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O how shall words with equal warmth

The gratitude declare,
That glows within my ravish'd heart;
But thou canst read it there.


Praise to the Redeemer. BRIGHTNESS of the Father's glory,

Shall thy praise unutter'd lie?
Fly, my tongue, such guilty silence !

Sing the Lord who came to die :
Did archangels sing thy coming ?

Did the shepherds learn their lays ? Shame would cover me ungrateful,

Should my tongue refuse to praise. From the highest throne in glory,

To the cross of deepest woe; All to ransom guilty captives !

Flow my praise, for ever flow ! Go, return, Almighty Saviour,

Leave thy footstool, take thy throne; Thence return and reign for ever,

Be the kingdom all thine own!

HYMN LXVI. Heavenly wisdom. Prov. viii. 10, 11, &c. O HAPPY is the man who hears

Instruction's warning voice; And who celestial wisdom makes

His early, only choice.

For she bas treasures greater far,

Than east or west unfold; And her reward is more secure

Than is the gain of gold.
In her right hand she holds to view,

A length of happy years ;
And in her left, the prize of fame

And honour bright appears.
She guides the young with innocence,

In pleasure's path to tread; A crown of glory she bestows

Upon the hoary head.
According as her labors rise,

So her rewards increase ;
Her ways are ways of pleasantness,

And all her paths are peace.


Invitation to praise. AWAKE and sing the song

Of Moses and the Lamb;
Wake every heart, and ev'ry tongue,

To praise the Saviour's name,
Sing of his dying love,

Sing of his rising pow'r;
Sing how he intercedes above

For those whose sins he bore..

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Sing, till we feel our hearts

Ascending with our tongues; '
Sing, till the love of sin departs,

And grace inspires our songs.
Sing on your heav'nly way, ·

Ye ransom'd sinners sing;
Sing on rejoicing ev'ry day,

In Christ th' eternal King.
Soon shall ye hear him say,

Ye blessed children, come hilluna
Soon will he call your hence away

To take bis wand'rers home.
0 цаж чад, и сечие

Behold, the Lord cometh! Jude xiv.
WHAT were Sinai's awful wonders,

To the wonders of that day!
When a voice like many thunders,
Shall be heard from heav'n to say,

Come to judgment !
Lo! the Judge is on his way.
Lo, he comes ! the Lord from heav'n,

He who bore the cross below;
All the pow'r to him is giv'n,

He appears in glory now :


He appat his glory. shall bow.

Every knee to him shall bow.


See the nations all assembling,

Stand before the Saviour's throne; Thousands at his presence trembling,

Hope extinguish'd, pleasures gone : • Calling, seeking,

For relief, and finding none.
But his people, they who knew him,

And on earth his name confess'd,
These the Saviour welcomes to him,
These he makes supremely blest :

Sweet their portion !
Theirs an everlasting rest.


Man honored above angels. NOW let us join with hearts and tongues, And emulate the angels' songs; Yea, sinners may address their King In songs that angels cannot sing. They praise the Lamb who once was slain; But we can add a higher strain; Not only say, “ He suffer'd thus, 66 But that he suffer'd all for us." When angels by transgression fell, Justice consign'd them all to hell; But mercy form'd a wondrous plan, To save and honour fallen man.

Jesus, who pass'd the angels by,'. Assum'd our flesh to bleed and die; And still he makes it his abode ; As man he fills the throne of God. Our next of kin, our brother now, Is he to whom the angels bow; They join with us to praise his name, But we the nearest int’rest claim. But, ah! how faint our praises rise ! Sure, 'tis the wonder of the skies, That we, who share his richest love, So cold and unconcern'd should prove.. O glorious hour, it comes with speed ! When we, from sin and darkness freed, Shall see the God who died for man, And praise him more than angels can.


· The name of Jesus.'
HOW sweet the name of Jesus sounds

In a believer's ear!
It sootbs his sorrows, heals his wounds,

And drives away his fear.
It makes the wounded spirit whole,

And calms the troubled breast; 'Tis manna to the hungry soul,

And to the weary rest.

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