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Daily capacity

in tons Southend-on-Sea : H. Garon (Ltd.), Tyler's Avenue.

17 Tunbridge Wells: G. De Duca, Calverley Road---Watford : Hertfordshire Ice & Cold Storage Co. (Ltd.).

44 Whitstable : Whitstable Pure Ice Co., High StreetWindsor : Windsor Ice Co., G. W. R. Arches -

22 COLD-STORAGE ESTABLISHMENTS Many of the cold-storage establishments in the London consular district extended their plants during the war, and others have built additions in the past two years. Few new buildings, however, have been erected, and development in the future is more likely to take the form of further extensions than of new warehouses.

The plants now in existence have been fitted, for the most part, by British firms, although Danish concerns have had some success as competitors. The British machinery is regarded as of very solid construction and destined for long service. Parts, furthermore, are replaced with much more facility from a head office in Great Britain than from one in the United States. The reluctance shown by London establishments in ordering a plant which has not been proved has led Danish firms to offer to install machinery and equipment under guarantee for their removal without cost if the claims made are not substantiated. Service—the replacing of parts and responsibility of the representative, and guaranty of performance, therefore, are important sales considerations. There appears to be no prejudice against American equipment and no reason why American companies should not obtain some of the business. An American campaign, however, would have to be planned with great care. Cold-Storage Establishments in London Proper.

Available information concerning the cold-storage establishments of London proper is compiled as follows:

Aldgate Avenue Cold Store (Ltd.), Aldgate Avenue, E. 1, H. W. Hook and A. C. Grover, owners : Handles butter, frozen and fresh poultry, game, and smoked fish (freezing for export). Quoting from the Cold Storage and Produce Review: “ The main installation consists of a vertical single-acting CO. compressor, with a condenser contained in the bedplate of the machine, all supplied and fitted by the Lightfoot Refrigeration Co. (Ltd.), 35 Queen Victoria Street, E. C. 4. The machine cools the two chambers by means of direct-expansion pipes placed on the ceilings and walls, and is belt-driven by an electric alternating-current motor of 17 horsepower. For the insulation Messrs. Wellington, Jones & Co. (Ltd.), 13 Crutched Friars, London, E. C. 3, have fitted 6 inches of silicate cotton between "T" and "G" boarding. In recent tests the temperature of the chambers was brought down to 7° F.” Insulation, silicate cotton. Capacity, 13,000 cubic feet; temperature averages 16° F., but any desired can be obtained in each chamber,

Aldgate Avenue Cold Store (Ltd.), 11 and 13 Aldgate Avenue, E. 1: Opened in 1905, with London stores at 33 Park Road, Battersea, S. W. 11; a different concern from the one previously described. Ammonia compression and air circulation. Capacity, 44,000 cubic feet.

Blackfriars Cold Storage Co. (Ltd.), Purfleet Wharf, St. Andrew's Wharf, and La Upper Thames Street, E. C.: Opened in 1890 and extended in 1911. Managing director, H. E. Kaye; secretary, A. E. Morris. Capital, £14,000. Handles frozen meat. Ammonia-compression system. The old stores have charcoal insulation and the new silicate cotton. Capacity at average temperature of 18° F.: Purfleet Wharf, 252,000 cubic feet; St. Andrew's Wharf, 126,000.

Thomas Bortwick & Sons, 67 Upper Thames Street, E. C. 4; registered offices, Audry House, Ely Place, E. C.: Opened in 1901. J. Watson, manager. Am. monia compression; silicate-cotton insulation. Capacity, 550,000 cubic feet.

British & Argentine Meat Co. (Ltd.), 13 to 16 West Smithfield, E. C. 1: See Union Cold Storage Co. (Ltd.),

Cattley Gridley & Co. 9 Duke Street, London Bridge, S. E., G. J. Bensted, manager. Handles hops. Ammonia compression; silicate-cotton and Willesden paper insulation. Capacity not reported.

Colonial Consignment & Distributing Co. (Ltd.), 14 Dowgate Hill E. C. 4; stores at Spray Street, Woolwich, S. E. 18: Opened in 1912. Capitalized at £225,000. Sir Philip Proctor, K. B. E., secretary. Corbonic hydride system with brine circulation and silicate-cotton insulation. No reports are issued for this company, as it is now a private concern. Capacity, 16,000 cubic feet.

