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JONES (James). On Tuberculosis : a practical examination of the

action of local inflammation in cachectic subjects in the production of Tubercular Consumption.

8vo. Lond. 1865 JONES (T. Wharton). Treatise on the principles and practice of Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery; third edition.

plates, 12mo. Lond. 1865 JORDAN (Furneaux). Clinical Lecture, containing a description of a new instrument for the radical cure of Reducible Hernia.

8vo. Lond. 1860 KEMP (T. Lindley). See Catalogue of JOURNALS (Scottish Med.

Gazette). KINGSLEY (Norman W.). Treatment of Congenital Cleft Palate and Artificial Velum.

8vo. 1864 KNEUTTINGER (Georg Anton Maria). Zur Histiologie des Blutes,

eine gekrönte Preisschrift. plate, 8vo. Würzburg, 1865 KÖLLIKER (Albert). Icones Histiologicæ, oder Atlas der vergleichenden Gewebelehre.

4to. Leipzig, 1866 Abtheil. II. Der Feinere Bau der Höheren Thiere. Heft 1. Die

Bindesubstanz der Coelenteraten. KRAFFT-EBING (R. v.). Die Lehre von der Mania transitoria für Aerzte und Juristen dargestellt.

8vo. Erlangen, 1865 KRAMER (William). Abstract of the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of the Diseases of the Ear.

8vo. Lond. 1862 KÜINE (W.). Lehrbuch der physiologischen Chemie.

8vo. Leipzig, 1866 Lief. 1. Lehre von der Verdauung. KÜTTNER (C.): Herrmann, Febris recurrens. LADAME (Paul). Symptomatologie und Diagnostik der Hirngeschwülste.

plate, 8vo. Würzburg, 1865 LANCEREAUX (E.). Traité historique et pratique de la Syphilis.

plates, 8vo. Paris, 1866 LANDOIS (Hermann) und Heinrich LANGENKAMP. Die Lungen

seuche des Rindviehes, vom cellular-pathologischen Standpunkte untersucht.

plate, 8vo. Leipzig, 1865 LANGENKAMP (Heinrich): Landois, Lungenseuche des Rindviehes. LAING (Samuel). Pre-historic Remains of Caithness; with notes on the Human Remains, by Thomas H. Huxley.

plates, 8vo. Lond. 1866 LARUE: Vesine Larue. LAURENCE (John Z.) and Robert C. Moon. Handy-book of Ophthalmic Surgery.

woodcuts, 8vo. Lond. 1866 LAYCOCK (Thomas). Correspondence and Statements regarding the

teaching of Clinical Medicine in the University of Edinburgh, 1855-57.

8vo. Edinb. 1857 LEACH (Harry). Brief Notes on the last Epidemic of Cholera in Turkey, with observations as to prevention and treatment.

8vo. Lond. 1866 LEE (Edwin). The Medical Profession in Great Britain and Ireland.

Part II. Colleges of Physicians, Surgeons, &c. 8vo. Lond. 1857 LEE (Henry). On General Principles in Medicine ; an introduc

tory address at St. George's Hospital. 8vo. Lond. 1863 - On Diseases of the Veins, Hæmorrhoidal Tumours, and other affections of the Rectum ; second edition.

plate, 8vo. Lond. 1866 LEE (Robert). History of the discoveries of the Circulation of the

Blood, of the Ganglia and Nerves, and of the action of the

plates, 8vo. Lond. 1865 LE FORT (Léon). Des Maternités; étude sur les Maternités et les

Institutions Charitables d'Accouchement à domicile dans les principaux états de l'Europe.

plans, 4to. Paris, 1866 LEMAIRE (Jules). De l'Acide Phénique, de son action sur les

végétaux, les animaux, les ferments, les venins, les virus, les miasmes; et de ses applications à l'industrie, à l'hygiène, &c.; seconde édition.

12mo. Paris, 1865 LEUCKART (Rudolf). Untersuchungen über Trichina Spiralis ; zweite Auflage.

plates, 4to. Leipzig, 1866 LEVER (John C. W.). Annual address before the Hunterian Society.


1851 LEYDEN (E.). Beiträge zur Pathologie des Icterus.

8vo. Berlin, 1866 LIEBIG (Justus yon). Induction und Deduction.

8vo. München, 1865 - Suppe für Säuglinge ; zweite Auflage.

