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thou pleased to love me with the love of a father, and a brother, and a husband, and a lord; and make me to serve thee in the communion of saints, in receiving the sacrament, in the practice of all holy virtues, in the imitation of thy life, and conformity to thy sufferings; that I, having now put on the Lord Jesus, may marry his loves and his enmities, may desire his glory, and may obey his laws, and be united to his Spirit, and in the day of the Lord I may be found having on the wedding-garment, and bearing in my body and soul the marks of the Lord Jesus, that I may enter into the joy of my Lord, and partake of his glories for ever and ever. Amen.

Ejaculations to be used any time that day, after the solemnity is ended.

Lord, if I had lived innocently, I could not have deserved to receive the crumbs, that fall from thy table. How great is thy mercy, who hast feasted me with the bread of virgins, with the wine of angels, with manna from heaven!

O when shall I pass from this dark glass, from this veil of sacraments, to the vision of thy eternal clarity; from eating thy body, to beholding thy face in thy eternal kingdom?

Let not my sins crucify the Lord of life again: let it never be said concerning me, "The hand of him that betrayeth me, is with me on the table."

O that I might love thee as well as ever any creature loved thee! Let me think nothing but thee, desire nothing but thee, enjoy nothing but thee.


O Jesus, be a Jesus unto me.

Let nothing ever please me,

and thy miraculous sweetness.

Thou art all things unto but what savours of thee

Blessed be the mercies of our Lord, who of God is made unto me wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption.

"He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord." Amen.







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Charity, or the love of God, nature of,
193; acts of, 194; measures and rules
of, 196; helps to increase, by way of
exercise, 197-199; two states of, 199,
200; prayer for, 274, 275.
Chastity, defined, 71; acts of, in general,
76; virginal, rules for, 78; matrimo-
nial, rules for, 79-82.

Children, prayer for, 43-175; many,

motives to content under the charge of,
131, 132; motives to content on the
death of, 133-137; motives to con
tent on having none, 138.
Christian (true), real marks of, iv, gene-
ral advices to, vi-ix.
Christian religion, defined, 177; internal
actions of, ibid.

Christmas, prayer for, 295, 296.
Church (catholic), prayer for, 302.
Church of England, state of, during the
rebellion, delineated, i-iii; prayer for,

Clergy, prayer for, 43.

Communion. See Sacrament.
Contentedness, in all estates, duty of, 107;
in all accidents, duty of, 108-110;
instruments or exercises to procure,
110-120; means to obtain, by way of
considerations, 120-126; under po-
verty, 126-131; under the charge of
many children, 131, 132; under vio-
lent necessities, 132; on the death of
children or nearest relatives or friends,
133; on the untimely death of a child,
134, 135; on the unseasonable death
of a youth, 136; on the sudden or
violent death of a child or friend, 137;
on being childless, 138; on having
evil or unfortunate children, 138; on

the contemplation of our own death, ib. Contracts, civil, nature of, 161; rules and measures of justice in bargaining, 162-165.

Contrition, acts of, 41-309.

Covetousness, remedies against, 249–255. Curates, prayer for, 176.

Curiosity, to be avoided, 19. 99-101.

20; his glory to be the ultimate end of all we do, 22-24; omnipresence of, 32-34; act of oblation to, for the day, 41; hymn of praise to, 46, 47; love of, defined, 193; acts of, 194; measures and rules of, 196; helps for increasing, 197-199; two states of, 199, 200.

Guardians, duties of, 161.


Death of children and nearest relatives, motives to content on, 133, 134; especially if it be untimely, 134; unseasonable, 136; sudden, or violent, 137; of ourselves, motives to content in the prospect of, 138.

Debtors, prayer for the use of, 177, 178. Despair, remedies against, 188-192; Disobedience, remedies against, 149-152. Drunkenness, defined, 64; evil consequents of, 65, 66; signs of, 67.


Eating, measures of temperance in, 62; signs and effects of, 63; rules for, 67 -69.

Ejaculations, various, 38; to be used in the night when we awake, 53, 54; to be used in time of sickness, terror, or danger of death, 277-283. Employment, advices for, 17-19. Envy, remedies against, 243. Evening Prayer, forms of, 50-54.


Faith, acts and offices of, 180. 309; signs of true, 181-183; means and instruments for obtaining, 184; prayer for, 274, 275.

Family (large) motives to contentedness
under, 131, 132.
Family, prayer for, 43.
Famine, prayer in time of, 305.
Fast-days, prayers for, 285-287.
Fasting, duty of, 207; rules for, ib.

211; benefits of, 212. Festivals, duty of celebrating, 212-214; rules for suitably celebrating, 214217; prayer for, especially for the great festivals of the church, 287-302. Friends, prayer for, 63.


God, work of, not to be done negligently,


Hearing, the word of God, duty of, 203; Holy Living, general instruments and rules for, 205; prayer before, 284.

means for, 1–55.

Hope, how distinguished from faith, 185;

proper objects of, ib.; acts of, 186; rules for governing, 187; means of, 188-192.

