The life of the author. The old batchelor. The double dealer. Love for love

T. Lowndes, T. Caslon, T. Davies, W. Nicoll, S. Bladon and R. Snagg, 1774

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Página 147 - Cynthia, only as a blind for your passion to me, yet it will make me jealous. O Lord, what did I say? Jealous! no, no, I can't be jealous, for I must not love you; therefore don't hope, — but don't despair neither. Oh, they're coming, I must fly.
Página 284 - Body o'me, this is a trick to defer signing the conveyance. I warrant the devil will tell him in a dream that he must not part with his estate. But I'll bring him a parson to tell him that the devil's a liar or if that won't do, I'll bring a lawyer that shall out-lie the devil.
Página 201 - Mask. Stay, I have a doubt. — Upon second thoughts we had better meet in the chaplain's chamber here, the corner chamber at this end of the gallery; there is a back way into it, so that you need not come through this door — and a pair of private stairs leading down to the stables. It will be more convenient.
Página 281 - I spoke you fair, d'ye see, and civil. — As for your love or your liking I don't value it of a rope's end. — And mayhap I like you as little as you do me. — What I said was in obedience to father. Gad, I fear a whipping no more than you do. But I tell you one thing. If you should give such language at sea you'd have a cat o' nine tails laid across your shoulders.
Página 105 - What rugged ways attend the noon of life! Our sun declines, and with what anxious strife, What pain, we tug that galling load — a wife.
Página 208 - Heavens, what a long track of dark deceit has this discovered! I am confounded when I look back, and want a clue to guide me through the various mazes of unheard-of treachery.
Página 23 - Wisdom's nothing but a pretending to know and believe more than we really do. You read of but one wise man, and all that he knew was, that he knew nothing. Come, come, leave business to idlers, and wisdom to fools; they have need of 'em. Wit be my faculty, and pleasure my occupation; and let Father Time shake his glass.
Página 144 - I'm sure if ever I should have Horns, they would kill me ; they would never come kindly, I should die of 'em, like...
Página 145 - ... perverting me from the road of virtue, in which I have trod thus long, and never made one trip, not one faux pas; Oh, consider it, what would you have to answer for, if you should provoke me to frailty? Alas! humanity is feeble, Heaven knows! very feeble, and unable to support itself.
Página 258 - ... what brought you into the world ? how came you here, sir? here, to stand here, upon those two legs, and look erect with that audacious face, hah...

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