Extracts and Recollections of Two Lectures on the Evil Effects Arising from the Use of Tabacco in Its Various Forms: Given in the Manchester Mechanics' Institution

Ellerby and Cheetham, 1842 - 24 páginas

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Página 6 - It is a custom loathsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs, and, in the black stinking fume thereof, nearest resembling the horrible Stygian smoke of the pit that is bottomless...
Página 7 - Have you not reason then to be ashamed, and to forbear this filthy novelty, so basely grounded, so foolishly received and so grossly mistaken in the right use thereof?
Página 20 - Yet snuff-taking is an odd custom. If we came suddenly upon it in a foreign country, it would make us split our sides with laughter. A grave gentleman takes a little casket out of his pocket, puts a finger and thumb in, brings away a pinch of a sort of powder, and then with the most serious air possible, as if he was doing one of the most important actions of his life (for even with the most indifferent snuff-takers there is a certain look of importance) , proceeds to thrust, and keep thrusting it,...
Página 11 - I have been a Professor in this University twenty-three years, and can say, as a physician, that I never observed so many pallid faces, and so many marks of declining health ; nor ever knew so many hectical habits and consumptive affections...
Página 19 - Every professed, inveterate, and incurable snuff-taker," says his lordship, "at a moderate computation, takes one pinch in ten minutes. Every pinch, with the agreeable ceremony of blowing and wiping the nose and other incidental circumstances, consumes one minute and a half.
Página 6 - That tobacco was the lively image and pattern of hell; for that it had, by allusion, in it all the parts and vices of the world whereby hell may be gained; to wit: First, It was a smoke; so are the vanities of this world.
Página 4 - ... thriven very well in our English soil ; a great quantity of it grows yearly in several gardens about Westminster, and in other parts of Middlesex. It is planted in great plenty in Gloucester, Devonshire, and some other western countries; his Majesty sending every year, a troop of horse to destroy it, lest the trade of our American plantations should be incommoded thereby.
Página 7 - ... novelty, so basely grounded, so foolishly received and so grossly mistaken in the right use thereof? In your abuse thereof sinning against God, harming yourselves both in...
Página 11 - When tobacco is taken into the stomach for the first time, it creates nausea and extreme disgust. If swallowed, it excites violent convulsions of the stomach and of the bowels, to' eject the poison either upward or downward. If it be not very speedily and entirely ejected, it produces great anxiety, vertigo, faintness, and • > prostration of all the senses ; and, in some instances, death has followed.
Página 6 - He that taketh tobacco saith he cannot leave it, it doth bewitch him: even so the pleasures of the world make men loath to leave them, they are for the most part so enchanted with them.

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