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The English succours arrii'e. Battle of Patay. The King arrives. The Poem concludes with the coronation of Charles at Rheins.

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Thus to the Martyrs in their country's cause
The Maiden gave their fame; and when she ceased,
Such murmur from the multitude arose,
As when at twilight hour the summer breeze
Moves o'er the elmy vale : there was not one
Who mourn'd with feeble sorrow for his friend;
Slain in the fight of Freedom; or if chance
Remembrance with a tear suffus'd the eye,
The Patriot's joy flash'd thro'.

And now the rites
Of sepulture perform'd, the hymn to Heaven
They chaunted. To the town the Maid return'd,
Dunois with her, and Richemont, and the man,

Conrade, whose converse most the Virgin lov’d.
They of pursuit and of the future war
Sat communing; when loud the trumpet's voice
Proclaim'd approaching herald.

“ To the Maid," Exclaim'd the Messenger," and thee, Dunois, , *** Son of the Chief he loved ! Du Chastel sends " Greeting. The aged warrior has not spared • All active efforts to partake your toil, “ And serve his country; and tho' late arrived, " He share not in the fame your arms acquire; * His heart is glad that he is late arrived, “ And France preserved thus early. He were here “ To join your host, and follow on their flight, " But Richemont is his foe. To that high Lord " Thus says my master : We, tho' each to each “ Be hostile, are alike the embattled sons Of this our common country. Do thou join The conquering troops, and prosecute success; “ I will the while assault what guarded towns

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