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1. Health is the poor man's wealth, and the rich man's bliss.

2. Temperance, open air, easy labor, simple diet, and pure water, are good for a man all the days of his life.

3. Breakfast is the meal of health and friendship, so let it be generous.

4. Dinner is the meal of beneficence, so let it be good.

5. Supper is the feast of love and wit, so let it be pure and light.

6. Be cheerful, cool, and easy, at your meals.

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Take some animal food at breakfast, and avoid dyspepsy.

8. Gladness of heart, is the life of a man; but envy, wrath, and sorrow, shorten his days.

9. Bootless service, sleepless nights, and disappointed hope, will wrinkle the fairest face.

10. Sound sleep, cometh of moderate eating

11. His sleep was airy-light, of pure digestion bred.

12. Unquiet meals, make ill digestions.

13. Recreation, should strengthen thy labor, and sweeten thy rest.

14. Avoid a stream of wind, as you would avoid an arrow.

15. A drunkard is full of every disease, and qualified for every vice.

16. It is a grievous malady to preserve one's health by a constant dieting.

17. A precise mode of living is not safe.

18. Be not enslaved to one manner of living.

19. Change and variety of aliments are good.

Labor not long without repose.


Blood consuming sighs.


An anxious mind consumes the bones.

Equanimity is good at all times.

I should be sick, but that my

resolution helps me.

25. Imagination is a downright doctor, who always kills, or cures.

26. A surfeit of the sweetest things, the deepest loathing to the stomach brings,


Ask God for temperance, that's the appliance only, which your disease requires.


A vicious man will soon be sick.

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