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Even indignation, and burning wrath :
To make the land a desolation;

And her sinners he shall destroy from out of her. 10 Yea, the stars of heaven, and the constellations thereof,

Shall not send forth their light:
The sun is darkened at his going forth,

And the moon shall not cause her light to shine. 11 And I will visit the world for its evil,

And the wicked for their iniquity :
And I will put an end to the arrogance of the proud;

And I will bring down the haughtiness of the terrible 12 I will make a mortal more precious than fine gold;

Yea a man, than the rich ore of Ophir.
13 Wherefore I will make the heavens tremble :

And the earth shall be shaken out of her place:
In the indignation of Jehovah God of Hosts;

And in the day of his burning anger. 14 And the remnant shall be as a roe chased ; And as sheep, when there is none to gather them to

They shall look, every one towards his own people;

And they shall flee, every one to his own land. 15 Every one, that is overtaken, shall be thrust through : And all that are collected in a body shall fall by the


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17 Behold, I raise up against them the Medes ;

Who shall hold silver of no account ;

And as for gold, they shall not delight in it. 18 Their bows shall dash the young men;

Their eye shall have no pity even on the children. 19 And Babylon shall become-she that was the beauty o

kingdoms, The glory of the pride of the ChaldeansAs the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah by the han

of God.
20 It shall not be inhabited for ever;

Nor shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation :
Neither shall the Arabian pitch his tent there :
Neither shall the shepherds make their folds there,
But there shall the wild beasts of the deserts lodge
And howling monsters shall fill their houses :
And there shall the daughters of the ostrich dwell.
And there shall the sātyrs hold their revels.

22 And wolves shall howl to one another in their palaces;

And dragons in their voluptuous pavilions.
And her time is near to come ;

And her days shall not be prolonged.

1 For Jehovah will have compassion on Jacob; And will yet choose Israel. And he shall give them rest upon

their own land : And the stranger shall be joined unto them,

And shall cleave unto the house of Jacob. 2 And the nations shall take them, and bring them into

their own place; And the house of Israel shall possess them in the land

of Jehovah, As servants, and as handmaids : And they shall take them captive, whose captives they

were ; And they shall rule over their oppressors. 3 And it shall come to pass in that day, that Jehovah shall

give thee rest from thine affliction, and from thy disquiet, 4 and from the hard servitude, which was laid upon thee:

and thou shalt pronounce this parable upon the king of Babylon; and shalt say: HOW hath the oppressor ceased! the exactress of

gold ceased! 5 Jehovah hath broken the staff of the wicked, the sceptre

of the rulers. 6 He that smote the peoples in wrath, with a stroke unre

mitted : He that ruled the nations in anger, is persecuted, and

none hindereth. 7 The whole earth is at rest, is quiet; they burst forth into

a joyful shout: 8 Even the fir-trees rejoice over thee, the cedars of Libă


Since thou art fallen, no feller hath come up against us. 9 Hā-dēs* from beneath is moved because of thee, to

meet thee at thy coming :

* Hadës is the Greek, as Infernus is the Latin, and Hell the English word

which the respective authors of the Greel, Latin, and English versions o he Holy Scriptures translate the Hebrew Siléõl; a word by which the sacre: vriters commonly meant, the state of departed spirits, or the place of the bode. This, according to the opinions of the ancients, to whom life an inmortality had not been brought to light by the gospel of Jesus Christ, w vast subterranean kingdom, immensely deep, and totally dark and silent

He rouseth for thee the mighty dead, all the great chiefs

of the earth; He maketh to rise up from their thrones all the kings of

the nations. 10 All of them shall accost thee, and shall say unto thee : Art thou, even thou too, become weak as we ? art thou

made like unto us? 11 Is then thy pride brought down to the grave; the sound

of thy sprightly instruments ? Is the vermin become thy couch, and the earth-worm thy

covering? 12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the

morning! Art cut down to the earth, thou that didst subdue the

nations ! 13 Yet thou didst say in thy heart: I will ascend the

heavens ;
Above the stars of God I will exalt


throne; And I will sit upon the mount of the divine presence, on

the sides of the north: 14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds: I will be

like the Most High. 15 But thou shalt be brought down to the grave, to the sides

of the pit. 16 Those that see thee shall look attentively at thee; they

shall well consider thee : Is this the man, that made the earth to tremble; that

shook the kingdoms? 17 That made the world like a desert; that destroyed the

cities? That never dismissed his captives to their own home? 18 All the kings of the nations, all of them,

Lie down in glory, each in his own sepulchre :

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"about which," says Dr. Campbell," the most prying eye and listening ear could gain no information;" a mansion of rest into which the good and the evil descended alike, at their death ;—the former, indeed, in peace and a good old age, crowned with virtue and honor ; -and the latter hurried thither by their vices before their time ;-a state in which all continued a conscious but inac tive existence; and where each retained something of the rank and station, which he had held in life. Hence, the departed spirits of other kings are represented, in this verse, as rising up from their shadowy thrones, to salute with bitter exultations, the king of

Babylon, who had now been brought down as low as themselves.

