Annual Report, Volúmenes41-61


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Página 40 - The President, and in his absence, the Vice-President, shall preside at all meetings of the Association.
Página 21 - Youth, for the purpose of training and teaching such persons, with all the powers and privileges, and subject to all the duties, restrictions, and liabilities, set forth in the thirty-eighth and fortyfourth chapters of the Revised Statutes.
Página 40 - Representatives, moved an order providing for the appointment of a committee to "consider the expediency of appointing commissioners to inquire into the condition of idiots in the Commonwealth, to ascertain their number, and whether anything can be done for their relief.
Página 26 - ... resides, of his intention to make such application, and satisfactory evidence that such notice has been given shall be produced to the judge and accompany the order of commitment.
Página 45 - ... lunatic resides, of his intention to make such application; and satisfactory evidence that such notice has been given shall be produced to the judge in cases of commitment.
Página 20 - Said corporation shall gratuitously receive, maintain and educate in the school department such indigent feeble-minded persons from this Commonwealth as shall lie designated by the governor upon the recommendation of the secretary of the state board of education.
Página 34 - ... or become irresponsible sources of corruption and debauchery in the communities where they live. There is hardly a poorhouse in this land where there are not two or more feeble-minded women with from one to four illegitimate children each. There is every reason in morality, humanity and public policy that these feebleminded women should be under permanent and watchful guardianship, especially during the child-bearing age.
Página 27 - ... unwholesome environments and their permanent sequestration before they are pronounced criminals, and have, by the tuition of the slums, acquired a precocity that deceives even experts. Only a small percentage should ever be returned to the community, and then only under conditions that would preclude the probability of their assuming social relations under marriage, or becoming sowers of moral and physical disease under the garb of professional tramps and degraded prostitutes.
Página 27 - ... in writing, of the mayor and aldermen of the city or of the selectmen of the town, or of the person liable therefor, the same, with interest from the time of such demand, may be recovered for the use of the...
Página 41 - ... real estate or other property. They shall have power to take any measures, which they may deem expedient, for encouraging subscriptions, donations, and bequests to the corporation ; to take charge of all the interests and concerns of the school ; to enter into and bind the corporation by such compacts and engagements as they may deem advantageous ; to make such rules and regulations for their own government and that of the school, and not inconsistent with these by-laws, as may to them appear...

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