Humility, defined, 85; acts or offices of,

88-93; means and exercises for obtaining the grace of, 93-98; signs of, 98; prayer for, 141; acts of, by way of prayer and meditation, 142. Husbands and Wives, rules for, 79-82. 159, 160; prayers for, 141-304. Hymn of praise to God, 46.


Idleness, portrait of, 15.

Indecency, to be avoided, 103-106.
Intercession, an act of, 42-44.
Intention, purity of, 22-24; rales for, 24
-26; signs of, 27-30; prayer for, 55.
Invasion, prayer in case of, 173.


Journey, prayer before undertaking, 284. Judges, duties of, 156. Justice (Christian), nature of, 143, 144; prayers relating to the several obligations and duties of, 173-178.


King, duties of, 153-156; prayer of, for his people, 175; prayers for, 42-302.


Lord's day, duty of keeping, 212–214;

rules for keeping it, 214–217. Lord's supper, preparation for, 265–270; prayers of preparation for, 308-310; how to be received, 271, 272; ejaculations before, at, and after receiving

it, 310-313; effects and benefits of worthy communicating, 273, 274; special form of devotion for, 298-302. Love of God, nature of, 193; acts of, 194-308; acts of, by way of prayer and ejaculation, 275, 276; measures and rules of, 396; helps to increase it by way of exercise, 197-199; two states of, 199, 200; prayer for, 274. Love to our neighbour. See Alms.


Magistrates, prayer of, for the people, 175.

Married persons, prayer for, 141; rules for, 159, 160.

Martyrs, prayer for the anniversary days of, 297.

Masters of families, rules for, 160, 161; prayer for, 176.

Matrimonial chastity, rules for, 79-82.
Meditation, short, to be used in the night,
when we awake, 53, 54.

Men, prayer for all estates of, 306, 307.
Merchants, prayer for the use of, 177.
Mercy, works of, 233, 234.
Ministers, prayer for, 303.
Miserable, prayer for the, 44.

Moderation, prayer for the grace of, 143.
Modesty, defined, 99; acts and duties of,
as it is opposed to curiosity; 99-102;
acts of, as it is opposed to boldness,
102; acts of, as it is opposed to inde-
cency, 103-106; act of, by way of
prayer and meditation, 142.
Morning, prayers and devotions for, 39


Negotiation, or civil contracts, defined, 161; rules and measures of justice in bargaining, 162–165.


Obedience to our superiors, 145; acts and
duties of, 145-148; motives to, 149
-152; degrees of, 152.
Oblation, acts of, presenting ourselves to
God for the day, 41.


Parents, duties of, to their children, 157
-159; prayer of, for their children,
176; prayer for, 304.

Passion week, form of prayer for, 298-

Patience, prayer for, 143.
Patron, prayer for, 178.
Penitents, duties of, 257-263; motives
to, to repentance, 263–265.

People, prayer for, by kings or magi-
strates, 175.

Pestilence or plague, prayer in time of,

Physicians, duty of, 164.
Pleasure, sensual, 57; how to be viewed,

Pleasure, spiritual, 58.

Poverty, motives to contentedness under,
126-131 ; advantages of, 254.
Prayer, duty of, 217; motives to, 218;
rules for the practice of, 219-225; re-
medies against wandering thoughts in,
226-228; signs of tediousness of spi-
rit in, 228; remedies against it, 229

Prayers for grace to spend our time well,
39; in the morning, as soon as dressed,
ib.; for the church, king, and clergy,
42, 43; for various persons, social and
relative, 43; all in misery, 44; gene-
ral for the morning, 44-50; for the
evening, 50-54; for the several graces
and parts of Christian sobriety, 139-
143; various, in relation to the obli-
gations and offices of justice, 172-178;
for faith, hope, and charity, 274; to be
said in affliction, 276 ; in time of sickness
and sorrow, or danger of death, 277——
283; before a journey, 284; before
reading or hearing the word of God,
ib.; for days of humiliation, 285-
287; for the Lord's day, and great
festivals of Christians, 287-292; for
our birth-day, 296; for saints' days,
297; for passion-week and sacramental
days, 298-302; for all estates of peo-
ple in the Christian church, 302-307.
Presence of God, explained, 30-33; im-
portance of cherishing a sense of, 34;
rules for exercising this consideration,
34-37; benefits of this exercise, 37
-39; prayer, with reference to the
Divine presence, 55.

Pride, arguments against, 86-88; ef-
fects of, to be frequently meditated on,
95, 96.

Prince, prayer for, 303.

Purity of intention, excellence of, 22— 24; rules for, 24-26; signs of, 2730; prayer for, 55.


Reading the Scriptures, duty of, 203,
204; rules for, 205; prayer before,

Recreations, directions for, 19, 20.
Religion, nature of, 179; internal actions
of, 177; external actions of, 202, 203;
mixed actions of, 207.
Repentance, nature of, 255, 256; acts and
parts of, 257-263; motives to, 263
-265; an act of, 41.

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