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micranthum, Nutt. in Trans. Am. Phil. Soc. 7, p. 453. Aphanopappus Nuttallii, Walp. Rep. 2, p. 620. (M. & B. 536 ; Remy, 245.)

227. LIPOCHÆTA Remyi, Gray, l. C. p. 131. (M. & B. 533; Remy, 260.)

228. ARGYROXIPAIUM SANDWICENSE, DC. Prodr. 5, p. 668; Gray, 1. c. p. 136. (Remy, 254.)

229. ARGYROXIPHIUM MACROCEPHALUM, Gray, in Proceed. Amer. Acad. 2, p. 160, & 5, p. 137. — The tuft of linear silvery-pubescent leaves from the short and thick stem is sometimes as much as four feet in diameter, and the compound branching panicle arising from their midst, six or eight feet high, bears innumerable heads of flowers, which are yellow in the disk and purple in the ray. (M. & B.)

230. WILKESIA GYMNOXIPHIUM, Gray, l. c. 5, p. 136. — This looks much like an Argyroxiphium raised upon a stem 6 or 8 feet high. The leaves are Yucca-like, whorled, and their connate cup-like bases overlapping one another from below upwards. The compound panicle is one to three feet long, bearing small yellow heads, about half an inch in diameter, on very slender peduncles and pedicels. — Only found on the dry southwestern slopes of the mountain of Kauai. (M. & B. 535.)

231. DUBAUTIA PLANTAGINEA, Gaud. Bot. Freyc. Voy. p. 469, t. 84; Gray, l. c. p. 134. (M. & B. 365 ; Remy, 237.) Var. LEVIGATA. D. lævigata, Gray, l. c. p. 135. (M. & B. 538.)

232. DUBAUTIA LAXA, Hook. & Arn. Bot. Beech. Voy. p. 87; Gray, 1. c. p. 135. (M. & B. 133; Remy, 238.)

233. DUBAUTIA PALEATA, Gray, l. c. p. 135.
234. RAILLARDIA LATIFOLIA, Gray, l. c. p. 132. (H. Mann.)

235. RAILLARDIA SCABRA, DC. Prodr. 6, p. 441; Gray, l. c. p. 133. (M. & B. 366; Remy, 248, 249.)

236. RAILLARDIA LAXIFLORA, DC. Prodr. 6, p. 441 ; Gray, l. c. p. 133. (Remy, 250 ; W. T. Brigham.)

237. RAILLARDIA CILIOLATA, DC. Prodr. 6, p. 441; Gray, l. c. p. 133. (M. & B. 517, 518; Remy, 247, 251, 252, 253.)

238. Raillardia HILLEBRANDI (sp. nov.) : ramis pubescentibus ; foliis ternatis confertiusculis ovatis oblongisve acutis basi subamplexicauli sessilibus trinerviis pubescentibus ; paniculis folioso-bracteatis ; capitulis elongatis 4-5-floris. — Waimea, Hawaii (U. S. Expl. Exped.; Hillebrand, no. 14). Differs from R. linearis in its heads not being cymosely-fascicled, in their larger size, and in the broader and pubescent sessile leaves.

239. RAILLARDIA LINEARIS, Gaud. Bot. Freyc. Voy. p. 469, t. 83; DC. Prodr. 6, p. 440. Gray, l. c. p. 133. (M. & B. 356.)

240. RAILLARDIA MENZIESII, Gray, l. c. p. 133. (M. & B. 367.) 241. RAILLARDIA PLATYPHYLLA, Gray, l. c. p. 134. 242. RAILLARDIA ARBOREA, Gray, l. c. p. 134.

243. RAILLARDIA MONTANA (sp. nov.): fruticosa, orgyalis; ramis patentibus confertiuscule foliaceis; foliis patentibus lanceolato-oblongis acutis 5-nerviis glabris vel minute pubescentibus denticulatis sessilibus plerisque alternis ; panicula subsimplici; capitulis longe pedicellatis 15 - 23-floris. \ R. arborea, var. foliis angustioribus, Gray, in herb. — Hualalai, Hawaii, at 6,000 feet elevation. - A much-branched shrub, differing from the preceding species in its manner of growth, in the thinner leaves, which are smoother, and not closely imbricated; from R. platyphylla by its narrower leaves with fewer veins, etc. (M. & B. 521.)

244. RAILLARDIA STRUTHIOLOIDES, Gray, l. c. p. 134.

245. ARTEMISIA AUSTRALIS, Less. in Linnæa, 6, p. 522; Gray, l. c. p. 137. Var. EschscHOLTZIANA, Gray, l. c. (M. & B. 539.) Var. MAVIENSIS, Gray, 1. c. Var. MICROCEPHALA, Gray, in herb. (Hillebrand.) – In favorable situations a large shrub, 6 feet high, branching from the base.

246. GNAPHALIUM LUTEO-ALBUM, Linn. G. Sandwicensium, Gaud. Bot. Freyc. Voy. p. 466, fide Gray. (M. & B. 309; Remy, 236.)

247. Senecio SANDWICENSIS, Less. in Linnæa, 6, p. 526; DC. Prodr. 6, p. 375.

248.CENTAUREA MELITENSIS, Linn. (M. & B. 3; Remy, 294.)