12mo. Braunschweig, 1866 LILLJEBORG (W.). On Cetacea: Eschricht. LODGE (R. T.). Smallpox : how to annihilate it, or observations

on the pernicious consequences of imperfect Vaccination, and

on the necessity of Re-vaccination. 8vo. Liverpool, 1865 LONGET (F. A.). Mouvement Circulaire de la Matière dans les

trois règnes ; Tableaux comprenant un apercu des fonctions nutritives dans les êtres organisés.

4to. Paris, 1866 LONGMORE (Thomas). Resection of the Shoulder-joint for Gunshot Injuries.

(from 'Army Med. Reports') plates, 8vo. 1865

Report on a Wheeled Ambulance ; Transport Conveyance.

. (from ditto) 8vo. 1865 -- On the probable Surgical Effects in Battle of the employment of Projectiles of a more elongated form, such as the Whitworth Projectiles. (from ditto) 8vo.


Ambulantieto) 8vo.anttle of the

LONGMORE (T.). On the Geneva Convention of August the 22nd, 1864,

with some account of the National Committee formed for aiding in ameliorating the condition of the sick and wounded of armies in time of war.


1866 LUCAS-CHAMPIONNIÈRE. See Catalogue of JOURNALS (Journal de

Méd. et de Chir.). LÜCKE (Albert). Kriegschirurgische Aphorismen aus dem zweiten Schleswigholsteinischen Kriege im Jahre 1864.

plates, 8vo. Berlin, 1865 Lunacy.—Address on the Laws of Lunacy, especially as they affect the Lunatic Wards of Chancery.

8vo. Lond. 1858 LUNIER (L.). Recherches sur la Paralysie Générale progressive.

8vo. Paris, 1849 LUSCHKA (Hubert v.). Die Anatomie des Menschen.

8vo. Tübingen, 1865 Band 3, Abth. 1. Die Glieder. Lussana (Filippo). Degli Studj sulla Pellagra in Italia e fuori d'Italia Rivista Bibliografica.

8vo, Milano, 1861 - e Carlo Frus. Su la Pellagra Memoria.

plate, 8vo. Milano, 1856 MACFARLANE (James). Letter to the Earl of Derby on the subject of the University Tests in Scotland.

8vo. Edinb. 1852 MCGOWAN (A. T.). Tea Planting in the outer Himalayah.

plate, 8vo. Lond. 1861 - Malaria, the common cause of Cholera, Intermittent Fever, and its allies.

8vo. Lond. 1866 Machaon.-Remarks submitted to the Medical Professors of the

Universities of Scotland and Ireland on the necessity of
Medical Reform.

8vo. MCINTOSH (Wm. Carmichael). Notes on Asylums and the Insane in France and Belgium.

(from 'Journal of Mental Science') 8vo. 1862 - Mollities Ossium in Insanity.

8vo. Edinb. 1862 -- Asylum Notes on Typhoid fever. 8vo. Lond. 1863

Stray Notes on Foreign Asylums. plate, 8vo. Lond. 1864 MACKENZIE (Morell). The treatment of Hoarseness and Loss of Voice by direct application of Galvanism to the vocal cords.

12mo. Lond. 1863 MʻKINLAY (W. B.). Case of Successful Ligature of [the] Common Iliac Artery.

8vo. Edinb. 1864 MACLEOD (William). Letter to Professor Simpson concerning the

Resolutions recently passed by the Royal College of Physicians,
Edinburgh] in reference to Homeopathy. 8vo. Lond. 1851

- Hydro-Therapeutics, or the Water Cure, considered as a branch of medical treatment.

8vo. Lond. 1855

application atment of in plate, 8vo. Lond. is

MACLOUGHLIN (David). The Conclusions arrived at by the Medical

Committee appointed by the Admiralty and War Office to inquire if there is a Syphilitic Virus not based on pathological facts.

8vo. Lond. 1866 MACPHERSON (John). Cholera in its Home, with a sketch of the

pathology and treatment of the disease. 8vo. Lond. 1866 MailLiot (L.). See Catalogue of REPORTS (Heart). MANNL (Rudolph). Karlsbad, seine Quellen und deren Versendung.

12mo. Karlsbad, 1862 MARCET (William). On the Chemistry of Digestion.