Compania Sansinena de Carnes Congeladas, 17 to 20 West Smithfield E. C. 1; stores at 13 to 17 Long Lane, E. C. 1 and Royal Albert Dock: Opened in 1899. Joint managers, A. G. Rose and G. J. Dunford. Cold stores operated for company's own use. Ammonia compression; charcoal and cork insulation. Capacity, 140.000 cubic feet.

Crown Wharf Cold Stores Co., 36 Park Street, Southwark, S. E. : Opened in 1904. S. Behr and Mathew, proprietors. Handles frozen meat, Ammonia compression with motor power and electricity; silicate-cotton insulation. Capacity, 180,000 cubic feet.

Deptford Foreign Cattle Market Cold Stores, Deptford, S. E., H. Greanall. manager: Handles frozen meat. Ammonia-compression system. Capacity, 4,500 sides of beef.

Eagle Cold Stores, Eagle Court. St. John's Lane, E. C. 1. W. Warman, proprietor. Stores meat and provisions from Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Argentina. They are collected exship by insulated barges through Royal George Wharf, Bankside, S. E., and transported by insulated motor trucks approximately 1 mile to store. which is located about one minute's ride from Smithfield markets. No extensions are under consideration. Capacity, 80 000 cubic feet.

Eastman's (Ltd.): See Union Cold Storage Co. (Ltd.).

English & Scottish Cooperative Wholesale Society, Middleton's and St. Bride's Wharves, Wapping, E. 1, S. A. Lee, manager: Opened February 1920. Handles frozen meat. Ammonia compression ; insulation of slag wool retained by timber. Capacity, 167,000 cubic feet.

Fairfields (Ltd.), Gale Street Devon Road, Bromley-by-Bow, E. 3, W. H. Quintrell-Prior, secretary: Opened in 1905; extensions added in 1910 und 1921. Frozen meat, butter, cheese, bacon, eggs, fruit, and similar goods handled. Ammonia compression; silicate-cotton insulation. Waterside facilities for loading and unloading barges. No extensions contemplated. Capacity at 16 to 18.5° F. 240,000 cubic feet; additional, in cold-air rooms, 42,000.

Field, Warwick & Co., 49 High Street, Wapping, E. 1: Handles meat, offal, poultry, game, milk and butter mostly from the United States. Company's own motors are used for transportation from railroad or waterside premises. No extensions contemplated. Capacity: 2 chambers, 32 to 40° F., 1,300 cubic feet ; 3 chambers, 10 to 32° F., 4,770; none below zero.

Hay's Wharf & Cotton's Wharf, London, S. E. 1: Handles frozen meat. Capacity, 725,000 cubic feet.

Imperial Cold Stores, South Tottenham, N. 15, J. Pattison, manager: Began business in 1883. The greater portion of the storage space is occupied by hops and the remaining largely by ice. At present, owing to the hop control, consignments of this commodity from foreign countries are not stored, but in normal times a large quantity of American and German are handled. A private siding affords direct communication with the railway, but hops are generally carted 6 miles from London Bridge by motor. Can handle additional business. Extensions contemplated are in abeyance for the time being. Ammonia compression, silicate-cotton insulation. Capacity, 900,000 cubic feet; temperatures 32 to 40° F. and 26 to 28° F.

E. Jenkins, 58 West Smithfield, E. C. 1: Private cold stores. No information available.

Johnson Cole Brier & Cordrey (Ltd.), Galley Road, Bermondsey, S. E. 16: Opened in 1903. Handles frozen meat. Ammonia compression; silicate-cotton insulation. Capacity, 350,000 cubic feet.

London Central Markets Cold Storage (Ltd.), Market Hall, 51 Charterhouse Street, E. C. 1: stores at King Street, Charterhouse Street, Central Markets,

E. C., and Poplar Dock: The firm also is proprietor of the Imperial Cold Stores, at both Liverpool and Nottingham. Capitalized at £250,000. Meat products, poultry, and provisions, largely from the United States, Argentina, and British colonies, stored. Dry air and direct expansion. Conveyance from ship to West Smithfield Depot by insulated wagons for a distance of about 5 miles; to the Riverside Depot, Poplar, 1 mile distant, lighterage from ship direct to wharf by insulated craft. Railway connections throughout the country. Capacity, West Smithfield, at 10 to 32° F., 610,000 cubic feet; Riverside Depot, Poplar, at 10 to 22° F., 626,000.

London Ice & Cold Storage Co. (Ltd.), 11 Billingsgate Market, E. C. 3., D. Robertson, managing director and secretary: Capitalization, £36,000. Fresh and frozen fish, poultry, and game are stored. Ammonia compression; silicatecotton and cork insulation. Capacity, 40,000 cubic feet.

