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Selectmon and Board of Health.

William Criag, Chairman.
Nathaniel Conant.

Horace James.
John A. Curtin.

Philip S. Parker.
Overseers of the Poor.
William Craig, Chairman.

John A. Curtin.
Nathaniel Conant.
Horace James.

Philip S. Parker
Miss Martha W. Edgerly.

Miss Sarah B. Train.
Treasurer and Collector.
George H. Worthley.


Charles H. Stearns, Chairman.
Daniel J. Daley.

Charles A. Bowditch.

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Edward C. Mills Walter Channing William H. Lyon. Mrs. Edith C. Baker Franklin W. Hobbs

School Committee.
Term Expires.

Term Expires.
. 1908 Thomas B. Fitzpatrick. ... 1909
1908 Everett M. Bowker

. 1910 . 1908 Mrs. Ruth C. Paine...

1910 1909 Michael Driscoll ...

.1910 . 1909

Trustees of Public Library. Daniel Dulany Addison

. 1908 Leonard K. Storrs James M. Codman.

1908 Frederick L. Gay 1908 Rufus G. F. Candage . 1908 Desmond FitzGerald

1909 Carleton S. Francis .1909 Moses Williams...

Prentiss Cummings Leslie C. Wead William H. Lyon Edward Stanwood

. 1909
. 1910
. 1910
. 1910

Charles S. Sargent... Ernest B. Dane Desmond FitzGerald

Trustees of Walnut Hills Cemetery.

. 1908 Leonard K. Storrs... . 1908 Harvey H. Baker ..1909 Charles H. Stearns

. 1909
. 1910
. 1910

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Committee for Planting Trees.

James H. Bowditch, Chairman.
Ernest B. Dane.

Miss Emma G. Cummings.

Auditors. Gardner C. Brooks. Charles F. Read.

George Rogers.

Fence Viewers.
George H. Delano.

Willard Y. Gross.
George W. Delano.*

Albert S. Paige.
Willard Y. Gross.

John E. Griffin,
Frank M. Fay.

Edward D. Tucker.
Pound Keeper.

Jerry Bond.

Field Drivers.

Henry Lyman.

Jerry Bond.

* Appointed Nov. 11, 1907.

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