A Letter to Dr Mead Concerning Some Antiquities in Berkshire,: Particularly Shewing that the White Horse, which Gives Name to the Vale, is a Monument of the West-Saxons, Made in Memory of a Great Victory Obtained Over the Danes A.D. 871

Thomas Wood at the University Printing-House, 1738 - 43 páginas

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Página 4 - And Abraham hearkened unto Ephron; and Abraham weighed to Ephron the silver, which he had named in the audience of the sons of Heth, four hundred shekels of silver, current money with the merchant.
Página i - Wise's Letter to Dr. Mead, concerning the White Horse, and other Antiquities in Berkshire.
Página 45 - Whittington, 1755.] 3. A Gold Coin in the Possession of Mr. Simpson, of Lincoln, in a Letter to Mr. Vertue. [Dated Godmersham, 1751.] 4. A Jewel in the Bodleian Library. [No place or date ] 5. Second Thoughts on Lord Pembroke's Coin, in a Letter to Mr. Ames, Secretary to the Society of Antiquaries. [Dated Whittington, 1755.] [These Dissertations are prefaced by a Question, candidly debated with the Rev.
Página 37 - At this place lived formerly an invisible Smith; and if a traveller's Horse had lost a Shoe upon the road, he had no more to do, than to bring the Horse to this place, with a piece of money, and leaving both there for some little time, he might come again and find the money gone, but the Horse new shod'.
Página 1 - Further Observations upon the White Horse and other Antiquities in Berkshire, with an account of Whiteleaf-Cross in Buckinghamshire, and also of the Red Horse in Warwickshire.
Página 42 - DISSERTATION (a) upon Oriuna, said to be the Empress, or Queen of England, the supposed wife of Carausius, monarch and emperor of Britain, who reigned in the time of Diocletian, the great persecutor of Christians, whom he was at war with for many years, until received as colleague with him in the Roman Empire. Illustrated with the coin of Oriuna, and several others most remarkable of Carausius, hitherto not made public; this coin of her's being lately sent to France to his most Christian...
Página xiii - Glory to God in the higheft, and on earth peace, Goodwill towards men.
Página 22 - Castle, where, I suppose, the Danes lay encamped; for as their marches were generally hasty, and more like that of plunderers than of a regular army, they had not time to throw up fortifications; nor, indeed, was there occasion, where they found enough of them ready made to their hands. This place I chose for the Danes, because Asser* says, they had got the upper ground. About half a mile lower, westward, on the brow of the hill, nearer to Ashbury, overlooking a farm-house, is a- camp, fortified...

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