Metropolitan Cold Stores, Metropolitan House, Charterhouse Street, Smithfield, W. M. Warman, manager: Handles meat and provisions from Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Argentina. The facilities for landing and delivery of goods are entirely under cover, with through access from Charterhouse Street to Cowcross Street. It has its own wharf, Royal George, Bankside, S. E., with stores 1 mile from wharf, and also its own insulated barges and insulated Halford trucks. An extension is being erected opposite the London Central Markets, Smithfield. Capacity, at 10 to 32° F., 175,000 cubie feet.

A. J. Mills & Co. (Ltd.), Colonial House, Tooley Street, S. E. 1: Opened in 1903. Stores butter, by Hall's brine pipe system of refrigeration and silicatecotton insulation. Capacity, 16,000 boxes.

Morris Beef Co. (Ltd.), 13 to 18 West Smithfield, E. C. 1: Meat handled. Carbonic anhydride system of refrigeration and silicate-cotton insulation. Capacity, 48,000 cubic feet.

New Hibernia Wharf Cold Air Stores, Montague Close, London Bridge, S. E. 1: Opened in 1895. Handles meat, provisions, and dairy produce. Ammoniacompression system. Capacity, 360,000 cubic feet.

Palmer's Cold Air Stores (Ltd.), 109 to 113 Charterhouse Street, E. C. 1: Opened in 1900. Meat, poultry, game, butter, and similar products stored. Dry-air system and silicate-cotton insulation. Capacity, 100,000 cubic feet30,000 carcasses of mutton, with special chill rooms for 1,000 sides of beef.

Port of London Authority, Trinity Square, London: Products handled in. clude meat from New Zealand, Australia, and North and South America ; butter from New Zealand, Australia, and Argentina ; bacon from America, Canada, and Norway; and eggs from Egypt, China, and America. They are delivered direct from ship to warehouse. Facilities are sufficient to handle additional business. No extensions are contemplated. Capacity: 15 to 18° F., 6,306,308 cubic feet; 30° F., 159,000; and 50° F., 1,476,500, or a total of 7,941,808. Warehouses are located as follows: Royal Victoria and Albert Docks, St. John Street store, Charterhouse Street store, West India Docks store, London Docks, and Surrey Commercial Docks.

J. Sainsbury, Gravel Lane, S. E. 1: Stores provisions. Ammonia-compression system; silicate-cotton and cork insulation. Capacity, 120,000 cubic feet.

Strauss & Co., Crucifix Lane, S. E. 1, 68 Boro High Street, S. E. 2: Hops are stored. Other information not available.

Swain Cold Stores, 14 St. John Square, E. C. 1: Handles frozen meat. Ammonia-compression system; silicate-cotton and cork insulation. Capacity, 88,000 cubic feet.

Thames Cold Storage Co. (Ltd.), Kennet Wharf, 67 Upper Thames Street, E.C. 4: Stores frozen meat. Capacity, 550,000 cubic feet.

Times Cold Storage Co., 18 to 21 Long Lane, West Smithfield, E. C. 1, V. A. Sasse, manager: Frozen meat and also offal, mostly from America, handled. Insulated vans, principally motors and trailers, are used for cartage from docks, over 8 miles of asphalt, macadam, and paved roads. Ammonia com: pression; cork and charcoal insulation. According to extension plans, present capacity of 73,000 cubic feet is to be practically doubled ; temperature averages 17° F.

Towers & Co. (Ltd.), Paul's Pier Wharf and Brook's Wharf, Upper Thames Street, E. C, 4, and 17-18 West Smithfield, E. C. 1: Frozen meat handled. Capacity, Brooks' Wharf and Bonded Warehouses, 18 Upper Thames Street, 42,000 cubic feet, and Paul's Pier Wharf, 23 Upper Thames Street, 36,000 cubic feet.

