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nal Section : The Tumor, Fibro-Cystic, weighing thirty-seven. pounds. (Reprinted from the Am. Jour. of the Med. Sc. for Jan.

1866. 8vo pamph. Boston. 1866. Strachey (Col. Richard, R. E.).

Palæontology of Niti in the Northern Himalaya ; being Descriptions and Figures of the Palæozoic and Secondary Fossils. .... Descriptions by J. W. Salter, F. G. S., A. L. S.; and H. F. Bland

ford, A. R. S. M., F. G. S. 8vo vol. Calcutta. 1865. Sumner (Hon. Charles).

Speech on the Bill to maintain the Freedom of the Inhabitants in the States declared in Insurrection and Rebellion by the Proclamation of the President of July 1, 1862. 8vo pamph. Washington. 1865.

The Equal Rights of All: The great Guarantee and present Necessity, for the Sake of Security, and to maintain a Republican Government. Speech of Hon. Charles Sumner .... in the U. S. Senate, Feb. 6 and 7. 1866. 8vo pamph. Washington.

A Republican Form of Government: Our first Duty and the essential Condition of Peace. Bills and Resolutions by Hon. Charles Sumner of Massachusetts, in the Senate of the United States, at the opening of Congress, Dec. 4, 1865. Svo pamph. Washington, 1865.

No Compromise of Human Rights. No Admission in the Constitution of Inequality of Rights or Disfranchisement on Account of Color. Speech of Hon. Charles Sumner, on the proposed Amendment of the Constitution, fixing the Basis of Representation. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, March 7, 1866. 8vo pamph. Washington. 1866.

Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture (Isaac Newton) for the Years 1863, 1864. 2 vols. 8vo. Washington. 1863 – 65.

Letter of the Commissioner of Agriculture (Isaac Newton), transmitting the Report of the Commission appointed under an Act of Congress . ...“for Investigations to test the Practicability of cultivating and preparing Flax or Hemp as a Substitute for Cotton. 8vo pamph. Washington. 1865.

Report of the Commissioner of Patents (D. P. Holloway) for the Year 1862, — Arts and Manufactures. 2 vols. 8vo. Washington. 1864 – 65.

Report of the Joint Committee of the Senate and House of RepreVOL. VII.

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sentatives, directed to inquire into the Origin of the Fire by which the Smithsonian Institution Buildings, and the Valuable Deposits therein, were, on Tuesday, the 24th of January, in Whole or in Part,

destroyed. 8vo pamph. Washington. 1865. Trembley (J. B., M. D.).

Annual Meteorological Synopsis for the Year 1865. Observations taken Three Times per Day, by J. B. Trembley, M. D., in the

City of Toledo, Ohio. 12mo pamph. Toledo. Tuckerman (Prof. Edward, M. A.).

Lichens of California, Oregon, and the Rocky Mountains, so far as yet known. With an Appendix. 8vo pamph. Amherst, Mass.

1866. Vose (George L., Civ. Eng.).

Orographic Geology; or, The Origin and Structure of Mountains. A Review. 8vo vol. Boston. 1866.

Geologie der Schweiz. Von B. Studer, Ph. D., Prof. Geol. u. Min. in Bern. 2 vols. 8vo. Bern & Zurich. 1851 – 53. Warren (J. Mason, M. D.).

Fissure of the Soft and Hard Palate. By J. Mason Warren. M. D. [Extr. from Trans. of the Am. Med. Assoc.] 12mo pamph. Philadelphia. 1865.

Annales d'Hygiène et de Médecine Legale. Par M.M. Adelon, Andral, Barruel, D'Arcet, Devergie, etc. 16 vols. 8vo. Paris. 1829 - 36.

Cours d'Histoire Moderne. (Par M. Guizot, Prof. d'Hist, à la Faculté des Lettres de Paris.) Histoire de la Civilization en France depuis la Chute de l’Empire Romain jusqu'en 1789. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris. 1829 – 30.

Cours d'Histoire Moderne .... Histoire Générale de la Civilization en Europe. 8vo vol. Paris. 1828.

Conseils de Morale ou Essais sur l'Homme.....(Par Mme Guizot.) 2 vols. 8vo. Paris. 1828.

Lettres de Famille sur l'Éducation. (Par Mme Guizot.) 2° ed. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris. 1828.

Congrès de Vérone. Guerre d'Espagne. Négociations : Colonies Espagnoles. (Par M.' De Chateaubriand.) 2 vols. 8vo. Paris. 1838.

Nouvelles Considerations sur les Rapports du Physique et du Moral de l'Homme. Ouvrage Posthume de M. Maine De Biran. Publié par M. Cousin. 8vo vol. Paris. 1834.

Cours de Philosophie. Par M. V. Cousin. ... . Histoire de la Philosophie du Dix-Huitième Siècle. Tome II. 8vo. Paris. 1829.

De l'Irritation et de la Folie. Ouvrage dans lequel les Rapports du Physique et du Moral sont établis sur les Bases de la Medecine Physiologique. Par F. J. V. Broussais. . . . . 2° ed. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris. 1839.

Lettres sur l'Histoire de France pour servir Introduction à l'Étude de cette Histoire. Par Augustin Thierry.....5° ed. 8vo vol. Paris. 1836.

Mélanges Philosophiques. Par Théodore Jouffroy, Membre de l'Institut., etc. 8vo vol. Paris. 1833.

Biographie des Hommes Remarquables, du Departement de Seineet-Oise depuis le Commencement de la Monarchie jusqu'à ce Jour. Par MM. E. et H. Daniel, de Versailles. 8vo vol. Versailles et Paris. 1832.

Géologie appliquée aux Arts et à l'Agriculture, comprenant l'Ensemble des Revolutions du Globe. . . . . Par MM. C. Dorbigny et A. Gente. 8vo vol. Paris.

