The New England Magazine, Volumen55

New England Magazine Company, 1916
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Página 12 - ... and serviceable for the common good of these plantations as well as of those, which the divine providence hath combined together in as strong a bond of brotherly affection, by the sameness of their condition, as Joab and Abishai were, whose several armies did mutually strengthen them both against several enemies, 2 Sam.
Página 11 - Amidst the storm they sang, And the stars heard, and the sea; And the sounding aisles of the dim woods rang To the anthem of the free!
Página 133 - Music, applied and theoretical, in class or private instruction: Pianoforte, Organ, Voice, Violin and all other Orchestral Instruments, Composition, Harmony, History of Music, Theory, Solfeggio, Literature, Diction, Choir Training, Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble and String Quartet. The...
Página 81 - Engineers, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers...
Página 90 - Dean of the College of Agriculture, Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station, and Professor of Thremmatology in the University of Illinois.
Página 134 - Guizot of France; but it remained for Dr. Ridpath to write a history of the entire World from the earliest civilization down to the present day. A Very Low Price and Easy Terms We will name our special low price and easy terms of payment only in direct letters. A coupon for your convenience is printed on the lower corner of this advertisement. Tear off the coupon, write your name and address plainly and mail now before you forget it.
Página 134 - ... Pyramids of Egypt were built; down through the romantic troubled times of Chaldea's grandeur and Assyria's magnificence; of Babylonia's wealth and luxury; of Greek and Roman splendor; of Mohammedan culture and refinement to the dawn of yesterday, including a full authentic account of the World War.
Página 134 - RIDPATH takes you back to the dawn of history, long before the Pyramids of Egypt were built; down through the romantic, troubled times of Chaldea's grandeur and Assyria's magnificence ; of Babylonia's wealth and luxury ; of Greek and Roman splendor ; of Mohammedan culture and refinement ; of French elegance and British power; to the...
Página 134 - He pictures the great historical events as though they were happening before your eye? ; he carries you with him to see the battles of old ; to meet kings and queens and warriors ; to sit in the Roman Senate; to march against Saladin and his dark-skinned followers ; to sail the southern seas with Drake ; to circumnavigate the globe with Magellan...
Página 11 - Fifthly, we had a pious and christian-like passage ; for I suppose passengers shall seldom find a company of more religious, honest and kynd seamen than we had. We constantly served God morning and evening by reading and expounding a chapter, singing, and prayer.

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