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Página 175 - No; were I at the strappado, or all the racks in the world, I would not tell you on compulsion. Give you a reason on compulsion ! if reasons were as plenty as blackberries, I would give no man a reason upon compulsion, I. P.
Página 53 - Into this Universe, and Why not knowing Nor Whence, like Water willy-nilly flowing ; And out of it, as Wind along the Waste, I know not Whither, willy-nilly blowing.
Página 252 - Then came the Holy One, blessed be He ! And killed the Angel of Death, That killed the butcher, That slew the ox, That drank the water, That quenched the fire, That burned the staff, That beat the dog, That bit the cat, That ate the kid That my father bought For two pieces of money: A kid, a kid.
Página 115 - At the tirst, the piles which bear up the platforms were fixed in their places by the whole body of the citizens ; but since that time the custom which has prevailed about fixing them is this...
Página 175 - She was a wight, if ever such wight were, To suckle fools and chronicle small beer.
Página 236 - East and west without a breath Mix their dim lights like life and death To broaden into boundless day.
Página 158 - English." (This, be it noticed, is a quarter of a century after the victory of Deorham, 577, which, according to Mr. Green, made the conquest of the English part of Britain complete), insomuch that he might be compared to Saul once king of the Israelites, excepting only in this, that he was ignorant of the true religion ; for he conquered more territories from the Britons, either making them tributary, or driving the inhabitants clean out and planting English in their places, than any other king...
Página 118 - man is a tool-using animal (Hanthierendes Thier). Weak in himself, and of small stature, he stands on a basis, at most, for the flattest-soled, of some half square-foot, insecurely enough; has to straddle out his legs, lest the very wind supplant him. Feeblest of bipeds! Three quintals are a crushing load for him; the steer of the meadow tosses him aloft, like a waste rag. Nevertheless he can use tools, can devise tools. With these the...
Página 133 - So far as the conquest had yet gone it had been complete. Not a Briton remained as subject or slave on English ground. Sullenly, inch by inch, the beaten men drew back from the land which their conquerors had won; and eastward of the border line which the English sword had drawn all was now purely English.
Página 47 - ... even in those formed in the immediate proximity of land inhabited by millions of human beings, we shall be prepared for the general dearth of human memorials in glacial formations, whether recent, pleistocene, or of more ancient date. If there were a few wanderers over lands covered with glaciers, or over seas infested with icebergs, and if a few of them left their bones or weapons in moraines or in marine drifts, the chances, after the lapse of thousands of years, of a geologist meeting with...

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