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ás Cambden, Spotswood, Clarendon, Bishop Burnet, and the late Bishop of Rochester.

1. Whether this Regard to the Words of dying Men proceeds from an Imagination that one who stands on the Confines of each State, has juster Notions of both, than he, whose Views seem more remote ; or from an Opinion, that the Character of the Man is beft understood from his Behaviour in this laft Scene of Action : It must however be admitted, that an Account of his preceding Life, a Relation of the constant Tenor of his Actions, and his unbyass’d Discourses, while under the Enjoyment of an easy Fortune, must certainly contribute something towards forming a right Judgment of him.

Many indeed take upon them to judge of the Cause, as well asthe Man, purely from what he says at that important Hour, and great Stress they lay upon every the minutes ACtion; they take his Words as the Result of a fincere disinterested Mind, not sway'd by any secular Motives, and therefore then best qualify'd to make a Judgment of the State of Things.

But'tis with great difficulty, if ever the contrary Party will admit, that the Constancy, Serenity, or even the Exultation of the Suf ferer at his Execution, are any Signs he is in the right ; or that the Justification of the

Enterprize at the last Gasp, adds any weight to the Justice of his Cause, tho' the Suffering Side are always ready to ascribe' niuch to the Resolution of their Martyr'd Hero.

Indeed, we find Men of the most distant Principles have dy'd, not only with equal Intrepidity, but equal Hopes of future Joys: We find the Cavalier looking on the Cause of God's Vice-gerent as the Cause of God, and bravely embracing Death and Sufferings, in Defence of his Lawful King, and the ancient Constitution : Soon after, we behold the Regicide, at his Execution, in Raptures at the Thoughts that God had been fo cious to permit him to imbrue his Hands ia Royal Blood, and made him an Instrument of throwing three Kingdoms into Confusion. He tells the World, as he is turning off, the Saints would gladly leave their bless'd Abodes to dye again in such a Cause.

But whatever else may be concluded from such Scenes - as these, we easily discern from hence, how far natural Courage, Education,

and a Familiarity with Dangers, or the Spirit i of Enthusiasm, can carry a Man.

To the Speeches and Characters I have added a Table, Shewing the Punishments appropriated to every Crime mention’d in the State Tryals ,' and which of them were

executed, and which of them mitigated, or i totally pardon’d


A 3

And the two first Tryals being for Heresy, I have, by way of Introduction, shewn how this Crime was anciently try'd and punish'd, and how at this Day ; and given fome Precedents of the Writ de Heretico .comburendo, and of the Warrant for issuing it.

From this short Account, the Reader will judge of the Usefulness of these Sheets in general, and more particularly to those Genclemen who have purchas'd the Tryals, and who seem indeed to expect something of this kind to compleat that Work,

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The several. PRISONERS mention'd in the

STATE TRYALS; shewing how the respective Sentences were executed on those who were Attainted, and which of them were Acquitted.


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Illiam Thorpe, Clerk, Imprisoned.

Şir John Oldcastle, Hang'd and 1413


Burnt. 1535 Sir Thomas More,

Beheaded. 1554 Sir Nicholas Throckmorton

Acquitted 1567 James, Earl of Bothwell Acquitted, 1571 Thomas Duke of Norfolk, Beheaded.

s Parry, Ballard, Babington,

Savage, Barnwell, Titch-
burne, Tilney, Abington, Hang’d and


Salisbury, Donn, Jones, Quarter'd 1586 Charnock, Travers, Gage

as Traytors. and Bellamy, Conspirators a

gainf Queen Elizabeth, 1586 Mary Queen of Scots,


ŞImprisonm. 1589 Philip Earl of Arundel

Land Confis. 1600 Earl of Essex


ŞImprisonm. 1600 Earl of Southampton

Land Confis.


1603 Sir


1603 ş Sir Walter Raleigh tryd; and?

d} Beheaded. in 1618 FRobert Winter, John Grant,

Tho. Bates, Tho. Winter,

Ambrose Rookwood, Rob. (Executed as 1605

Keys, Guy Fawkes, and Sirf Traytors.
Everard Digby, Confpira-

tors in the Gunpowder Plot, 1606 ŞHenry Garnet, Superior of the Executed


S as aTraytor
Richard Weston, Anne Tur-

ner, Sir Jervis Elvis and 1615

James Franklin, - Murderers

of Sir Thomas Overbury, Frances Countess of Somerset,

and Robert Carr, Earl of Imprisonm. 1616

Somerset, Murderers of Sir and Confis.

Thomas Overbury,
Lord Audley

Beheaded. 163! Fitz-Patrick and Broadway} Hang' d. Z his Servants


Ears cut off 1633 William Prynn, Esq;

Find and

Imprison'd. 1634 Lord Balmerino

Pardon'd. 1641 Earl of Strafford

Beheaded. (John Hampden Esq; his Try-7

al in the Case of Ship-money, Shot in the 1643

1636. He was in an Engage- Field.

ment with the Ki's Forces 1643 1644 Archbishop Laud


S Executedas 1644 Connor Lord Macguire

a Traytor, 1648 King CHARLES the First Beheaded. 1649 ŞJames Duke Hamilton and?

Beheaded. 7649 John Lilburne

Acquitted. 105Chrifto

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