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generally, as applied to the ordinary Practices of Agriculture. With 200 Engraved Illustrations. By John J. Thomas. New York: Harper & Brothers. 1854. 24mo. pp. 267.

Thoughts and Things at Home and Abroad. By Elihu Burritt. With a Memoir, by Mary Howitt. Boston: Phillips, Sampson, & Co. 1854. 12mo. pp. 364.

A Course of English Reading, adapted to every Taste and Capacity. By the Rev. James Pycroft, B.A., Trinity College, Oxford. Edited, with Alterations, Emendations, and Additions, by J. A. Spencer, D.D. New York: C. S. Francis & Co. 1854. 12mo. pp. 283.

Poems, Plays, and Essays, by Oliver Goldsmith, M.B., with a Critical Dissertation on his Poetry, by John Aikin, M.D., and an Introductory Essay, by Henry T. Tuckerman, Esq. Boston: Phillips, Sampson, & Co. 1854. 12mo. pp. 530.

The Seat of Government of the United States. A Review of the Discussions, in Congress and elsewhere, on the Site and Plans of the Federal City; with a Sketch of its Present Position and Prospects; also, Remarks on Monumental Structures and the Smithsonian Institution. Read (in part) before the New York and Maryland Historical Societies. By Joseph B. Varnum, Jr. Second Edition, with an Alphabetical Index. Washington : R. Farnham.


Shakspeare's Scholar: being Historical and Critical Studies of his Text, Characters, and Commentators, with an examination of Mr. Collier's Folio of 1632. By Richard Grant White. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1854. PP. 504.

Spenser and the Fairy Queen. By John S. Hart, LL. D. Philadelphia: Hayes & Zell. 1854. 12mo. pp. 434.

A Sermon addressed to the Second Presbyterian Congregation in Albany, Sunday Morning, August 27, 1854, on the Completion of a Quarter of a Century from the Commencement of the Author's Ministry among them. By William B. Sprague, D.D. Albany.


A Sermon delivered in the Second Presbyterian Church, Albany, on Sabbath Morning, August 20, 1854; commemorative of the Character of Mrs. Christina Lee. By William B. Sprague, D.D. Albany. 1854.

The Epistle of Paul to the Romans; with a Commentary and Revised Translation, and Introductory Essays. By Abiel Abbot Livermore. Boston: Crosby, Nichols, & Co. 1854. 12mo. pp. 256.

Popular Tales. By Madame Guizot. Translated from the French, by Mrs. L. Burke. Boston: Crosby, Nichols, & Co. 1854. 12mo. pp. 404.

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Archimedes as a mathematician and engi-
neer, 233.

Arnett, on Bookbinding, reviewed, 344
commended, 370.



Art, Natural Theology of, article on, 1-
seldom recognized, 3-: illustrated in the
inherent susceptibilities of matter, 6
in the artistical powers and impulses of
man, 16-mathematical relations of, 230.

Barnard's National Education in Europe,
noticed, 252.

Beecher Family characterized, 440.
Bellows, Rev. H. W., his Sermon on the

Moral Significance of the Crystal Palace,
reviewed, 1 quoted, 2.

Beza's Lines to his Library quoted, 346.
Bibliopegia, article on, 344-antiquities of,
350-mediæval, 352-modern, 357
English, 359-process of, 363-Ameri-
can, 367.

Bigg, J. Stanyan, his Night and the Soul,
272, note.

Black Warrior affair, 131.
Blennerhassett, Herman, his settlement in
America, 308-complicity with Burr in
his conspiracy, ib. his misfortunes elo-

quently commiserated by Wirt, 321–
sequel of his history, 324.

Bolton's Evidences of Christianity, noticed,


Bonnardot on the Rebinding of Books, re-
viewed, 344- commended, 370.

Bookbinding. See Bibliopegia.
Book-worm, how avoided, 371.
Boyd, James Robert, his edition of Young's
Night Thoughts, 270.

