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Have mercy on us.
O Holy Trinity, three Persons and one God,
Have mercy on us.
O Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ have mercy on us, and pardon our sins.
Through Thy inflamed desire to redeem mankind,
Have mercy on us.

Through Thy humility in washing, as on this day, the feet of Thy disciples, and even those of the traitor Judas,

Have mercy on us.

Through Thy ineffable love, manifested, as on this day, in the institution of the Communion of Thy most precious body and blood,

Have mercy on us.

Through the prayer Thou didst, as on this day, thrice repeat in the garden of Olives, when in Thy most bitter agony Thou didst sweat great drops of blood falling to the ground,

Have mercy on us.

Through the blows, buffets, and opprobrious usage, which Thou the God of Heaven didst endure the night before Thy crucifixion,

Spare us, we beseech Thee, and deliver us, O Lord.
From all irreligion, from the neglect, &c.

Then continue with the usual Litany, fc. (page 72), to the

end of the Thursday Evening Prayers, adding after the Lord's Prayer the following Collect :

Collect for Maunday Thursday. 0

CHRIST, God over all blessed for ever, who didst endure

to be treacherously betrayed by wicked Judas, who didst adjudge him the punishment of his guilt, but didst also award the penitent thief the reward of his confession; grant us, we beseech Thee, the effects of Thy mercy, that as in Thy passion Thou gavest to each different retribution according to their deserts, so Thou wouldst take from us our old errors, and grant us the grace of Thy resurrection; who livest and reignest with the Father and the Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen.



All standing, the head of the family (or the priest or deacon,

if present) says:
Ñ. O Lord, open Thou our lips.
Ry. And our mouth shall shew forth Thy praise.

. O God, make speed to save us.
Ry. O Lord, make haste to help us.
V. Glory be to the Father, &c. Ry. As it was, &c.


Then he says the following Psalm: PART OF Psalm 59, v. l. them that offend of malicious wickELIVER me from mine ene- edness.

mies, O God : defend me They go to and fro in the evenfrom them that rise up against me. ing : they grin like a dog, and run

O deliver me from the wicked about through the city. doers : and save me from the blood- Behold, they speak with their thirsty men.

mouth, and swords are in their For lo, they lie waiting for my lips : for who doth hear ? soul : the mighty men are gathered But Thou, O Lord, shalt have against me; without any offence or them in derision : and Thou shalt fault of me, O Lord.

laugh all the heathen to scorn. They run and prepare themselves My strength will I ascribe unto without my fault : arise Thou there. Thee : for Thou art the God of my fore to help me, and behold. refuge. Stand


O Lord God of hosts, God sheweth me His goodness Thou God of Israel, to visit all the plenteously : and God shall let me heathen : and be not merciful unto I see my desire upon mine enemies.

Then all say,

I BELIEVE in God, &c.

Then he says,

AY the reading of the Holy Word (or Holy Gospel) be

unto us salvation and protection. Amen.

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"hee. Christ have mercy upon us, and
receive our prayers.
Creator of the world,

deemer of mankind,

Ghost, Dispenser of all grace and com


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three Persons and one God, us, and spare us. inned against Thee. As we have grown in 'ultiplied the number of our offences, and every og adds to our lives, our wickedness increases ir transgressions.

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on us.

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inned against Thee in the vain thoughts and es of our hearts, in the idle talk and perverse mouth, in the wicked works and fruitless course

icy on us.
? sinned against Thee by our ingratitude for Thy
id our impatience under Thy chastisements, by pre-
rselves, and the satisfaction of our own inordinate
and desires, before Thee and the observance of Thy
mercy upon us.
mejny upon us, most merciful God, and according to

Thy tender compassions pardon the multitude
us, and have mercy on us.
reproaches, blasphemies, and persecutions,
ternal God enduredest from wicked and per-

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on us.

le cruel mockings, buffetings, and scourgings, pitting on Thy divine face, and the striking Lead, and through the scornful adoration wh. ord of life and glory, didst meekly endure fro.

Thou hadst Thyself created; iercy on us.

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