Union Cold Storage Co. (Ltd.), Market Buildings, 13 to 16 West Smithfield, E. C. 1: The Union Cold Storage Co. is a very large concern which recently expanded its capital and absorbed several other companies, including two large cold-storage concerns—the British and Argentine Meat Co. (Ltd.) and Eastman's (Ltd.). Since 1897, the year of its formation, it has established itself in nearly all of the food-exporting countries of the world as a collector or producer of food products. Quoting from the company's prospectus : " Besides 51 cold stores and freezing works at home and abroad, it has one of the largest fleets of refrigerated vessels in the world, as well as other transport facilities. It is now intended to complete the organization by arranging for the distribution, both wholesale and retail, of the products of the company in the best and most economical manner. With this object in view, the company has entered into a contract to acquire the whole of the ordinary shares in the following firms: British and Argentine Meat Co. (Ltd.), 1923, and Eastman's (Ltd.)-except 81 shares out of a total of 626,320 ; Proprietors of Fletchers (Ltd.)-meat importers; Argenta Meat Co. (Ltd.) ; British Beef Co. (Ltd.); North Australian Meat Co. (Ltd.) ; Lonsdate & Thompson (Ltd.) ; John Layton & Co. (Ltd.), and Donald Cock & Son (Ltd.). The purchase will give control of about 2,400 retail shops, depots, and market stalls in this country, together with factories and wholesale establishments." Other plants of the Union Co. are located in Liverpool, Hull, and Glasgow. Ammonia-compression system and silicate-cotton insulation are used. Capacity: Under Gannon Street Station, 84 Upper Thames Street (E. C. 4), 559,000 cubic feet; Blackfriars Bridge (S. E. 1), 189,000; Red Bull Wharf, 93 Upper Thames Street (E. C. 4), 447,000; Gun and Shot Wharf, Greenbank, Stoney Lane and Morgan Lane, Tooley Street (S. E. 1), 942,000; Nelson's Wharf, Lambeth (S. E. 1), 625,000; British & Argentine Meat Co. (Ltd.), Commercial Wharf, Upper Thames Street (E. C. 4), 144,000; and Eastman's (Ltd.), 91 Charterhouse Street, 36,000.

Robert Warner & Co. (Ltd.), Brook's Wharf & Bonded Warehouses, 48 Upper Thames Street, E. C. 4: Sheep and lambs from New Zealand are among the products handled. No facilities for further business are available nor are extensions planned at present. Capacity at 10 to 32° F., 40,000 cubic feet.

Wigan Richardson Cold Stores (Ltd.), Vine Street, Tooley Street, S. E. 1, T. Howard, manager: Opened in 1899. Frozen meat, hops, and general stores are handled. Ammonia compression, direct expansion, and air circulation; silicate-cotton insulation. Capacity, 1,000,000 cubic feet.

Wood Hanbury Rhodes & Jackson, Sparrick's Row, Southwark, S. E.; Opened in 1901. Ammonia compression; silicate-cotton insulation. Capacity, 6,600 pockets, 210,000 cubic feet.

Woolloton & Son, Maidstone Buildings, Borough, S. E. 1: Hops handled. Cold-air system. No information regarding capacity.

Yardley's Wharf, 59 Rotherhithe Street, S. E. 16: No information available. Cold-Storage Plants Outside of London Proper.

In the London consular district, outside of the city proper, the following cold-storage establishments are found: Aldershot : Army & Navy Canteen Board, Halimot Road. Opened in 1910. Chatham: Arthur Gamman (Ltd.), Holborn Wharf, Medway Street Ammonia

Ammonia compression. Capacity, 20,000 cubic feet.
Brighton :

Compania Sansinena, 35 Kemp Street. No information.
Sussex Cold Storage & Markets (Ltd.), Russell Street. Opened in 1912.

Capital, £15,000. C. J. Elms, manager. Handles frozen and fresh meat, fish, poultry, butter, eggs, fruit, and hops. Ammonia compression; silicate-cotton insulation. Capacity, 80,000 cubic feet. The Lightfoot Refrigeration Co. (Ltd.), Holland Road, Hove. Opened in

1911, J. W. Worthington, manager. No information. Canterbury:

Canterbury Cold Storage & Pure Ice Works, Stour Street. Opened in 1911.

G. W. Warner, manager. Ammonia absorption and compression. Capac

ity, 30,000 cubic feet. Colonial Consignment & Distributing Co. (Ltd.), Beer Cart Lane. Opened

in 1922. Public stores handled. Ammonia compression with brine cir.

culation; granulated cork insulation. Capacity, 20,000 cubic feet. Cantley, near Norwich: Improved Chilling and Transport (Ltd.)--Imchillco

Meat Works. The building is of steel and concrete, covering an area of approximately 15,000 square feet; floor space, 45,000 square feet; cubical area-insulated portion, 217,000 cubic feet, and noninsulated, 301,000.

compression; cork insulation. Capacity, 30,000 cubic feet. Cheltenham: Worcester & Midlands Ice Co. (Ltd.), Henrietta Street. Opened

in 1910. Ammonia compression. Capacity, 25,000 cubic feet. Colchester : Burton Sons & Sanders (Ltd.), Pelham's Lane and Culver Street.