Bride of the Iconoclast, noticed, 258.
Burr, Aaron, article on his conspiracy, 297



his military services, ib. -his profes-
sional and political career, 298-his Vice-
Presidency, 302-his duel with Hamil-
ton, 303-his valedictory to the Senate,
his plans for the conquest of Mex-
details of the conspiracy, 308
its detection, 311- his arrest, 316-
his trial, 317 - his acquittal, 322
subsequent life, ib.- his domestic afflic-
tions, 323- his death, ib.—his charac-
ter, 325.

ico, 307




Butler Hospital for the insane, 76.
Byles, John Barnard, his treatise on Politi-
cal Economy, reviewed, 502-its false
reasoning, 505.

Carpenter, Mary, her books on Reformatory
Schools, noticed, 252-reviewed, 406-
their aim, 407 their contents, 408.
Cato, Addison's, 96.

Chandler, Mary G., her Elements of Char-
acter, noticed, 253.

Chapel of the Hermits, a poem by Whit-
tier, criticized, 39.

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Children of the Perishing and Dangerous
Classes, article on, 408.
China, history of, 158. - population of, 161
-religious sects of, 164-Christian mis-
sionaries in, 166 - economical condition
of, 172-finances of, 174.
Chinese rebellion, article
of, 180-progress of, 182- books and
documents connected with, 188-prob-
able issue and consequences of, 195.
Choate, Rufus, his speech on the establish-
ment of the Smithsonian Institution, 459.
Clay, Henry, Aaron Burr's counsel, 314.
Clinton, De Witt, article on, 485- his birth
and parentage, 486. his education, 487


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-his official life, 488- his exploration
of Western New York, 490- - his incep-
tion of the Erie Canal, 494- his charac-
ter, 497.

Coke, Lord, his definition of non compotes
mentis, 332.

Comte's Positive Philosophy, article on, 200


its fundamental principle, 205-ac-
counted for by his education and history,
209 defects of the system, 217 - its
self-contradictions, 223.
Coquerel's Discourses, noticed, 256.
Corvinus, King Matthias, a patron of litera-
ture, 357.



Crystal Palace, Dr. Bellows's Sermon on the
Moral Significance of, reviewed, 1.
Cuba, article on, 109-its situation and cli-
mate, ib. soil, 110-scenery, ib. -
ciety, 111-railroads, 113 statistics of
crime, ib. women, 114-slaves, 116-
religious condition, 119-government,
123 annexation to the United States
probable, 128.

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Cundall, Joseph, his treatise on Bookbind-
ing, reviewed, 344- commended, 370.
Curzon's Armenia, noticed, 538.

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Daguerreotype, defects of the, 236.
Dangerous class characterized, 409 - how
recruited, 414-costly, 419-perilous to
the public health, 420 to be reduced
only by the reformation of juvenile delin-
quents, ib.

Foote, Andrew H., his Africa and the Amer-
ican Flag, noticed, 262.

Gan-Eden, noticed, 530.


Gayarré's School for Politics, noticed, 533.
Gilfillan, Rev. George, his edition of
Young's Night Thoughts, 270 his
grandiloquence, ib. his criticism of
Young, 271.
Gironiere's Twenty Years in the Philip-
pine Islands, noticed, 529.


De Maistre, works of, reviewed, 371 — his
personal history, 378, 383-his Reflec-
tions on France, 379- his Formative
Principle of Political Constitutions, 382-
his logic, 384 his treatise on the Pope,
385 his Letters on the Inquisition, 392
-his sympathies, 399.
Dementia defined, 328.

De Rome's merits as a bookbinder, 360.
Dix, Dorothy, her labors for the insane poor,


Doran, John, his edition of Young's Works,

Du Seuil's merits as a bookbinder, 360.

Edward III. of England, a patron of hand-
some books, 354.

Elgin, Lord, his services in negotiating the
Reciprocity Treaty, 484.
Emigration, effect of, upon the labor-mar-
ket in Great Britain, 518.
Erie Canal, inception of, 494.
Euclid's Elements, an index of the mathe-
matical attainments of his age, 233.
Everett, Mr. Secretary, his letter on the Cu-
ban question, 135.

Fisheries, importance of, 468-freedom of,
a right, 469- American, guaranteed by
the treaty of Independence, 471 - invad-
ed by the Convention of 1818, 474-
made free by the Reciprocity Treaty,


Folious Appearances, reviewed, 344 - char
acterized, 370.

Gold, influx of, as affecting national pros-
perity, 523.

