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Do you ask "What is it ?"

America and Canada, after much thought, prayer, and conference, and the surmounting of not a few local and denominational difficulties, have agreed to unite in One Simultaneous Series of SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSONS; and have invited their fellow teachers throughout the world to join them.

From many parts of the Continent of Europe, from India, and from the Australian Colonies, a cordial response has been sent. The Committee of the Sunday School Union have resolved to give in their adhesion to the movement, on behalf of the Schools under their care, so that what has been spoken of in the United States as one of the grandest ideas of modern Christian effort, may yet become a realized fact, namely:



But to accomplish this, Pastors, Superintendents, and School Committees, must give their earnest and united co-operation. The Union will provide the Machinery, but its Members and Friends throughout Great Britain must lend Hand, and Head, and Heart, to work it successfully.

It is no new thing for the Sunday School Union to provide Lesson Schemes and Lesson Helps for teachers and scholars. This it has done for more than Thirty Years, with a wide and ever increasing sphere of influence and usefulness. But the new movement involves new efforts and new publications, as well as the adaptation and modification of existing ones. The Committee have endeavoured to accomplish this object, without imposing any additional outlay which would prove burdensome to Schools and Teachers whose means are limited.

Extract from the "List of Lessons for 1874." (Price 1s. per 100.)


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The resurrection of the body
15 The final judgment....

22 The blessedness of the redeemed
29 Review-God in Christ



Jan. 4 The House of Bondage...
11 The Birth of Moses
18 The Call of Moses

AFTERNOON (International) SUBJECTS. Golden Texts

for Repetition.

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25 Moses' Doubts removed. Feb. 1 Jehovah's Promise



Exodus i. 6-14..... John viii. 84
Exodus ii. 1-10...... Heb. xi. 23
Exodus iii. 1-15 Heb. xi. 24, 25
Exodus iv. 1-17 Ver. 12
Exodus vi. 1-13 Lev. xxvi. 12
Exodus vii. 8-25...
Exodus xii. 21-36

8 The First Plague

15 Jehovah's Passover..................................
22 The Exodus
Mar.1 The Red Sea

Prov. xxix. 1
1 Cor. v. 7
Ex. xiii. 17 to xiv. 9 Ps. xxxii. 8
Exodus xiv. 18-31 Heb. xi. 29
Exodus xv. 20-27... | Rev. xxii. 2
Ex.xvi. 1-15, 81-35 John vi. 32, 33
Exodus xvii. 8-16 Ps. lvi. 9

8 Bitter Waters sweetened.....
15 Bread from Heaven


22 Defeat of Amalek ...................................
29 Review-Song of Moses............ Exodus xv. 1-17 ...] Ver. 11/

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Golden Texts




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The International

Lessons for 1874 have been selected from the Pentateuch (six months) and the Gospel of St. Mark (six months). These form the Afternoon subjects. The Morning series consists of doctrinal and practical topics, setting forth truth and duty; and is so arranged as to secure an Old and a New Testament Subject for each Sunday in the Year. Thus, while giving due prominence to Gospel history and teaching, the exquisite and invaluable narratives of the Old Testament will not be neglected.

The last Sunday in each quarter is devoted to


when the Scholars are to be examined in what they have been taught during the preceding three months. The value of reviewing is not duly realized in English Sunday Schools, but it is practised with much benefit in America, and well deserves universal adoption in this country.

(Read the "Teacher's Cabinet," for October, No. 16, price 2d., for information on 66 Reviewing.") The verses selected for repetition by the Scholars form


to accompany each lesson. This is designed to be a Motto or Key Text, embodying the leading truth, and therefore especially suited for learning by heart.

Together with the Golden Text the Scholars should be encouraged to learn



for each Sunday Morning and Afternoon. It consists of four or six lines of Poetry (mostly a verse of a Hymn) teaching the same truth as the Golden Text, and forming a sort of companion exercise thereto.

The Lesson Verses will be found in the Monthly "Notes on the Scripture Lessons," (Price 1d.); which are intended for the Teacher's use, and it has been determined also to provide Coloured Pictures illustrative of the Lessons and suitable for Infant Classes, issued as a part of the International system.


cheap and attractive, containing both Golden Texts and Lesson Verses for each Afternoon Lesson.


Price 4d. per packet of Twelve for each Sunday.


THE CALL OF MOSES, EXODUS III. 1-15. Golden Text.-"By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter; choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. -HEBREWS xi. 24, 25.

Lesson Verse.

Take the task God gives you gladly,

Let His work your pleasure be; When He calleth, quickly answer, Here am I, send me-send me

Home Readings.

Monday 12th-Exodus iii. 1-15.
Tuesday 13th-Acts vii. 20-35.
Wednesday 14th-Isaiah vi. 1-8.
Thursday 15th-Isaiah xliii. 1-13.
Friday 16th-Acts xxii. 1-15.
Saturday 17th-Isaiah lxi. 1-9.
SUNDAY 18th-Exodus iii, 1-15.



Where and how was Moses educated? (Acts vii.).

2. How came he in the "land of Midian ?"


Where was Horeb, and why is it called "the mountain of God ?"


How was Moses prepared for his great work?

5. How does God call men to His service now?

Pictorial Lesson Papers, No. 3 (Jan. 18).

Let Teachers and Superintendents see that each Scholar is supplied with a Lesson Paper, a week in advance, and there will be no excuse for the children coming unprepared. For why should not Scholars as well as Teachers prepare for the Sunday's Lessons? why should they not read and think, and inquire, during the previous week? What life and interest would be imparted to the Sabbath exercises if such were the case! With this conviction


for each day in the week, and a few Questions to assist private study, are inserted in the Scholars' "Lesson Papers" (see Specimen). Both the Readings and the Questions point forward to the next Sunday Afternoon's (International) Lesson, and will, it is hoped, be of much benefit, if the attention of the children and young persons is frequently directed to this important duty of private preparation.

But this is not all. Papers are sometimes lost or torn, or mislaid, while little books may be kept safely in the pocket for weeks and months.


for Teachers and Scholars will therefore be issued quarterly, containing all the above-mentioned particulars as to the Sunday Lessons and Home Readings, as follows:

Specimen of "Pocket Lesson Book," Price 1d. per Quarter.

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