An Evolutionary Psychology of Leader-follower Relations

Nova Publishers, 2007 - 131 páginas
The purpose of the book is to summarise recent advances in our understanding of leader-follower interactions and to illustrate these principles with the lives of ancient political and military leaders from Greece and Rome. The authors review psychologic, cognitive neuroscientific and evolutionary approaches to leader-follower dynamics and illustrate these dynamics as they played out in the lives of the most eminent of the military and political leaders of the classical world. The authors summarise what is known about leader-follower relations by reviewing all extant papers on the topic in the psychology, neuroscientific and evolutionary psychology literature. The material for this book came from Plutarch's compendium of 42 biographies of Greek and Roman leaders.

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Evolutionary Psychology Approaches to the Phenomenon of the Leader
Leadership and Cooperation
Dynamics of LeaderFollower Relations
Leadership and Social Intelligence
Language Rhetoric and Leadership
The CoEvolution of War and the Dominance Strategy in Leadership
PrestigeOriented Versus DominanceOriented Styles of Leadership
Cicero Versus Pompey An Illustration of the Prestige and the Dominance Styles of Leadership in Conflict
Caesar The Synthesis of the Prestige and Dominance Styles of Leadership
Alexander The Synthesis of Prestige and Dominance II
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Página 4 - IT was for the sake of others that I first commenced writing biographies; but I find myself proceeding and attaching myself to it for my own ; the virtues of these great men serving me as a sort of looking-glass, in which I may see how to adjust and adorn my own life.

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Father Patrick McNamara served as a Roman Catholic Priest for the Diocese of San Diego from 1980 to 1995 in a variety of positions. He is currently living in Cardiff, California with his wife Colleen.

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