Acts of the General Assembly of South-Carolina

State Printer, 1875 - 142 páginas
Acts for 1849 and 1855 contain Senate and House journals.

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Página 846 - ... liable as a stockholder accordingly, and the estates and funds in the hands of such executor, administrator, guardian or trustee, shall be liable in like manner, and to the same extent as the testator or intestate, or the ward or person interested in such trust...
Página 1026 - There shall be assessed on all taxable polls in the State an annual tax of one dollar on each poll, the proceeds of which tax shall be applied solely to educational purposes: Provided, that no person shall ever be deprived of the right of suffrage for the nonpayment of said tax.
Página 890 - ... make, have, and use a common seal, and the same to break, alter, and renew at their pleasure; and also to ordain, establish, and put in execution...
Página 1000 - If any bill shall not be returned by the Governor within ten days after it shall have been presented to him, the same shall be a law, in like manner as if he had signed it, unless the General Assembly by their adjournment prevent its return; in which case it shall...
Página 1010 - Assembly to submit such proposed amendment or amendments to the people, in such manner, and at such time as the General Assembly shall provide; and if the people shall approve and ratify such amendment or amendments, by a majority of the electors qualified to vote for members of the General Assembly, voting thereon, such amendment or amendments shall become a part of the Constitution of this State.
Página 941 - States : and also to make, have, and use, a common seal, and the same to break, alter, and renew, at their pleasure...
Página 1010 - Sec. 8. The General Assembly shall provide for the election, by the voters of the State, of a State Superintendent of Public Instruction, who shall hold his office for two years, and whose duties and compensation shall be prescribed by law.
Página 957 - No person holding stock in any such company as executor, administrator, guardian or trustee, and no person holding such stock as collateral security, shall be personally subject to any liability as stockholder of such company...
Página 1010 - Assembly, voting thereon, shall vote in favor of such amendment or amendments, and two-thirds of each branch of the next General Assembly shall, after such an election, and before another, ratify the same amendment or amendments, by yeas and nays, the same shall become part of the Constitution : Provided, That such amendment or amendments shall have been read three times, on three several days, in each house.
Página 1025 - ... taxable property throughout the State for the support of public schools, which tax shall be collected at the same time and by the same agents as the general State levy, and shall be paid into the treasury of the State.

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