It will be observed that, here, the prophet, in the bold metaphor of Oriental poetry, personifies Hades, in giving to this region of silence and darkness, the attributes of a stern Ruler over the abode and the spirits of the dead.

19 But thou art cast out of the grave, as the tree abomi.

nated ;* Clothed with the slain, with the pierced by the sword, With them that go down to the stones of the pit ; as a

trodden carcass. 20 Thou shalt not be joined unto them in burial; Because thou hast destroyed thy country, thou hast slain

thy people. The seed of evil doers shall never be renowned. 21 Prepare ye slaughter for his children, for the iniquity of

their fathers; Lest they rise, and possess the earth ; and fill the face of

the world with cities. 22 For I will arise against them, saith Jehovah God of Hosts : And I will cut off from Babylon the name, and the rem

nant ; And the son, and the son's son, saith Jehovah. 23 And I will make it an inheritance for the porcupine, and

pools of water; And I will_plunge it in the miry gulf of destruction,

saith Jehovah God of Hosts. 24 Jehovah God of Hosts hath sworn, saying:

Surely as I have devised, so shall it be ;

And as I have pur'posed, that thing shall stand : 25 To crush the Assyrian in my land, and to trample him

on my mountains.
Then shall his yoke depart from off them;

And his burthen shall be removed from off their shoulder. 26 This is the decree, which is determined on the whole

earth; And this is the hand, which is stretched out over all the

nations : 27 For Jehovah God of Hosts hath decreed; and who shall

disannul it? And it is his hand, that is stretched out; and who shall

turn it back ?

* That is, as an abomination and dětesta'tion ; such as the tree is, on which a malefactor has been hanged. " It is written," saith Saint Paul, Gala. iii. 13, "cursed is every man that hangeth on a tree :' from Deut. xxi. 23. The Jews therefore held also as accursed and polluted the tree itself on which a malefactor had been executed, or on which he had been hanged after having been put to death by stoning.



Lochiel's Warning.-CAMPBELL.

Lochiel was the chief of the warlike clan of the Camerons; and one of the most prominent, in respect to power and influence, among the Highland chieftains. He attached himself to the cause of Charles Stuart, called the Pretender, from the claim that he made to the British throne. in the following piece, Lochiel is supposed to be marching, with the warriors of his clan, to join the standard whích Charles had raised among the Highlands in his invasion of Scotland in 1745. On his way he is met by a Seer or Wizard, who, having, according to the popular superstition, the gift of second sight, or prophecy, forewarns him of the disastrous event of the Pretender's enterprise, and exhorts him to return home, and not be involved in the certain destruction that awaited the canse and the followers of Charles, and which afterwards fell upon them in the battle of Culloden.

Seer, Lochiel.

Seer. LOCHIEL! Lochiel, beware of the day
When the Lowlands shall meet thee in battle array!
For a field of the dead rushes red on my sight,
And the clans of Culloden are scattered in fight:
They rally, they bleed, for their kingdom and crown;
Wo, wo to the riders that trample them down !
Proud Cumberland prances, insulting the slain,
And their hoof-beaten bosoms are trod to the plain.
But hark! through the fast-flashing lightning of war,
What steed to the desert flies frantic and far ?
'Tis thine, oh Glenullin ! whose bride shall await,
Like a love-lighted watch-fire, all night at the gate.
A steed comes at morning: no rider is there;
But its bridle is red with the sign of despair.
Weep, Albin !* to death and captivity led !
Oh weep! but thy tears cannot number the dead:
For a merciless sword on Culloden shall wave,
Culloden! that reeks with the blood of the brave.

Lochiel. Go, preach to the coward, thou death-telling seer
Or, if gory Culloden so dreadful appear,
Draw, dotard, around thy old wavering sight,
This mantle, to cover the phantoms of fright.

Seer. Ha! laugh’st thou, Lochiel, my vision to scorn ? Proud bird of the mountain, thy plume shall be torn !

* The Gaelic appellation of Scotland, more particularly the Highlands.

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