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Statement of New Procedure Rules—Introduction of London Water Bill and

Licensing Bill—Report of Committee on Hungarian Horse Purchases:

Discussed on Supplementary War Estimate—Indian Famine Debate—

Lords' Debate on Remounts—The Dutch Government's Attempted Inter-

vention—Lord Salisbury's Speech—Debates on Welsh Disestablishment

and Deceased Wife's Sister Bill—Loitering in Division Lobby—Debates and

Divisions on New Procedure Rules—Wei-hai-wei—Anglo-Japanese Alliance:

Favourable Reception; Discussed in Both Houses—Mr. Chamberlain and

the City—Proceedings in Parliament on Urban (Site. Values) Rating, Shops

(Early Closing), Factory Act (1901) Amendment, and Midwives Bills; Rail-

way Servants' Hours; and Lead Poisoning in Potteries—Navy Estimates:

First Lord's Memorandum; Secretary to Admiralty's Statement; Debates in

Commons—Lords' War Contracts Debate—Lord Rosebery at Liverpool—

Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman at Leicester—Lord Rosebery’s “Definite

Separation" Letter—The Liberal League—Unionist Comment—Mr. Asquith

on Ireland—Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman on the Liberal League—Irish

Debate in Commons—Lord Methuen's Disaster; Nationalist Cheers—Army

Estimates: The War Secretary's Statement; Increased Soldiers' Pay—

Concentration Camps Debate—Army Debates—Lord Rosebery at Glasgow—

Mr. Morley at Manchester—Abandonment of Royal Visit to Ireland—Mr.

Asquith at St. Leonard's—Irish Debates in the Commons—London County

Council (Electric Supply) Bill—Mines Bills Rejected—War Contracts In-

quiry Debate in Commons—Lord C. Beresford in the City—Aged Pensioners

and Shop Clubs Bills—Debate on the War—Mr. Dillon's Suspension—

Beginning of Peace Negotiations—Death of Mr. Rhodes—Introduction of

Education Bill—Irish Land Purchase Bill . - - - - ... [40

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