249. HESPEROMANNIA ARBORESCENS, Gray, in Proceed. Amer. Acad. 6, p. 554. — The only known Labiati flora from any of the proper Pacific Islands. The genus belongs to the group Flotowieæ of Weddell's arrangement of the Mutisiaceæ; and is related to Chuquiraga and Doniophyton on the one hand, and to Stiftia and Anastraphia on the other. A small tree, about 20 feet high, and divaricately branched, bearing several flower-heads at the ends of the branches. Leaves 3 to 5 inches long, 1 to 14 inches wide, near the ends of the branches; the heads are 14 to 2 inches in diameter, with bright yellow flowers and tawny pappus. — Only one tree seen, on the summit of Lanai, at about 2,500 feet elevation. (M. & B. 357.)

250.f Sonchus asper, Linn.

251.1 Youngia JAPONICA, DC. Prodr. 8, p. 149. Prenanthes Japonica, Linn. Crepis Japonica, Benth. (M. & B. 244.)

Lobeliacea. ROLLANDIA, Gaud. Bot. Freyc. Voy. p. 458.* Calyx tubo ovoideo, lobis abbreviatis æqualibus. Corolla arcuatogibbosa, a latere compressa, tubo integro superne inflato dorso fisso, calyce multo longiore, limbo quinquepartito subbilabiato, lobis lanceolatis. Columna staminea inferne corollæ postice et lateraliter adnata. Antheræ duæ inferiores barbatæ. Stigma bilobum. Bacca bilocularis, calyce diu persistente coronata. — Frutices lactescentes, Sandwicenses, racemis axillaribus brevibus, pedicellis nudis. Folia integra, sesqui – tripedalia.

252. ROLLANDIA LANCEOLATA (Gaud. 1. c.): fruticosa ; foliis oblongo-lanceolatis duplicato-dentatis subtus hirtellis utrinque acutis, petiolis sesqui-bipollicaribus; pedunculis petiolo subæquilongis paucifloris ; calycis lobis glabris obovatis obtusis tubo ovoideo triplo brevioribus; columna staminea antherisque hirsutis; corolla fere glabra; stigmate nudo; semina minutissime striato-reticulata. — R. lanceolata, & var. grandifolia, DC. Prodr. 7, p. 344. R. Delessertiana, Gaud. Bot. Bonite, t. 75. Delissea lanceolata, Gray, in Proceed. Amer. Acad. 5, p. 147. - Oahu. (W. T. Brigham.)

253. ROLLANDIA CRISPA (Gaud. I. c.): fruticosa; foliis obovatolanceolatis inferne longe attenuatis breviter petiolatis membranaceis fere glabris margine serrulatis undulatis vel integerrimis ; pedunculo petiolum adæquante paucifloro; calycis lobis oblongis obtusis subfoliaceis velutinis valde imbricatis ovario æquilongis; columna staminea glabra ; corolla cinereo-puberula ; stigmate nudo. — Cyanea ? Rollandia, Gray, l. c. p. 149. — Oahu. (M. & B. 58.)

254. ROLLANDIA HUMBOLDTIANA (Gaud. Bot. Bonite, t. 76): fru

* The diagnostic characters of the four fleshy-fruited genera of Lobeliaceæ peculiar to the Hawaiian Islands may be stated thus :

ROLLANDIA. Calycis lobi breves. Corolla arcuato-gibbosa a latere compressa. Columna staminea corollæ postice et lateraliter adnata. Caudex fere herbaceus.

DELISSÉA. Calycis lobi breves seu brevissimi, sæpius dentiformes. Corolla arcuata, tubo cylindraceo. Columna staminea libera. Arbusculæ columnæformes vel ramosæ.

Cyanea. Calycis lobi foliacei vel prælongi. Corolla arcuata vel rectiuscula. Columna staminea libera. Frutices vel arbores columnæformes.

CLERMONTIA. Calycis lobi corollam æquilongam sub anthesi valvatim includentes, cadaci. Columna staminea libera. Arbusculæ ramosæ.



ticosa ; foliis lanceolatis vel obovato-lanceolatis inferne attenuatis longiuscule petiolatis fere glabris serrulatis vel integerrimis; pedunculo petiolum adæquante vel superante paucifloro; floribus hirtellis ; calycis lobis lanceolatis ovario dimidio brevioribus; columna staminea glabra ; stigmate pilis cincto. — Oahu. (W. T. Brigham.) – I have fortunately been able to identify a single specimen, which Mr. Brigham collected, with the figure of this species : as is shown by the description, drawn from the specimen, aided by Gaudichaud's excellent figure, it has characters of value upon which to stand.

