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Torop of comenont prayer .

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sin filala


li. 3.

9 The Minister shall begin the EVENING PRAYER by reading one or
more of the following Sentences of Scripture, and then he shall say
that which is written after them. But on days other than the Lord's
Day, he may, at his discretion, pass at once from the Sentences to the

Lord's Prayer.
THE LORD is in his I acknowledge my trans-

holy temple ; let all gressions; and my sin is the earth keep silence be- ever before me. Psalm fore him. Hab. ii. 20.

From the rising of the Hide thy face from my sun even unto the going sins; and blot out all mine down of the same, my iniquities. Psalm li. 9. Name shall be great The sacrifices of God among the Gentiles; and are a broken spirit : a in every place incense broken and a contrite shall be offered unto my heart, O God, thou wilt Name, and a pure offer- not despise. Psalm li. 17. ing : for my Name shall Rend your heart, and be great among the hea- not your garments, and then, saith the LORD of turn unto the LORD your hosts. Mal. i. 11. God; for he is gracious

Let the words of my and merciful, slow to anmouth, and the medita- ger, and of great kindtion of my heart, be alway ness, and repenteth him acceptable in thy sight, Õ of the evil. *Joel ii. 13. LORD, my strength and To the Lord our God my redeemer. Psalm xix. belong mercies and for14, 15.

givenesses, though we When the wicked man have rebelled against turneth away from his him ; neither have we wickedness that he hath | obeyed the voice of the committed, and doeth LORD our God, to walk that which is lawful and in his laws which he right, he shall save his set before us. Dan. ix. soul alive. Ezek. xviii. 27. 9, 10.

reldrar. 2-10-28, umie,

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