Griffin's Junius Discovered, noticed, 250.
Grolier's books and their bindings, 357.
Guizot's Cromwell, noticed, 258.
Gurowski's Russia as it is, noticed, 263.

Hale, Lord, on the accountability of the in-
sane, 332.

Hamilton, Alexander, his opposition to Burr,
303-his duel with Burr, ib.

Hannett, John, his treatise on Bookbinding,
reviewed, 344-commended, 370.
Harleian Library, binding of, 359.
Harrington, Rev. Joseph, his Sermons, no-
ticed, 535.

Havana, population of, 111-streets of, ib.
crime in, 113- cemetery of, 122.
Haven, S. F., his treatise on the Origin of
the Massachusetts Company, reviewed,
54-quoted, 55, 56, 58.

Hayes, John L., 'his' Vindication of the
Rights of the Earl of Stirling, noticed,


Henck's Field-Book for Railroad Engineers,
noticed, 253.

Henry VIII., dissolution of the monasteries
under, destructive to books, 355.
Herbert, Stanley, his John at Home, no-
ticed, 534.

Hien-foung, emperor of China, 158.
Hospitals, American, for the Insane, article
on, 66- - false economy with regard to,
71-usual model of, 73-best form of, 77
-means of warming and ventilating, 82

- architectural style of, 85-security of,
against fire, 87-faulty arrangements for
the erection of, 89.
Houng-siu-tsiuen, leader of the Chinese re-
bellion, 178.

Howitt, Ann Mary, her Art Student in Mu-
nich, noticed, 264.

Hume's Philosophical Works, Little, Brown,
& Co.'s edition of, noticed, 536.
Illustration of books described, 348.
Inquisition, De Maistre's defence of, 392-
shown to be indefensible, 393.
Insanity, article on the jurisprudence of,
327-types of, ib.-seat of, 329-plea
of, 330-legal definitions of, 332 - evi-
dence concerning, 340-responsibleness
of medical witnesses concerning, 343.

Jefferson, joint candidate with Burr for the
Presidency and Vice-Presidency, 299-
his hostility to Burr, 311.

Political economy defined, 506 - connected
with psychological laws, 507.

Pope, De Maistre's treatise on the, 385.
Protection, the policy of, justified, 511.
Pythagoras, mathematical knowledge of,



Ray's Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity,
reviewed, 327.
Reciprocity Treaty, article on, 464 estab-
lishing the freedom of the seas, 465- the
freedom of the fisheries, 468- free trade,
479 uniting all interests, 480.
Reformatory Schools, Miss Carpenter on,
252, 406-success of, 420.

Renwick's Life of De Witt Clinton, article

on, 485.

Roger de Coverley, Sir, Addison's portrait
ure of, 103.

Roget's Thesaurus of English Words, re-
viewed, 137.

Röhner's Treatise on Musical Composition,
noticed, 534.

Romanism, article on, 371-its growth, ib.
-its mission and services, 372-its
prospects, 400.

Ruskin's Lectures on Architecture and
Painting, noticed, 535.

Safford, William H., his Life of Blennerhas-
sett, reviewed, 297.

Scott, Patrick, Poems by, noticed, 260.
Seas, freedom of the, a subject of contro-
versy, 465-established by the Recipro-
city Treaty, 467.

Shaw, Chief Justice, his Charge on the plea
of insanity, 338.

Smith, E. Oakes, her Bertha and Lily, no
ticed, 537.

Smith, E. Vale, her History of Newbury
port, noticed, 533.

Smith, William, his History of Greece, no-
ticed, 255.

Smithson, James, will of, 442.

Smithsonian Institution, bill for establishing,
446 funds of, 448- financial adminis-
tration of, 454-misapplication of the
funds of, 456.

Songs of Labor, Whittier's, 39.
Spectator characterized, 101.
Spencer, Earl, Aldine cabinet of, 347.
Steele's relations with Addison, 102.
Stereoscope, theory of, 336.

St. John, Bayle, his Purple Tints of Paris,
noticed, 261.

Stowe, Rev. Calvin E., extract from an In-
troduction by, 424.


Stowe, Mrs. Harriet Beecher, her Sunny
Memories of Foreign Lands, reviewed,
423 her conduct in England, ib. — her
Continental tour, 435- her style, 440.
Swiss scenery, described by Mrs. Stowe,

Judd, Rev. Sylvester, his Sermons on the
Church, noticed, 262.

