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Entered according to Act of Cohgress, in the year 1874, by
In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.

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N 1862 I received an intimation from the proprietor of the “Windsor and Eton Express,” that, on the following first of August, the newspaper so called would have completed the fiftieth year of its publication. The fact was an interesting one to me. That news

paper was established by my father and myself; my proprietary interest in it lasted for fourteen years; and I continued to be its editor till the end of 1826, as I had been from its commencement. Looking back upon the August of 1812, at which time my working life really commenced, it occurred to me that there were passages of that working life of fifty years which might have an interest for a wider circle than that of my family and my immediate friends, if presented without the tedious egotism of a formal Auto-Biography. During that period my social position has not materially altered, and I have not had the advanage of seeing “life in many lands.” I have therefore no startling incidents to relate, and no great

variety of scenes to describe. My occupation has A 2

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