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ABOUT THE STUDENT. 1IX months ago we submitted to our patrons the first number of THE STUDENT

in its present form, of thirty-six pages, instead of thirty-two, the number it previously contained. The change subjected us to some additional trouble and expense, yet we believed it to be an important improvement, and adopted it, trusting that it would meet with the approbation of our subscribers. In this last respect our anticipations have been realized in the ample testimony already received. As it has gone forth on its monthly visits, we have endeavored to have it laden richly with mental worth which should prove attractive and useful to all its readers. We have aimed to make it a welcomed and esteemed friend to the family, and a highly valuable aid in the school-room; and from the many kind words of encouragement, and the hearty encomiums received, we have the assurance that our aims have not been unsuccessful.

A year of THE STUDENT is divided into two volumes of six months each, the first commencing with May, the second with November, and all subscriptions must commence with one of these volumes. A title-page and table of contents will be published with the last number of each semi-annual volume. And as each volume will be complete, it may be bound singly, or any two semi-annual volumes may be bound together; thus forming a book of 432 octavo pages. Such a volume is a treasury of knowledge, embracing the Sciences and Arts, Biography, History, Travels, Poetry, Stories, Narratives, Anecdotes, etc., etc.

With the close of each volume there always comes the expiration of the term for which some subscriptions have been paid. Now, if our friends who have been gladdened by THE STUDENT's visits during the past year will be so kind as to remember it to their friends, and to speak a good word for it, whenever, and wherever they find an opportunity, and obtain for it many new names to join them, when they renew their subscriptions, it will soon have an army of friends to help on the noble work of education in our country. Just such an army we want to battle against ignorance, and idleness, and bad habits. Now, who will aid in enlisting this army? We want ten thousand recruiting officers for this work. We wish every friend of education, and particularly every teacher, to enlist in the good cause. And every reader of THE STUDENT may become a welcomed co-laborer. We know many of them will cheerfully do so.

Should any who now, or may hereafter subscribe, wish to procure the back numbers of the present volume, let them not hesitate to say so, for the work is stereotyped, and we can supply all who may desire them, even should it be fifty thousand.

As Volume Ten will commence with the number for November, now is an excellent time for procuring subscriptions, and for the forming of clubs in school districts. Let the work commence at once. Teachers, and others, desirous of forming clubs, will be supplied with sample numbers, gratis, by addressing the publisher, post-paid.

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