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Cadillac keeps young and vigorous and
virile because it is continuously refreshed
and inspired by the sympathetic interest
of a million friends.

It renews its youth every day upon
the generous approval of tens of
thousands of owners and their
families who take the time and the
trouble to express their friendship
for Cadillac-and their faith in its
unremitting zeal to serve.

Cadillac is gloriously young after
twenty-three years of adherence to
the one ambition of remaining the
Standard of the World-after ten
years of dedication to the task of
outstripping the world in the further-
ance of the eight-cylinder principle.

It is splendidly young in spite of the
fact that its traditions are old-or
rather because of the fact that those
traditions are so fine and high that
they make every working day a new
day of increasing zest and inspiration.

It has been said, and it is true, that
even if the impossible should happen
and the directing heads of Cadillac
should wish to deviate by a hair's
breadth from the ideals which have
dominated Cadillac all these years-
they would not be permitted to do so.

They would not be permitted to do
so because the great group of mas-
terworkmen who are steeped in the
spirit of surpassing excellence would
go on serenely as before-or throw
down their tools if asked to do any-
thing less than the Cadillac best.

Cadillac is subjected to a pressure
from within and from without to
excel itself the pressure of public
expectation and the pressure of
honest craftsmanship which can
work no way other than the Cad-
illac way.

What is said here is in the nature of an
accounting from Cadillac-a re-ded-
ication to high service published at this

moment because of the advent of a
new, young, and powerful, executive

The pledge is from him-and
through him, from the solid phalanx
of Cadillac executives and workmen
who consider themselves servants of
the most loyal public any industrial
institution has ever enjoyed.

Great things are always under way
for Cadillac and Cadillac owners-
not merely a maintenance of the high
endeavors of the past but a con-
stant striving after things never yet

To every Cadillac owner of record
the executive head of Cadillac will
endeavor at the earliest moment to
send a personal pledge of the future.
Meanwhile, because you and a mil-
lion others count upon it-be cer-
tain that Cadillac will never fail to
realize your highest hopes.

Division of General Motors Corporation

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LIFE: Published Weekly by Life Pub. Co., at 598 Madison Ave., New York, N. Y.

at New York, N. Y., under the act of March 3, 1879. Printed in U. S. A. Entered as Second Class Matter at the Post Office Dept., Canad

Subscription, $5.00. Vol. 85. No. 2227. July 9, 1925. Entered as Second Class


Brilliantly conceived, beautifully designed,
superbly engineered and regally luxurious

--Performing as six cylinders haven't
been known to perform "The smoothest
thing on wheels

Our H

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O that large yet exclusive clientele who are
fastidious in the things they buy. . . who
seek excellence through love of excellence.
the new Willys-Knight Six represents the fulfil-
ment of their wishes in a motor car.

Its performance is unforgetable . . . a 60 horse-
power engine with silent sleeve-valves requiring
no valve-grinding or carbon-cleaning . . . a
fine six-cylinder engine that infallibly improves
with use. . . smoother, quieter, more powerful
at 25,000 miles than at 10,000 miles . . . and
even better at 50,000 miles than at 25,000 miles!
Two new inventions are built into this fine car's
engine. An air-filter on the carburetor prevents
dust, grit or sand from getting inside the engine.
An oil rectifier reduces crankcase dilution and
insures good engine oil at all times.

Willys-Overland, Inc, Toledo, Ohio
Willys-Overland Sales Co. Ltd., Toronto, Canada


with Six Cylinders

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Our House of Dreams (After Reading the Home-Beautiful



E have decided on an English cottage in pure Colonial style

with half-timbering and a twostory pillared porch. The house must face the east, and the living-room, dining-room, sun-room, library and all bedrooms are to have southern exposure. Construction will be fireproof throughout, with wide clapboards and cypress shingles, the stucco rough-cast to harmonize with the irregular slate roof. There must be leaded casements with broad plate-glass panes, and white sashes with green blinds.

The kitchen will be Dutch-tiled, with the most modern equipment, and will duplicate exactly the kitchen of an old Long Island farmhouse. The spotless white bathrooms are to be decorated in the fashionable bright flat colors. The roof line must be low, with a big attic, and the first floor, will be at ground level, with a light, airy basement. The

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The place we loved so well,
And on its site they're building, Tom,
A modern new hotel.

I walked across the village green
Where once we romped as boys;
You wouldn't know the old place, Tom,
With all its din and noise.

They've trolley cars and taxis, Tom,
A big department store;

They've paved the quaint old rustic lanes
We knew in days of yore.

Ah, Tom, old friend, we're growing old

With tears my eyes are wet; Perhaps they'll make that dump a place That's fit to live in yet.

Newman Levy.

The Test

when I telephoned during a thun- HE: I fell in love with you the first

derstorm. I was almost knocked over."
"You mean, you got your party?"

time I saw you.

SHE: What was I wearing?


Wise Young Son (to divorce lawyer): OF COURSE YOU'LL DO THE BEST YOU CAN FOR MOTHER; SHE'S

0. K.


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