(from ‘ Chemical Journal ') 8vo. (1865) Marischal College.--Has Marischal College, in New Aberdeen,

the power of conferring Degrees in Divinity, Laws, and Medicine?

8vo. Aberdeen, 1850 MARKHAM (W. O.). Bleeding and Change in Type of Diseases (Gulstonian Lectures, 1864).

8vo. Lond. 1866 MARQUES (José Antonio). Elementos de Hygiene Militar.

12mo. Lisboa, 1854 - - Resultas d'uma Commissão Medico-militar em Inglaterra, França, Belgica e Paizes-Baixos.

8vo. Lisboa, 1859 -- Estudos estatisticos, hygienicos, e Administrativos sobre as doenças e a Mortalidade do Exercito Portuguez 1851–61.

8vo. Lisboa, 1862 MARTIN (Eduard). Die Neigungen und Beugungen der Gebärmutter nach vorn und hinten.

8vo. Berlin, 1866 MARTINEAU (L.). Des Endocardites. plates, 8vo. Paris, 1866 MATHIEU (L.). [Catalogue] d'Instruments de Chirurgie.

8vo. Paris, 1862 MATTEUCCI (Carlo). Corso di Elettro-Fisiologia.

8vo. Torino, 1861 MAUNOIR (Robert). La Porrette et Monte-Catini.

plates, 8vo. Florence, 1848 – Résumé des Rapports publiés par Paolini et Maluccelli sur la clinique des thermes de la Porrette et de Monte-Catini.

8vo. Florence, 1848 MAXWELL (Hon. Marmaduke C.). Religious Intolerance; or, a

statement of facts with reference to the appointment of a Matron to the Crichton Royal Institution, Dumfries.

8vo. Edinb. 1859 MAYER (A.). Die Krankheiten des Zwölffingerdarms; mit einer Vorrede von Fr. Nasse.

8vo. Düsseldorf, 1844 MEADOWS (Alfred): Bernutz and Goupil, Diseases of Women

(translated). Medical Evidence and Trial by Jury in Scotland, Illustrations of.

8vo. Edinb. 1855

Medical Registration.- Letter to Sir George Grey, by Emeritus; second edition.

8vo. Lond. 1852 Medicine.—Is the Practice of Medicine in 1850 a degenerate Pursuit? By a Practitioner.

8vo. Lond. 1850 - Second edition.

8vo. Lond. 1850 Medicine.-System of Medicine, edited by J. Russell Reynolds.

8vo. Lond. 1866 Vol. I. General Diseases. Men of the Time: a Biographical Dictionary of eminent Living Characters of both sexes, with a classified index.

8vo. Lond. 1865 MIGNOT (A.) du Cholera : Briquet (P.). MILLER (James). Surgical Experience of Chloroform.

8vo. Edinb. 1848 MILLER (William Allen). Elements of Chemistry, theoretical and practical; third edition.

3 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1963—4 Part 1. Chemical Physics. „ 2. Inorganic Chemistry.

» 3. Organic Chemistry. MONCREIFF (James). Speech on the second reading of the University Tests (Scotland) Bill.

8vo. Edinb. 1852 MONRO (Henry). On Improving the Condition of the Insane by an

increased inspection of Private Asylums. 8vo. Lond. 1851 MOON (Robert C.). Ophthalmic Surgery: Laurence (J. Z.). MOORE (George). The First Man and his Place in Creation, con

sidered on the principles of science and common sense from a Christian point of view; with appendix on the Negro.

8vo. Lond. 1866 MOORE (Wm. D.): Donders on Constituents of Food (translated). MOREHEAD (Charles). Notes on the prevention and treatment of Cholera.

8vo. Edinb. 1866 MORGAN (John Edward). The Danger of Deterioration of Race

from the too rapid increase of great cities. 12mo. Lond. 1866 MORIN (le Général). Des appareils de Chauffage et de Ventilation à

employer dans les Hopitaux: Rapport au nom de la Commission d'Hygiène.

(from the · Annales du Conservatoire') 8vo. Paris, 1865 MORTIMER (William Henry). Popular Essay on Anæsthetic Agents for procuring painless operations, particularly on Chloroform.

8vo. Lond. 1847 MOSELEY (Benjamin). On Hydrophobia, its prevention and cure, with a Dissertation on Canine Madness; sixth edition.

4to. Lond. 1813

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