Opened in 1903. Carbonic-anhydride system; silicate-cotton insulation. Eastbourne:

The Eastbourne Ice & Cold Storage Co. (Ltd.), Beach Road. Reopened in

June, 1902. J. C. Jones, manager. Ammonia-absorption system.
The Lightfoot Refrigeration Co. (Ltd.), Waterworks Road. Ice works and

cold stores in course of erection. Fleetu ood: Fylde Ice and Cold Storage Co. (Ltd.), Wyre Dock. Opened in

1911. R. J. Davies-Colley, secretary and manager. Capital, £60,000. Great Yarmouth : Norfolk Cold Storage & Ice Manufacturing Co. (Ltd.), South

Quay. Opened in 1901. G. C. P. Nobbs, manager. Capital, £15,000. All

kinds of produce handled. Capacity, 100,000 cubic feet. Grimsby :

Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co. (Ltd.), Robinson Street. J. D.

Marsden, managing director. Ammonia compression; silicate-cotton and

vegetable-silica insulation. Capacity, 50,000 cubic feet. Standard Ice & Cold Storage Co. (Ltd.), Victor Street. All kinds of prod

uce, meat, fish, and similar products handled. Ammonia compression.

Capacity, 250,000 cubic feet. Guilford : Guilford Cold Stores, Walnut Tree Close, Guilford. Opened in 1900.

Edward Colebrook, manager. Handles meat, eggs, poultry, game, local produce from the l'nited States, Australasia, China, Hungary, and elsewhere. Adjoins railway; one-quarter mile from station ; transit over excellent road by petrol truck or steam wagon. A great part of the goods for storage comes direct from ship by rail and road. Plenty of facilities for extra business. No extensions planned. Capacity: Above 32° F., 65,000 cubic feet; 0° to

32° F., 53,000; can be reduced to 0° F. Hastings: The Lightfoot Refrigeration Co. (Ltd.), Rock a' Nore Road. A. W.

Jarvis, manager. Ipswich: Burton Son & Sanders (Ltd.). Opened in 1899. G. A. Scott, man

ager. Carbonic-anhydride system ; silicate-cotton insulation. Kingston-on-Thames: Kingston Pure Ice and Cold Storage Co. (Ltd.), The Bit

toms. Opened in 1921. J. E. Jones, manager. Ammonia compression. Lowestoft: East Anglian Ice & Cold Storage Co. (Ltd.), South Side. Opened

in June, 1899. W. F. Cockrell, managing director; H. J. Hake, manager. Capital, £75,000. Ammonia compression and absorption ; silicate-cotton and

vegetable-silica insulation. Margate: Margate Pure Ice Co. (Ltd.), Bath Place. Opened in 1912. W. Cur

tis, manager. Capital, £5,000. Cold stores in course of erection. Ammonia

compression ; silicate-cotton insulation. Norwich:

Colonial Consignment & Distributing Co. (Ltd.), Recorder Road. Opened

in 1914. Public stores handled. Ammonia compression with brine cir

culation; silicate-cotton insulation. Capacity, 49,000 cubic feet. Coleman & Sons (Ltd.), Davey Place and Castle Street. Opened in 1903.

Meat, dairy produce, and provisions handled. Ammonia compression. Norwich Pure Ice & Cold Storage Co. (Ltd.), 8 Hughan Street. Opened

in 1920. G. H. Moorby, secretary and manager. Capital, £10,000. Frozen and fresh meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and milk handled. Ammonia-compression system ; silicate-cotton and slab and granulated-cork insula

tion. Capacity, 24,700 cubic feet. The Norwich Ice Co., Old Barge Yard, King Street. Opened in Novem

ber, 1907, as stores for ice manufactured by East Anglian Ice & Cold Storage Co. (Ltd.), Lowestoft. Sulphurous-dioxide system; silicate

cotton and cork-dust insulation. Oxford: Oxford Cold Storage & Ice Co. (Ltd.), Hythe Bridge Street. W. N.

Breakspear, manager. Capital, £8,000. Ammonia compression. Ramsgate: The Ramsgate Pure Ice Co. (Ltd.), Chatham Street. Opened in

1900. S. S. Cutler, manager. Capital, £28,000. Frozen meat, butter, bacon, poultry, and game among products handled. Ammonia compression and absorption. Capacity, 50,000 cubic feet.


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