Delissea, Gaud. Bot. Freyc. Voy. p. 459. Calyx tubo hæmispherico vel turbinato, lobis brevibus sæpius dentiformibus. Corolla arcuata, tubulosa, bilabiata, tubo sæpius dorso fisso, labiis longitudine æqualibus. Columna staminea a corolla libera. Antheræ duæ inferiores barbatæ. Stigma bilobum. Bacca subglobosa, bilocularis. — Frutices vel arbusculæ lactescentes, Sandwicenses, foliis integris vel pinnatifidis, racemis axillaribus, pedicellis sæpe bibracteolatis.

255. DelissEA CLERMONTIOIDES (Gaud. Bot. Bonite, t. 47): fruticosa, hirtella ; foliis coriaceis oblongis utrinque acuminatis creberrime serrulatis supra glabris breviter petiolatis ; pedunculis bracteatis paucifloris petiolum adæquantibus vel superantibus; pedicellis pedunculo æquilongis bibracteolatis ; lobis calycis brevissimis triangularibus; corolla bipollicari sub-bilabiata ; bacca angulato-sphærica apice truncata (pollicari); seminum testa lævissima. — Gray, l. c. p. 147. — This character has been drawn up from a young specimen in the collection of the United States Exploring Expedition, helped out by Gaudichaud's figure.

256. DELISSEA CORIACEA (Gray, l. c. p. 147): "fruticosa, glabra ; foliis amplis (pedalibus et ultra) oblongo-lanceolatis coriaceis repandoserrulatis basi acutis longiuscule petiolatis, venulis conspicue reticulatis; racemis plurifioris petiolum haud superantibus; calycis limbo obsoleto seu dentibus 5 minutis instructo; corolla (glabra) pollicari subcurvata.” – Kauai. (Remy, 302.)

Var.? B. “ foliis spathulato-lanceolatis in petiolum brevem longe attenuatis.” — Fruit as large as a cherry. – Haleakala, East Maui. This may be my D. arborea.

Var.? 7. PINNATILOBA (Gray, l. c. & in Bot. S. P. Expl. Exped. ined.): “ foliis profunde sinuato-pinnatifidis, lobis utrinque 5-7 obtu

sissimis integerrimis.” — Mountains of Kauai. This was doubtfully referred by Gray to D. Delessertiana, Gray, l. c., which is Rollandia Delessertiana, Gaud. Bot. Bonite, t. 75, which again appears to be identical with R. lanceolata, Gaud. I have little doubt that it is a variety of D. coriacea, but only some leaves have been collected.

257. DelissEA OBTUSA (Gray, l. c. p. 148): “fruticosa ; ramis junioribus floribusque undique pubescentibus; foliis (5 – 8-pollic.) membranaceis oblongis serrulatis apice vel utrinque obtusis subtus parce pubescentibus ; racemis plurifloris petiolum gracilem haud superantibus; calycis limbo minuto vel fere obsoleto; corolla gracili subpollicari incurva"; columna staminea glabra ; seminum testa lävissima nitidiuscula. — Mountains of Maui. (M. & B. 466.)

Var. MOLLIS (Gray, l. c.): “ caule crassiori ; foliis elongatis (subpedalibus) oblongo-lanceolatis basi in petiolum breviusculum attenuatis supra puberulis subtus molliter pubescentibus ; floribus pollicaribus crassiusculis cæruleis.” — Mouna Kea, Hawaii.

258. DelissEA HIRTELLA (sp. nov.): fruticosa, ramosa, hirtella ; foliis oblanceolatis utrinque acuminatis crebre serrulatis supra glabris petiolatis; pedunculis paucifloris petiolo brevioribus; lobis calycis lanceolatis ovario multo brevioribus. — Mountains above Waimea, Kauai. — A large branching shrub, 20 feet high, hirsute with short rusty hairs. Leaves 7 to 10 inches long, 2 to 3 wide. Petioles about 2 inches long. Only flower-buds seen, in which the sepals are scarcely a line long. (M. & B. 574.)

259. DELISSEA ACUMINATA (Gaud. Bot. Freyc. Voy. p. 475, t. 76; DC. Prodr. 7, p. 342, non Gray, l. c. p. 148): fruticosa, ramosa ; foliis oblongis utrinque acuminatis denticulatis membranaceis pilosiusculis subtus pallidioribus longiuscule petiolatis ; pedunculis petiolo brevioribus; pedicellis filiformibus nudis, floribus racemosis; calycis lobis lanceolatis puberulis ovario dimidio brevioribus; corolla (12 - 16 lin. longa) glabrata ; columna staminea hirtella; seminum testa lævissima flava. — Oahu. (M. & B. 233.)

260. DelissEA ANGUSTIFOLIA (Presl, Prodr. Lob. p. 47): fruticosa, ramosa ; foliis lanceolatis acutis serratis, serraturis obtusis, petiolis limbo dimidio brevioribus ; pedunculis axillaribus plurifloris petiolo æquilongis ; floribus corymbosis ; pedicellis filiformibus nudis; calycis lobis dentiformibus ciliolatis caducis ; corolla cum columna staminea glabra; seminum testa lævissima nitidiuscula. — DC. Prodr. 7, p. 343. D. acuminata, & yar, angustifolia, Gray, l. c, p. 148. Lobelia angus

p. 200.)

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