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AMONGST the various benefits which the volumes of the Naturalist's Library have conferred upon the study of Natural Science, not the least valuable has been the publication of groupes, or families, of animated beings, of the extent of which we know that the public in general had no previous conception.

Such is our present volume on the history of the Amphibious Carnivora, in which are described all the known species, illustrated by numerous plates and wood-cuts, and these interesting details congregated together at the very trifling expense of six shillings.

In the course of a few months we shall lay before our readers two volumes on the history of the Dog, from the pen and pencil of that accomplished naturalist, Colonel Hamilton Smith. They are now in the press, and every exertion is being made to expedite the details. Before their



ever, we hope to have the pleasure to bring out the long-promised volume on the introduction to En. tomology, by the Rev. James Duncan, the contributor of our other volumes devoted to that department; and a most interesting volume on the history of Bees, by the Rev. William Dunbar, being also in the press, will soon be in the hands of our subscribers. The second portion of the Birds of Britain, by the Editor, is also in the press.

3, St. James' SQUARE,

December 1838.

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