Annuaire de Chimie ; comprenant les Applications de cette Science à la Médecine et à la Pharmacie ou Répertoire des Découvertes et des Nouveaux Travaux en Chimie faits dans les diverses Parties de l'Europe. Par E. Millon et J. Reiset, avec la Collaboration de J.

M. Nickles. 1849. Svo vol. Paris. 1849. Weitenweber (Dr. W. R.).

Vortrag des Geschäftsleiters in der General-Versammlung der Gesellschaft des Museums des Königreiches Böhmen am 22 Mai, 1864. 8vo pamph. Prague. 1864.

Neuere Forschungen des Dr. Carl Schimper in SchwetzingenBesprochen in der Sitzung des Vereines “ Lotos” in Prag am 6 November, 1863. Von Freibern von Leonhardi. 8vo pamph. Prague. 1863.

Die Pharmacognostiche Sammlung des Apothekers Josef Dittrich in Prag, Nr. 219-III. Ausgestelt zur Feier der dritten General Versammlung des Allgemeinen Oesterrischen Apotheker-Vereines

am 1 und 2 September, 1863, in Prag. 8vo pamph. Prague. 1863. Wetherill (Charles M., Ph. D., M. D.)

A Brief Sketch of the Modern Theory of Chemical Types. 8vo pamph.

Experiments with the Ammonium Amalgam. [From the Am. Jour. of Sc. & Arts. Vol. XL. Sept. 1865.] 8vo pamph. New Haven.

On the Crystallization of Sulphur, and upon the Reaction between Sulphid of Hydrogen, Ammonia, and Alcohol. [From Am. Jour. of Sc. & Arts. Vol. XL. Nov. 1865.] 8vo pamph. New Haven.

On the Crystalline Nature of Glass. [From the Am. Jour. of Sc. & Arts. Vol. XLI. Jan. 1866.] 8vo pamph. New Haven. Wilder (Burt G., S. B., Late Surg. of 55th Mass. Vols.)

On the Nephila Pluimipes, or Silk Spider. [From Proc. of Am. Acad. of Arts & Sciences, Vol. VII. Nov. 1865.] 8vo pamph.

On Morphology and Teleology, especially in the Limbs of Mammalia. [From Mem. read before the Boston Soc. of Nat. Hist.

Vol. I. No. 1.] 4to pamph. Cambridge. 1865. Williams (Henry W., M. D., etc.).

Recent Advances in Ophthalmic Science. The Boylston Prize Essay for 1865. 12mo vol. Boston. 1866. Wilson (Hon. Henry).

Official Army Register for 1865. 8vo pamph. Washington. 1866.

Message of the President of the United States, and Accompanying Documents, to the Two Houses of Congress, at the Commencement of the 2d Session of the 38th Congress. Parts 1, 2, 3, 4. 4 vols. 8vo. Washington. 1864 - 65.

Message .... to the Two Houses of Congress .... 1st Session of the 39th Congress, with the Reports of the Heads of Departments, and Selections from Accompanying Documents. 8vo vol. Washington. 1866.

Report of the Secretary of the Treasury (S. P. Chase) on the State of the Finances for the Year ending June 30, 1863. Svo vol.

Washington. 1863. Winkler (T. C.).

Musée Teyler. Catalogue Systématique de la Collection Paleontologie Deuxième et Troisième Livraisons. 2 pamph. 8vo. Harlem. 1864 - 65.


| Anactochilus Sandwicensis, 206.

Antidesma platyphyllum, 202.
Abutilon incanum, 157.

Antirrhinum Bolanderi, 375.
Menziesii, 157.

Breweri, 374.
Acacia Farnesiana, 165.

confertiflorum, 372.
Koa, 165.

Cooperi, 376.
Acæna exigua, 165.

cornutum, 373.
Acanthospermum Brasilium, 173. Coulterianum, 374.
Achyranthes bidentata, 200.

cyathiferum, 372.
mutica, 200.

filipes, 376.
splendens, 200.

glandulosum, 373.
Achyronychia Cooperi, 331.

junceum, 377.
Acolium Hawaiense, 232.

leptaleum, 373.
Javanicum, 233.

maurandioides, 376.
protrudens, 232.

Nuttallianum, 374.
Acrostichum conforme, 220.

ovaliflorum, 375.
gorgoneum, 220.

speciosum, 376.
micradenium, 220.

strictum, 375.
reticulatum, 220.

vagans, 375.
squamosum, 220.

Virga, 373.
Actinella Cooperi, 359.

Apium Popei, 343.
Adenostemma viscosum, 172. Aplopappus acaulis, 353.
Adiantum Capillus-Veneris, 213. apargioides, 354.
Aerva sericea, 200.

Bloomeri, 354.
Agassiz, PROF. L., Communica paniculatus, 354.
tion from, 236.

Whitneyi, 353.
Ageratum conyzoides, 172. Aqueous Lines of Solar Spectrum,
Aleurites Moluccana, 203.

Allium occidentale, 390.

Aquilegia Californica, 328.
Allotropa virgata, 368.

Arctostaphylos bicolor, 366.
Aloe yuccæfolia, 390.

nummularia, 366.
Alphitonia excelsa, 161. . Arguments, Natural Classification
Alsinidendron trinerve, 156.

of, 261.
Alyxia olivæformis, 197.

Argyroxiphium macrocephalum,
Ancistrocarphus filagineus, 356.

Angelica Breweri, 348.

Sandwicense, 175.
lineariloba, 347.

Arnica parviflora, 363.
Annual Variations in Daily Mean Artemisia Parryi, 361.

Level of the Ocean, 31. Arthonia astroidea, 232.
Anactochilus Jaubertii, 206.

caribæa, 232.

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