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ACADEMIA (REAL) DE CIENCIAS DE MADRID- Memorias. Tome 3, 4, 5, 4to. Madrid, 1859-61–

- Resumen de las Actas de, por D. Mariano Lorente, Secrétario, 1853-59.

6 parts, 8vo. Madrid, 1857-60—



Medical Record of Australia.

4to. 1862– West India Quarterly Magazine, containing original communica

tions, reviews, abstracts, and reports in Medicine, Surgery, Science, Literature, &c., edited by Hugh Croskery.

8vo. 1861– Year-Book of Medicine, Surgery and their allied sciences, for 1861.

(New Sydenham Society), 8vo. 1862

Zeitschrift (Schweizerische) für Heilkunde, herausgegeben von A. Biermer, Rud. Demme, Moritz Schiff, und A. Ziegler.

8vo. Bern, 1862

Annali Universali di Medicina.

Indice Decennale, 1814-60, 4 vols. 8vo. Milano, 1832-61

Gazeta Medica de Lisboa, redactor D. Pedro Francisco da Costa Alvarenga.

8vo. Lisboa, 1862


BURIALS—Return of number of Burials in Cemeteries formed under the Burial Acts.

folio, 1860 CHILDREN'S EMPLOYMENT COMMISSION. First Report of the Commissioners : Mines

folio, Lond. 1842.

CHOLERA—Rules and Regulations proposed by the Board of Health, ordered to be printed and published by the Privy Council.

on a folio sheet, 1831 CORONERS' INQUESTS—Returns of Costs and Expenses of, &c., since 1850.

folio, 1860 HOSPITALS—Dublin-Annual Reports of the Board of Superintendence.

8vo. Dublin, 1860— - (MILITARY). Sanitary Condition of Barracks and Hospitals. General Report of the Commission appointed for Improving

folio, Lond. 1861 LUNATIC ASYLUMS-Accounts of Monies Received and Paid by the Commissioners in Lunacy.

folio, 1859– - Return of Lunatic Asylums built during 1858-60.

folio, 1861 - Sussex County Lunatic Asylum : _Annual Reports.

8vo. Lond. 1861– MEDICAL REGISTRATION-Medical Act, 1858. Return of Qualifications to practise granted without examination. folio, 1860

Account of Receipts and Expenditure of the Councils, 1859-60

folio, 1860 MORTALITY-Summaries of the Weekly Tables of Mortality for the years 1842-47.

Summary of the London Returns of Mortality for the twelve years 1838-49, on sheets. NavAL MEDICAL SUPPLEMENTAL FUND—Order in Council, 1817, Standing Orders and Regulations, &c.

folio, 1861 - Minutes of Evidence before the Select Committee on the Society's Bill.

folio, 1861 PATENTS, United States—Report of the Commissioner of Patents for the year 1859—Arts and Manufactures.

2 vols. 8vo. Washington, 1860 POPULATION—Census of 1861,--Tables of Population and Houses in England and Wales.

folio, Lond. 1861 PRISON8—Reports of the Inspectors appointed to visit the Prisons

of Great Britain. Twenty-sixth Report, 2 parts. 8vo. 1861 QUARANTINE-Papers respecting Quarantine in the Mediterranean.

folio, Lond. 1860 Copy of Abstract of Regulations in force in Foreign Countries respecting Quarantine, communicated to the Board of Trade, May, 1860.

folio --- 1860 - Abstracts of Returns of Information on the Laws of Quarantine to the Board of Trade, August, 1860.

folio — 1860 QUARANTINE—Copy of the Papers relating to Quarantine, commu

nicated to the Board of Trade, July, 1861. folio -- 1861 REGISTRATION, Scotland—Annual Reports of Registrar-General of Scotland.

8vo. - Detailed Annual Reports of ditto.

8vo. Edinb., 1861 — - Ireland—Report from the Select Committee on the Bills for Registration, &c. (Ireland).

folio - 1861 - Registrar-General of Marriages in Ireland, Tenth Report.

folio, Dublin, 1860 STATISTICAL CONGRESS (INTERNATIONAL) – Programme of the fourth Session, held in London, July, 1860.

4to. Lond. 1860 - Report of the Proceedings of the fourth Session (with Index to the Programme and Report]. 4to. Lond. 1861

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(No. 6.







(Continuations of Transactions, Journals, and other Periodical

Publications, are not inserted.)

ABEILLE (J.). Traité des Maladies à Urines Albumineuses et

Sucrées, ou de l'Albuminurie et du Diabète Sucré dans leurs rapports avec les maladies.

8vo. Paris, 1863 ACLAND (Henry W.). See Catalogue of REPORTS (Cowley In

dustrial School ; Radcliffe Library.) ADSHEAD (Joseph). Plea for the Establishment of a Convalescent Hospital for Manchester and its surrounding Districts.

plans, 8vo. Manchester, 1860 ALLPORT (W. W.). Diseases of the Teeth. 8vo. Chicago, 1858 ALTHAUS (Julius). The Spas of Europe. Svo. London, 1862 AMMON (Fr. A. von). Illustrirte Pathologische Anatomie der

menschlichen Cornea, Sclera, Chorioidea und des Optischen Nerven; herausgegeben von Gustav H. Warnatz.

coloured plates, 4to. Leipzig, 1862 AMUSSAT (J. Z.). Mémoire sur la Destruction des Hémorrhoïdes

Internes par la Cautérisation Circulaire de leur pédicule avec le caustique de potasse et de chaux.

8vo. Paris, 1846 - Entérotomie Lombaire, atresie congéniale du rectum, audessus d'un anus bien conformé chez un enfant masculin.

8vo. (1860)

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