful 48 Revenge. to themselves.

49 Duty of giving and receiving 13 Envy a mark of an unconvert- good counsel. Page 352 ed state.

Page 33850 Rejecting evil counsel, the 14 Malice forbidden to the right.|| duty and safety thereof.

451 The mutual obligation of gir15 Malice in the wicked.

ing and receiving instruction. 16 Anger forbidden. Page 339

Page 553 17 Instances of the anger of the 52 Of refusing instruction.

righteous against sin. 153 To edily one another. 18 Siofulanger, instances thereof. 54 To warn one another. 19 Wrath.

|| 36 To acimonish one another. 20 Contention. Page 34057 To rebuke one another, and to 21 Promises and prayers against hearken 10 rebuke. Page 354 contention.

58 Of not giving and receiving 22 The rightcous contend only reluke. against sin.

59 To reprove one another. 23 Peace commanded with pro-60 Not hearkening to reproof. mises to it. Page 3411

Page 335 25 Peace prayed for as a desirable 61 Gentleness.

gift of God. Page 312 62 To show kindness conimanded 26 Peace the gift of God, promis- 63 To give comfort.

es and instances thereof. 64 Friendship and faithfulness 37 Peace with God is the blessed therein.

Page 356 reward of the righteous man. 65 Cufaithfulness in friendship.28 Peace promised to the church Bearing with one another's of God.

Page 343 11 weaknesses, &c. Page 357 29 Unity.

66 Forbearing to judge one ano50 lionouring one another.

ther on account of differences.

Progre 358



67 Setting good example.

25 Patience toward God. Pa. 370 68 Enticing others, and being en- 26 Patience toward men. ticied to sin.

Page 371 69 Of gratiturle.

27 Contentment. 70 Ingratitude. Page 359 28 Discontent, murmuring.

29 Grudging. CHAP. XVII. Duties towards 30 Meekness. Page 372 ourselve&.

31 Meekness how produced. Sest.

32 Meekness, examples thereof. | Temperance in meat and 33 Promises to the meek. drink.

31 Humility toward God. 2 Os intemperance in meat and

Page 373 drink.

Page 360 35 Humility towards men. 3 Drunkenness, the evils there- 36 Promises to the humble. of. Page 361

Puge 374 4 Of making others drunk. 37 Promises to humbled sinners, 5 Sleep.

38 Examples of humility. 6 Labour commanded, and pro

3) The elect are humble. mises to the laborious, the 40 Humbled saints, their diligent and industrious.

pressions. Page 375

Page 362 41 Pride against God. 7 Of the sluggard, the slothful, 42 Pride against men. and idle.

Page 363 43 Spiritual pride, seeming & The study and pursuit of wis- righteous. dom recommended.

44 Proud of wisdom and know9 The excellency of wisdom a- ledge.

Page 377 bove all other endowments. 45 The proud seek honour from

Page 364 men. 10 Wisdom is profitable, plea- 46 Threats and prayers against sant and honourable.

the proud. Page 378 11 Wisdom is the gift of God.

47 Arrogancy.

Page 365 48 Loftiness. 12 Wisdom prayed for.

49 Haughtiness. 13 Wisdom and religion the 50 Exalting one's self. Pa. 379

Page 366 51 Lifting up one's self. 14 A fool's vain pretences to 52 Magnifying one's self. to wisdom.

53 Gloryins. 15 A fool recieveth not instruc- 54 Boasting

Page 530 tion.

Page 367

55 Scorning 16 A fool discovereth his folly.! 56 Threats against kings and 17 A fool's conduct towards his nations of the foregoing parents.

characters of pridle, &c. 19 A fooi mischievous.


57 Of marriage.

Page 331 19 ----He is wrathful.

58 Divorce. 20 Contentious.

59 Divorce was (usapproved, 21 A fool's words. Page 309|60 Divorce is empresly fo! Didden 22. A fvol's picasure

in the New Testame'tt, 2. Tretincat for tools.

61 Marriage with unbelievers. 21 Tolly end wickedness the 62 Jowa forbidden to marry with

P25:30) tric heail:ca) l'uge 382



63 Embracing Christianity did 89 Want of children to the wick-

not dissolve marriage con-


tracted before.

90 Promises to the godly who

64 Husbands duties.

are childless.

Page 389

65 Duties of wives.- Women's 91 Duties of children toward

apparel. Page 383 parents.

66 Children, duties toward 92 Instances of dutiful children

them, to provide for their blessed.


93 Disobedient and undutiful

67 To defend them.

children, threats against

68 To pray for them.


Page 390

69 To instruct them. Page 384 94 Instances ofundutiful children

70 Particular heads of instruc- cursed.


95 Duties of masters toward

71 Instances of parents careful servants.

Page 391
to instruct their children. 96 Duties of servants. Page 392

72 Correcting children.

97 Duties of the civil magistrate,

73 Parents careful to marry to administer justice impar-

their children into religious tially.

Page 393


Page 385 98 Qualifications of the civil

74 Portions given to children. magistrate.

75 Chi.dren are among the pro- 99 The magistrate's concern

mised blessings of God to with religion.

Page 394


100 Good magistrates a blessing

76 Children promised. Page 386 promised to God's people.

77 A desire of children.

Page 395

78 God's care of mothers. 101 Magistracy is of divine ap-

Page 387 pointment.

79 God's care of children. 102 Sins of magistrates, pervert-

80 Grief of parents at parting ing of judgment, respect of

with children.

persons, partiality.

81 Godly parents blessed in the 103 Perverting of judgment

happiness of their children. through covetousness, tak-

82 Wicked parents punished in ing gifts.

the calamities of their chil- 104 Perverting judgment thro'



Page 396

83 Particular calamities threaten-105 The misery of being govern-

ed against the children of ed by weak or wicked rulers.

the wicked. Page 388|106 Wicked rulers set over the

84 That they shall be slain by people as a punishment for



85 Suffer by famine.

107 Wicked rulers, enemies to

'86 Other evils threatened against religion.

the children of the wicked. | 108 God's providence over kings

87 Erroneous principles in re- and rulers exalting or abas-

ligion have destroyed the

ing them.

natural affection of parents|109 Particular instances of God's
toward their children.

providence exalting or abas-

88 Calamities upen wicked par-

ing rulers.

ents and children.

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