Jurisprudence of Insanity, article on, 327.

Lagny's Knout and the Russians, noticed,


Laissez faire principle misrepresented by
Byles, 509-its true import, 510.
Lalor, John, his Money and Morals, re-
viewed, 503-its design and style, 504.
Leaves from Margaret Smith's Journal, by
Whittier, 33.

Legends of New England, by Whittier, 35.
Lenormand's Manuel du Relieur, reviewed,
344-commended, 370.

Literature of Youth, article on, 239.
Locke, Jane Ermina, her Poems, noticed,

Mania defined, 328.

Marcy, Mr. Secretary, his services in the
Reciprocity Treaty, 484.

Marsh, George P., his speech on the estab-
lishment of the Smithsonian Institution,


Martineau, Harriet, her translation of
Comte's Positive Philosophy, reviewed,
200 her books, ib.- - her self-conceit,
201-her infidelity, 203.
Massachusetts, Early Records of, reviewed,
- character of the Company, 56-its
influence in England, 57.
Matanzas, cemetery in, 121.
Mathematics essential to art, 230-truths
of, absolute, 237.
McLean Asylum, 74.

Meacham, Hon. James, his Report on the
Smithsonian Institution, 441.

Mills, Abraham, his Poets and Poetry of the
Ancient Greeks, noticed, 257.
Mitford, Rev. J., his edition of Young's Po-
etical Works, 270.

Model lodging-houses in London, Mrs.
Stowe's description of, 428.
Moore, John W., his Encyclopædia of Mu-
sic, noticed, 584.

Morrison, C., his Essay on the Relations be-
tween Labor and Capital, reviewed, 502
-his aim and theory, 503- his errone-
ous reasoning, 506.

Natural Theology of Art. See Art.
New York, Western, exploration of, by De
Witt Clinton, 490.
Night Thoughts, Young's, editions of, 270

defects of, 273-merits of, 279- -fre-
quency of proverbs in, 280 - domestic
allusions in, 293.

Old Portraits and Modern Sketches, by
Whittier, 37.

Padaloup's merits as a bookbinder, 360.
Payne, Roger, his character and labors as
a bookbinder, 361.

Pearce, Hon. James A., his Report on the
Smithsonian Institution, 441- inconsist-
ent with his former position, 460.


Taunton hospital for the insane, defects of,
80, 82.
Thoreau, Henry D., his Walden, noticed,

[blocks in formation]

Tower's Grammar, noticed, 259.
Trimetrical Classic, 191.

Turnbull's Christ in History, noticed, 261.
Turner, Samuel H., his Commentary on the
Romans, noticed, 254.

Washington's distrust of Aaron Burr, 297.
Welwyn, Young's retirement at, 293.
Wensley, noticed, 264.

Wharton, Duke of, Pope's sketch of, 286-
youth of, 287 profligacy of, 288- trea-
son and attainder of, ib. -Young's inti-
macy with, 290.
Wheaton, Robert, Memoir of, reviewed, 239
his early life and education, ib. — his
character, 240.
Whittier, John G., article on, 31 - his early
life, ib.- his education, 32-his edito-
rial labors, ib. his prose works, 33-
his poetry, 39-his antislavery zeal, 40
his merits as an author, 43- his Lit-



erary Recreations and Miscellanies, no-
ticed, 539.

Wilkinson, General, an accomplice of Aaron
Burr, 308-treasonable correspondence
of, 309-perjury of, 320.

Wilkinson, Sir J. Gardner, on the Ancient
Egyptians, noticed, 527.

Wirt, William, his speech at the trial of
Aaron Burr, 321.

Woolsey's Electra of Sophocles, noticed, 540.
Worcester, State Lunatic Hospital at, 75.
Words, article on the Use and Misuse of,


Wyman, Dr. Rufus, his services at the Mc-
Lean Asylum, 74.

Young, Edward, article on, 269- his Night
Thoughts, 273-his affluence in prov-
erbs, 279- his intimacy with the Duke
of Wharton, 285- his early life, 292-
his Busiris, 293- his retirement at Wel-
- his
wyn, ib.
his domestic griefs, 294-
later works, ib.- his character, 295.

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